Ride Revolution studio could pass for a night club. But this one's a party for those who want to break a sweat and keep healthy.

Ride Revolution: the indoor cycling takeover is beyond over

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Friday, 4 March 2016 - Last Updated on April 30, 2016
Ride Revolution studio could pass for a night club. But this one's a party for those who want to break a sweat and keep healthy.

When indoor cycling wound up on our local shores in 2015, it was inevitable that it would take over the local fitness scene. What deal could be better than a fun and entertaining cardio workout that doesn’t take up too much time, yet yields extraordinary results? Indoor cycling’s rise was soon on the fast track, with more indoor cycling or spinning studios cropping up in the main hubs of the metro’s bustling cities.

POC interviews Ride Revolution's instructor Kylee Lagman

POC interviews Ride Revolution’s instructor Kylee Lagman

Early into 2016, one would think that the spinning craze would’ve hit its brakes at some point and the fitness world would calmly go back to its old routines, but not surprisingly, that isn’t the case. Kylee Lagman, a PR account executive and fitness enthusiast-turned-indoor cycling instructor, weighs in on what’s gotten everyone so hooked on spinning, and introduces us to the metro’s newest spinning destination.

Dimly lit save for black lighting and neon blues and reds, Ride Revolution’s spinning studio could pass as the metro’s newest clubbing destination as opposed to the newest addition to the indoor cycling scene. Tucked away in the daring streets of Poblacion, where the night life is bustling with Makati City’s workers and the aroma of delicious food spots in the area, this spinning studio houses one of the coolest, if not the coolest-looking spinning studio in town.

Ride Revolution studio could pass for a night club. But this one's a party for those who want to break a sweat and keep healthy.

Ride Revolution studio could pass for a night club. But this one’s a party for those who want to break a sweat and keep healthy.

Beyond the look, Lagman boasts state-of-the-art equipment unique to Ride Revolution. “[We use] top of the line Schwinn indoor bikes with magnetic brakes, so the movement is much smoother. We also have data consoles on the bike, so for those who would like to know their performance during a class, we can send you the information you need. Everything from your power, calories burnt, RPM, to the distance you reached and your heart rate.”

Upon entering the studio, you’ll be given workout necessities: your own towel, a banana, a bottle of water, and a pair of cycling shoes. Unlike the regular trainers, cycling shoes have cleats that attach the shoe to the bike pedals that allow for more flexible movement on the bike. As a tip to beginners, Lagman says it’s best to wear skin-tight clothes, as loose clothes can easily get tangled in the handle bars during particular types of choreography.

When you’re all set, Ride Revolution classes run for 45-minutes, but don’t expect them to be all about sitting on your bikes and pedaling. “You get a full workout and have fun at the same time,” says Lagman. “It’s not always so serious. We want our riders to have fun.” A typical class starts with a warm-up, followed by interval training, weights, and a cool down. The whole sequence focuses on a total body work-out where your legs and glutes are the main workers and your upper body is added to the mix with choreography that includes weights, crunches, push-ups, and twists.

 Skin-tight clothes is recommended.

Skin-tight clothes is recommended.

At Ride Revolution, the body is made up of the riders—the community of upbeat and ever-enthusiastic individuals who keep the community alive beyond the studio—while the heart and the soul are in the music and the instructors. While the music determines the choreography and the course, the instructor keeps the riders’ blood rushing and keeps the energy levels at a constant high.

To those new to the indoor cycling scene, Lagman advises to “be open to a fun challenge, be ready to push yourself, but also remember that you know your body, so you know your limits.” Those who’ve done some form of exercise in the past will have an easier time adjusting, but if you’re coming in new to exercising, don’t fret. “We make sure to ‘warm you up’ at the beginning of the class anyway, so that you ease into the dance moves and the exercise.”

So whether you’re in it for the fun and the thrill of riding or the need to have a good work-out in your daily schedule, indoor cycling will give you what you need and then some, a promise of not only the instructors but the community of riders as well. Above all, take on the challenge because it’s just “plain good for your health,” as Lagman urges. After all, what better time to focus on your health than now?

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