The Legal Wife cast

Why is ‘The Legal Wife’ such a hit?

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Monday, 9 June 2014 - Last Updated on June 18, 2014
The Legal Wife cast
The Legal Wife cast

The Legal Wife cast

Walang sa’yo, Nicole! Akin lang ang asawa ko!” (You don’t own him, Nicole! My husband is mine alone!”

This line is one of the reasons why the primetime television drama The Legal Wife got most of the televiewers at the edge of their seats every night since its airtime.

On January 27, The Legal Wife was launched on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida, a set of local drama aired from 6:00pm until the wee hours of the night. The said soap has been one of the consistent top-rating soaps on primetime TV today. It has even racked up more than 25% of the national TV ratings. On April 24, it hit an all-time national TV rating of 29.2%.  Even netizens talk about it on social media sites, making the drama a regular trending topic on Twitter worldwide.

But why is it such a hit?

The All-star cast

Contributing to its success are the stars who played the different roles in the soap. ABS-CBN was smart enough to put into one TV drama some of the best actors in the local entertainment industry.

Angel Locsin who stars as Monica in the soap, is the most awarded movie actress in 2013. In an article at Starmometer, the 28-year old star bagged 4 best actress award from PMPC Star Awards for Movies, Box-Office Entertainment Awards, FAMAS Awards and Luna Awards of the Film Academy of the Philippines in 2013 for the movie ‘One More Try’. She also starred in ABS-CBN’s hit Lobo and Imortal.

Jericho Rosales or Adrian in the TV drama is a 34-year old award-winning actor. Since he won in Eat Bulaga’s Mr. Pogi in 1996 he became one of good actors of his generation. He starred in ABS-CBN’s top-rated drama Pangako Sa’yo from 2000-2002 as Angelo Buenavista.

Maja Salvador, 25, is also one of ABS-CBN’s sought-after stars today. Starring as Nicole in ‘The Legal Wife,’ Maja has gained positive reviews on her acting skills. In 2013, she played the role of Margaux in the hit series Ina, Kapatid, Anak. Just recently, she ventured into recording as she released her own album with the hit single ‘Dahan-dahan.

Included in the cast are veteran actors Christopher de Leon, Rio Locsin, Mark Gil.

One liner hits and quotable quotes

Watching every episode of the Legal Wife is a well of one liner hits and quotable quotes one wishes to use in their own conversations with family and friends or to their enemies.

“Walang sa’yo, Nicole! Akin lang ang asawa ko!”

This is the prime quotable quote from Monica (Locsin). It was used in trailers before the said primetime drama series hit the television and intrigued the audience. The much-awaited scene between Monica and Nicole can be viewed here:

“Masarap ba ang asawa ko? Sabihin mo, masarap ba?” (Is my husband delicious?)

Another hit line from Monica is the question: “Paano mo siya nilandi? Ano una mong tinanggal? ‘Yang bra mo? ‘Yang panty mo? O ‘yang konsensiya mo?” (How did you seduce him? What did you take off first? Your bra? Your undies? Or your conscience?) when she confronted Nicole at their house. Monica could not contain her anger and emotions and just blurted out all the questions in front of Nicole who said nothing but sorry and admitted her faults.

“Pinapanood kita habang minamahal ka ng lahat…Aaminin ko, inggit na inggit ako sa’yo…” (I was watching you while you were being loved by everyone… I would admit, I was reeking with envy…)

Nicole also had her own set of intense quotable quotes. After she was confronted by Monica, Nicole retorted with lines you can imagine one will say in every same intense girl battle.

Some of her popular lines are the following: “Mas masarap ang cake ko, Adrian. Tikman mo. Ang sarap ‘di ba?” and “Ako ‘yung mali. Ako yung kabit. Ako yung nang-agaw. Ako yung nanira ng pamilya.”

Rowena, Nicoles’s confidante played by Matet de Leon has her own straightforward, funny and witty lines delivered naturally. But despite her best friend’s stubbornness, Rowena remains by her side. This is one of the funniest line from Rowena: “Alam mo, grabe ka. Hindi mo man lang sinabi sa akin na naiwan mo ‘yunng manners mo dito sa bahay. E ‘di sana sinunod ko sa’yo doon!… May tenga ang lupa, may Twitter ang mga bakla. Ayan, trending ka!”

To give you more of Rowena’s funny dialogues, here is a video of the compiled lines from the pambansang best friend:

More cat fight

It is no longer a surprise that the Filipino audience always anticipate the fighting scenes. The rumble between best friends, slapping by the antagonist versus the protagonist, tear-jerker conversations are packaged in The Legal Wife. Even the fight between characters of Christopher de Leon against rival Mark Gil over Rio Locsin adds more reason why we hold up to every scene of  the television drama.

Here are some of the most intense cat fight between Monica and Nicole.

The plot happens in reality

The Legal Wife’s story can happen to anyone, anytime. This is not the first time that the story of marital infidelity is tackled in movies or series. In 2011, the movie No Other Woman revolved around the passionate love triangle between wife-husband and mistress. More films followed with the same theme such as A Secret Affair, The Mistress. But bringing the sensitive issue of adultery on primetime is a big leap to teledrama trends.

Aside from the story of infidelity, the series also presents the issues of sibling rivalry and family feud that are common in the culture of Pinoys.

In addition, every viewer get hooked up with their favorite character in the series because each role are relatable. Some fans, Legalistas, as they are called are for Team Nicole or Team Monica. Most of the housewives, who experienced the same situation or fear that they may experience the same are expected to be at Team Monica’s. While others, though they are not in reality, mistresses, go for Team Nicole because they can feel how hard it is to fall for someone you are not meant to love. Some also empathize with Adrian as the husband who committed a mistake but is willing to correct his wrongdoings.

The Legal Wife is set to air its final episode this Friday, June 13. It is directed by Rory Quintos and Dado Lumibao.

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