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Sunday, 26 June 2016 - Last Updated on June 26, 2016

Nerds are stereotyped as wiz kids with large specs wearing fuzzy clothes or four- eyed over achievers who have sartorial choices that wouldn’t fit in the current trend. Depicted as losers in fashion who need a makeover especially in chick flicks, nerds often became victims of bullying. Thankfully, that has changed the last few years. Geek chic is now considered cool and trendy.

As they say, the only thing that is constant is change and it applies in nerdy fashion as well. The 21st century nerds are already embracing their weirdness, making them more attractive. Styling tips on how you can pull off a stylish look together with your graded specs could help you look presentable and help you exude confidence. IMG_4199


There are different kinds of specs you could choose from. The next time you visit your optometrist, look for the perfect frame that suits your face shape. Cat eye and other stylish eyeglasses are hot like pancakes lately. According to Tameika Lawrence of Style Blazer, Rx glasses adds a little poise and irony to a look so this means having big eyeglasses doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish anymore.


According to Lawrence, brace face is already a fashion statement. Asians have been using fake braces to belong to a certain status symbol. Be creative and enjoy the color choices that your dentist offers. Make sure it would look good with your nice specs.


Don’t throw those plain skirts and high-waisted baggy pants just yet. You can combine these with your graphic tops, like DC or Marvel Comics. Remember, fashion is all about enjoying your individuality.IMG_4200

Normcore – According to Amy Ferrel of, it is defined as bland / anti-style. It usually breaks fashion rules. For example, pair tailored pantsuits with trainers or sneakers. The normcore low-key fashion is an all around lookbook and blog. A lot of stylish people are buying it and a lot of brands have been selling normcore pieces.

Layering – The fusion of the different cuts and colors of pieces being combined in one outfit is not as bad as you think. Don’t be afraid to play with colors and prints. It would be fun and stylish at the same time. IMG_4202

Socks – Knee length bobby socks could change your whole outfit. Use it with brogues or your over-used converse sneakers and match it with your plaid or pleated mini skirt.

Oxfords- They’re the favorite footwear of geeks. You can use it with tailored clothes or just your daily off duty outfit.

Collar- Your favorite button down plain or printed shirt would be easy to sport with trousers or skirt. Collared shirts gives a neat finish to your whole outfit and nerds would always have collared shirts in their closets because it’s just practical to have one.

Plaids and blazers – You can always play with different materials. Plaid blazer and skirts would make a good retro back to school look.


Nerds are not into high fashion and transformed makeup looks. They’d rather go for fresh face makeup. To achieve the stylish nerd look, opt for nude shades and a bold lippie with groomed eyebrows. Another tip that could help you pull off the nerd girl style is to use eyeliner. According to if you’re weating thicker frames, use thick eyeliner and vice versa. Last but not the least, never forget your pink blush.

Who ever thought of nerds winning in fashion? This time, not caring about fashion is already a fashion statement of its own.

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