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The 10 Things Duterte Hates the Most (Part 1 of 2)

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Thursday, 26 May 2016 - Last Updated on May 26, 2016
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If there is one Filipino President who is so bombastic in saying what he thinks, it’s president-elect Rodrigo Duterte. Whenever he holds a press conference, it is always a “no holds barred” event and it shows whenever he responds to the media (which actually delights them because everything he says is a soundbyte!)

Photo via Some rights reserved.

Photo via Some rights reserved.

We all know that he doesn’t really care if he curses, much more should he care about what people think about him. He is already called a demon by some, others would go say he is a saint. But to himself, he is just Rodrigo Duterte. And because his thoughts are unshielded by pleasantries and being goody-goody, picking his brains isn’t so hard. So when asked what Duterte hates the most? Here’s a list of what he has said so far.

  1. He abhors drugs, drug lords and criminals.

If there is something more evil than him, then it is illegal drugs and those who push it. He will fight tooth and nail just to rid our country of drugs and being a prosecutor in the past, he has seen the horrific effects of it. Any upright society will shun drugs but in our country, in as so much as we hate it, we just cannot get rid of it. See what happened in the CloseUp Forever Summer event? The police highly suspect it was illegal drug use that killed four people in the event.

It is a fact that drugs alter a person’s mental state and make them commit abhorrent crimes. But more than the users, Duterte hates the pushers and drug lords for they may not even use drugs but sell it to earn money and in effect, destroy the lives of many.

As a result, Duterte wants to revive death penalty by hanging. He wants death to be the sentence for heinous crimes like rape and homicide. For those who commit multiple times they will be hanged multiple times as well as the law would allow. It was his response to eliminate criminality. In addition, he will enforce a curfew for minors and implement a liquor ban to instill order in every city, especially the chaotic place of Metro Manila. He was clear that “those who destroy the lives of others will be destroyed.”

  1. He despises politics and politicking.

Duterte is the anti-politician, the anti-hero of those aristocrats and oligarchs in society. He cares less for political parties and does not even seem to care much if he is heralded by the PDP-Laban Party. Recently, legislators have been jumping over from the Liberal Party to the PDP-Laban. Of course, the pulitikos will say it’s a “coalition for change”, but really, it’s just allying themselves with the ruling majority. In our country, ideologies are useless.

Duterte also does not want to deal with economic issues. He has been clear from the start that he is a man of the law and not a politician who wants to dabble with the economy of our country. He was clear that he does not like graphs. So he leaves everything to his team of economic experts. “Mga valedictorian sila,” he says. He even sends out a message to the business community saying, “do not be too cynic with your officials because I never pretended to be one.”

He simply states that he is the politician who will do what he says.

  1. He hates corruption and red tape.

Duterte abhors long lines in government agencies as much as we citizens do! He hates that people are queueing in government agencies. Government people are paid with taxes of the people but asks why services are not delivered well. “Akala ko ba bayad tayo sa tao,” he asks. “Where are the computers that will make it fast?”

As a result, he will impose a rule of 72 hours to release government documents. If they are not released in the given time frame, it will be passed to president’s office and will question the agency for its lack of performance. As a message to the lazy government employees, “Yung ayaw magtrabaho, alis na kayo diyan. Many people want to work.”

He will require every agency to give complete shopping lists to the people who apply for clearances, IDs, and other documents. Receiving officials will give a stub, receive the papers, and give an estimate on how long it will take for the processing. There will be no exceptions, no extensions. All complaints will go to ombudsman or even president. “I will dismiss you,” he says, “ bakit ako magtiis sa inyo?” He will not tolerate lazy people whose salaries come from the taxes of the people. Lastly, he asks all government officials to smile and be courteous all the time.

  1. He scorns drunk drivers and abusive elitists.

Duterte loathes elitists and those self-proclaimed kings of this country. As an example, he cited rich drivers who abuse the road; those “moneyed people” who own souped up cars, as if they own the road. Duterte clears it to those ill-mannered spoiled brats, “the roads are for all because it is the people who spent the money and not from your mothers and fathers.”

If he catches rich people driving recklessly and drunk, he will strip them and call the media. He will not care if they file charges against him. Duterte was clear that elitists are sometimes abusive, using their elitist education to shame others who have no Harvard degree. At the same time, he detests millionaires who get an advantage in filing for documents by sending people to file papers for them, or sometimes even bribe government officials.

He also hates that fact that insanity rules the highways of Metro Manila. As such, he will implement a 60 kph speed limit on all major highways, ending the “death buses” that overspeed. There will be no more probation for reckless drivers, and they will be immediately imprisoned if their reckless driving results to damage or casualty.

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