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The wonderful bliss of being alone

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Monday, 4 July 2016 - Last Updated on September 28, 2016
alone time 1

In this busy world, there comes a time that we need a break and disconnect from what we’ve been immersed in for a long period of time. Balancing work, personal and social life is indeed challenging and one of the most important aspects of our lives is our personal life. At a certain point in our life, we need to spend time alone.

Solitude is not automatically equated to loneliness. Actually, there are some benefits of spending some of your time alone. According to Sherry Bourg Carter of Psychology Today, our brain needs rest to reboot and replenish itself out of all the activities and routines that we have been doing for some time. Aside from that, you will need to reflect and discover more about yourself and spending some time alone could help you concentrate and make realizations. Treat yourself with the following dates to be able to spend and enjoy quality time with your self.

alone time 1

  1. Travel date (somewhere new)- Traveling alone gives you the freedom to go where you want to. This way, you can spend all the time you want to discover the place and its people.
  2. Shopping date- We all know that shopping is a stress reliever but doing it alone will allow you to choose which pair of shoes looks best on you. Taking your time to fit all the dresses that you want without any rush is free from hassle, pressure and compromise.
  3. Spa date- We all want a massage to calm our muscles and release all the tension. Listening to relaxing music while having long hours of massage and rejuvenating treatments, not to mention its ambiance which is conducive for mediation. Don’t you think it’s an ideal alone date?
  4. Salon date- A makeover would be a good way to spend your time alone. Go to your favorite beauty parlor and get you hair and nails done. Choose a haircut that you’ve been wanting to try and have your nails colored. Looking and feeling good about yourself helps attract positive vibes.
  5. Hike date- Explore nature on your own for you to appreciate nature’s priceless gifts. Stop and enjoy the early morning scent of the flowers or you can listen to the river as it flows. Breathtaking sceneries relax the mind and take you away from anxiety and from other things that has been on your mind for days.
  6. Dinner Date- Go to a restaurant that you want to try. Enjoy and savor every flavor in the dishes that you ordered. You can bring a good book with you. Isn’t that just perfect? Good food and a good book to accompany you?
  7. Kitchen date- Challenge yourself to learn how to make a special dish or better yet make your own original recipe. Don’t worry about disappointing anyone. You are on your own and you are spared from blunt judgments. If anything goes wrong, then you can improve it your own way until you achieve your goal. It doesn’t only taste good but it also feels good to finish a recipe on your own.
  8. Creative Project date- Have you been planning to accomplish DIY projects like redecorating the interiors of your room, DIY chandelier or repairing some clothes? Your alone time would be the right time to accomplish those projects. It’s fulfilling and rewarding to see the end results of your own creativity and resourcefulness.
  9. Netflix date- Choose a movie that you’ve never watched. You can freely cry, laugh or react without annoying or disturbing anyone. Enjoy the art of watching the show on your own. You’ll appreciate it for sure.
  10. Karaoke date- You always have a choice if you want to do it in public or get a private room. Singing your heart out like you’re in your very own concert should be in your list of dates that you should do alone. Go ahead and sing your favorite songs out loud. Anyway, no one will react violently if you won’t hit the notes right. Rest assured, you will have a good time.
  11. Hot bath date- Warm long soaks in your tub is a piece of heaven. Make your bath special this time. Set up a soothing music, get aroma candles and some petals for you to feel that it isn’t an ordinary bath but to take some long relaxing soak by yourself. Don’t forget your wine. It’s refreshing and energizing. Oh what a sweet life that you have.alone time 2

Unplugging from your connections (including social media) once in a while is healthy for you. It gives you enough time to appreciate things and get all the rest your brain needs from the stresses of our daily lives. It teaches us to slow down and enjoy the moment. Last but not the least, to be less dependent on others.

We will eventually discover that through solitude, we will find solace and wisdom. Always remember that the most important relationship that we have is with ourselves and from there, we can make everything else work. If you think you need some time for yourself, then make your own date checklist so you can plan ahead and set it on the next scheduled long weekend.

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