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Thursday, 28 June 2012 - Last Updated on June 28, 2012

What a week for the Philippines. Anti-China sentiment abounds: the Supreme Court stops a Chinese firm from leveling a Zambales mountain; a ship from Hong Kong is wrongly reported to have rammed a fishing boat, killing a Filipino; and a second submarine from the United States—described as one of the most advanced attack subs in the world—moves into Philippine shores, exacerbating the Scarborough situation.

In other news, Jordanian journalist Baker Atyani is reportedly interviewing the Abu Sayyaf—or is he being held hostage by them? Whatever the version, the government isn’t happy, threatening to ban the journalist from the country. The giant “Lolong” is recognized by Guinness as the world’s largest crocodile held in captivity, edging out several local politicians for longevity. Meanwhile, national pressures end a proposed House bill that promotes religious freedom in public spaces (hallelujah!) and the hilariously named typhoon Dindo enters the country.

Acclaimed director Mario O’Hara passes away due to complications from leukemia, and well-loved comedian Dolphy remains in critical condition. Go down memory lane and review the Comedy King’s legacy by watching his top five most memorable roles. While you’re at it, learn about his incredible past and take heed; you may beget your own fun clan someday. Speaking of masters, Metakritiko features Talahib, a Pinoy band whose incomparable sound bucks today’s trend of me-too pop-rock-R&B swill.

Big Milk is threatening breastmilk (which remains the best milk), endangering the future of our spawn. Our teachers remain underpaid and overworked and inaction regarding their status quo isn’t good for the kids, either. Won’t somebody please think of them?

Fear not; we’ve saved the best bits for last. Manny Pacquiao was declared to have defeat
ed Timothy Bradley
, as two ringside judges were diagnosed with chronic blindness. Instead of being shunted to the Financial Action Task Force’s blacklist, the Philippines has been upgraded from dark grey to grey, meaning the world sees us as slightly less corrupt than before. Lastly, a woman police officer gets promoted to two-star general, the first female to attain the rank in our constabulary’s storied history.

Ah, progress.

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