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Wednesday, 7 September 2011 - Last Updated on September 7, 2011

WordPress and Blogspot are popular choices for bloggers to post comprehensive content. Tumblr, however, is a social networking site-cum-blogging platform. Think of it as one’s attention span where users can publish as many posts in a day depending on their mood, more frequently than regular blogs. The posts can be as simple as an uploaded Instagram image, or something detailed that requires a few minutes of reading. Followers can like and reply to posts, as well as “reblog” them, making the content reach farther than one’s direct followers.

Perhaps this feature helped catapult some fashionable minds to “Tumblr fame”, but, as they say in the Internet, content is king. These Pinoy Tumblr bloggers have garnered a following for their love for fashion and beauty, and how they express it in descriptive writing and conceptualized photographs. Here, we have rounded up ten of the most interesting fashion and beauty bloggers whom you should follow in this corner of the World Wide Web.


Regina Belmonte

Reggie’s job as an Assistant Beauty Editor for Cosmo.ph suits her well. But if there is one thing she is most known for, it is her favorite weapon – the red lipstick. At her website, she shares her beauty loot (and numerous shades of red lipsticks), experiments with nail polish, and the occasional fashion find. Her eloquent play with words will draw you in, as this 22-year-old is also a lover of books, music, and travel.

Regina Belmonte Blog


David Guison

We have to admit that men in the metro are not as fashionable as we would like them to be, which makes David a breath of fresh air, on- and offline. One of the brand ambassadors for Forever 21 Philippines, this photographer and art student is not afraid to break rigid menswear rules (we love his exposed printed socks!) and busies himself with attending and guest-speaking at events.


David Guison Blog


Tin Iglesias

A Clothing Technology student at UP Diliman, Tin often posts about her projects at school and  being part of the workforce. When you are not reading about her designs for clients, sketches, and styling gigs, you can take a cue from her use of prints and accessories, never shying away from adding one more detail to create an interesting outfit. Already inspiring for her fashion savvy, she is also testament to the fact that fashionistas can be achievers.

Tin Iglesias Blog


Seph and Shai

The saying “Two heads are better than one” is true for couple Seph Cham and Shai Lagarde. Seph has made an income out of blogging and designing menswear, while Shai has taken significant responsibilities as a writer and a fashion stylist. A repository of their interests for art, design, and writing, their blog chronicles their life together as a trendy couple.

Seph and Shai Blog

(Photo taken by Tricia Gosingtian)


Tricia Gosingtian

She began with her fascination for Japanese fashion and, through the years, evolved her style into something sweet, dainty, but still alluring. In TriciaGosingtian.com, your eyes will have a feast flitting through the photos (with her trademark post-processing technique) of her outfits, projects as a photographer, the things she likes, and where she has recently been.

Tricia Gosingtian Blog


Marj Sia

This young entrepreneur and owner of Catwalk Cosmetics & Wigs is also a self-taught makeup artist. Her posts will introduce you to new brands and products in the market, as well as show you some tips on how to experiment with color on your face and polish on your tips. She is also a member of the Gondo Girls, a group of stylish and impassioned girls, including Tricia Gosingtian.

Marj Sia Blog


Kisty Mea

Tumblr-ing is not the same without exposing a bit of your personal side, or webcam photos of yourself, if you will. Like many other blogs, Kisty posts her outfits, events she attends, her recent buys, and some practical tips on being a fashion blogger. Additionally, she entertains us with her quirky side by posting her GPOY (‘Gratuitous Photo of Yourself’ in Tumblr-speak) posts and random musings.

Kisty Mea Blog


Tracy Ayson

Young minds dominate the Tumblr community, and one of them is Tracy, who is “on the road to (further) discovering the joys of dressing up & being a style devotee.” She documents her experiences and, of course, her outfits for each occasion she goes to. Just as interesting are the features about her equally fashionable friends on her Tumblr blog,

Tracy Ayson Blog


Camille Co

One of the young entrepreneurs behind the brand Coexist, Camille initially did not jump on the blogging bandwagon. But she did gain a steady following shortly after setting up her personal website. Here, we get a glimpse of her sartorial experiments, from pretty dresses that match her dainty look to edgy layered clothes that balance out her primness.

Camille Co Blog


Divine Lee

Hailed “Mother Becky” by her followers, Divine Lee has wowed many with her funny personality and fluency in gay language, with which she expresses herself at her Tumblr blog of the same name. Divine’s blog draws much attention with her outfit posts, shoes and clothing brands she works with, parties with celebrities, and Fierce Followers contest.

Divine Lee Blog




Photos are owned by the respective bloggers. Used with permission.

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