Forever alone

Valentine’s Day for the singletons

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Friday, 13 February 2015 - Last Updated on February 12, 2015
Forever alone
Forever alone

Make the day about you, you, you!

Question: What do Valentine’s Day and a sneeze have in common?

Answer: You know it’s coming and you can’t do anything about it. Ouch.

In a day, the world’s most insensitive romantic occasion is coming up to remind you that you are single, unmarried, and will probably be forever alone. And for all the loveless out there, including me—don’t fret. And don’t let Valentine’s ruin your day or your weekend, for that matter. After all, whoever said it’s just for couples?

Let me tell you that there are many of us—single, unmarried, sexy women– who will spend V-Day out in the cold. So it is up to us to keep ourselves warm.

I think what can set you off on V-Day is not the heart decorations, nor the sentimental songs on FM radio, but people asking about your V-Day plans. It’s like an old auntie asking about your love life every Christmas reunion! Just think that you don’t have to answer this question, and quite frankly you don’t owe anyone an explanation.

The good thing is that V-Day this year falls on a Saturday, so that saves you from your officemates asking about what you’re going to do–which is always annoying.

However, since it is on a weekend, you might think about going to the mall. After all, what better way to love yourself than a little retail therapy, right? Wrong.

Not only is sadness a bad reason to shop, but you will only see A LOT of couples at the mall. You will most definitely find yourself being the only one in the crowd who’s not holding hands with anybody.

Thinking about heading to the park for a read? While weekend markets (like the one in Greenfield behind Edsa Central Mall) are always a nice weekend destination, you might find it quite disconcerting on V-Day. Ditto with cinemas. If there’s a movie you were planning to watch this weekend, be warned–couples will be all over the place. Save yourself this awful sight and stay away from known love nests.

Don’t watch sappy movies or movies that make you feel bad about being alone. And whatever happens, don’t ever, EVER watch The Notebook. This movie will only make you feel bad about the one that got away. Should you find yourself watching this, stay away from alcohol if you don’t want to end up calling someone from your past. If you must watch romantic flicks, choose those which will leave you feeling hopeful about love; like Letters to Juliet, or Bridget Jones, or 500 Days of Summer.

Lonely heart

Moving on is a process, and if you take a step back, you will only regret it later on.

DO NOT go out with your ex. On a personal note, V-Day this year is going to be tough for me. Being fresh out of an 8-year relationship, I am in my thirties with no prospects. (I feel a song coming.) But even if I know that it only takes a phone call to set a date with my ex, deep down I know it’s a bad idea. Moving on is a process, and if you take a step back, you will only regret it later on.

And lastly, don’t sign up for Tinder. I read a post on Pinterest that said instead of couples’ therapy, married people should just go to Tinder so they can see what single people has to deal with. Not only is Tinder the wrongest place to look for love, but it will also make you feel like there are slim pickings out there which might, in turn, make you feel like you oughtta lower your standards. Don’t settle. You know your worth and there is a guy out there for you—just not on Tinder.

So I think the one good thing to do on Valentine’s day is to make it your salon day–get your hair done, get a Ventosa massage, have a foot spa, get your whole body scrubbed, get your bikini wax. Make the day about you, you, you! Because the truth is that you don’t really need someone to complete you.

Besides, Valentine’s Day too shall pass.

CalendarTake a cue from this calendar which totally ignored Valentine’s Day. (image from Facebook)

*”Forever alone” by Jessica Paoli, “lonely heart” by frankieleon. Photos from Flickr. 

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