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Sports and fitness activities to try this rainy season

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Friday, 27 June 2014 - Last Updated on July 1, 2014
boxing gloves

surfingintherainSay hello to the rainy season!

Yeah, it takes a great deal of motivation to fight that bed weather, get up, and break into a sweat. But we can never use the rainy season as an excuse to not get into sports, exercise, and keep fit.

We will surely miss playing Frisbee and beach volleyball under the warm sun, but hey, the rainy season can be as exciting, fun, and adrenaline-packed as the summer.

You don’t wait for the perfect weather or season to get into sports or to keep fit. You only need to decide, commit, and just do it. Here are some sports activities we recommend that you get into and try this rainy season:

 Get wet: Go surfing 

It’s raining. Might as well spend a wet day with water sports!

We never said that you have to say goodbye to the beach. This is the time when seas and rivers swells, the waves and rapids become amazingly fun and challenging. Go plan and try extreme watersports such as rafting, kayaking, and wakeboarding. For starters, it is recommended that you learn first to surf and ride the waves.

Surfing is easier to learn, less extreme, needs minimal preparation, and cheaper than other watersports .

A lot of resorts in San Juan (La Union), Baler (Aurora), Blue Lagoon (Ilocos Norte), Siargao (Surigao del Norte), Sitio Liw-Liwa (Zambales) offer surfboard rentals and surfing lessons. One day is more than enough for you to learn the basics of the sport and you’ll be riding waves in no time. It is safe to surf in the rain unless there are dangers of water spouts and thunderstorms.

Stay indoors and compete: Play handball

Those amazing goalies in the World Cup makes you want to show off your goal keeping skills, right? Problem is, your friends worry about the field being too muddy, they would rather play basketball in a covered court.

Problem solved with this new sport that is a fusion of basketball and football.

Handball is a competitive team sport that can be played in any covered court or hall.  It is played by two teams with a 32-panel leather ball. The goal is to throw the ball inside the opponents’ net, which resembles a football goal but is only 2 by 3 meters, and is guarded by a goal keeper. The players move around the court by dribbling the ball, like what we do with a basketball.

Strictly speaking, a handball court should be a bit bigger than a basketball court. But here in the Philippines, a lot of handball enthusiasts, make use of the typical covered basketball court.

Handball is even better if you have more friends to play with. Seven people can play in one team, more than those allowed in basketball.

boxing gloves

Hit the gym: Boxing 

Need that intense cardio exercise but hesitant to do your running, cycling, tennis, or football because of the weather? No problem, because gym training got your calorie-burning needs covered.

A gym offers personal training, allows you to choose from various workout plan based on your fitness goals, and lets you train at your own convenient time. It has become so popular that finding a gym near your place is such a breeze.

But if you’re looking for a more intense and exciting way to work out or train in the gym, then go try boxing. Boxing is a gym sport that provides total body work out and helps you improve your speed, strength, resistance and endurance. You’ll surely sweat within a few minutes of training.

It’s totally fine if you do not want jabs or blows landing on your face because sparring is optional. Boxing gyms will let you choose a training program — you can box to lose weight, to stay fit, or to become a fighter inside the ring.

Sweat at home: Just dance

What to do when the weather becomes too extreme that going out of the house is not an option? Then stay at home, keep safe, and do your exercise by dancing.

Staying at home can’t keep you from getting that sweat you need. Dancing, like any other exercise, can increase your heart rate, burn calories, and improve your overall health. Dancing is also proven to improve motor and perceptual skills. Getting those muscles into the groove is just what you need to ease stress from school or work.

Just download free apps and Youtube videos to guide you with the steps. Choose from line dancing, street dancing, zumba, hiphop, hustle, and many more.

No need to worry if you have ‘two left feet,’ like any other skill, vigorous and determined training and practice will definitely make you better. Soon, you’ll have the confidence you need to hit the dance floor.

Conquer the outdoors: Running 


It’s not ideal but you can still run outdoors even during the rainy season. Just make the necessary precautions and preparations for your safety.

Dress properly. You can wear your normal running clothes but be ready to put on an outer layer, a wind or water resistant jacket or even a trash bag, when it gets too cold. It’s also recommended that you wear a brimmed cap. If you’re running on a road, wear reflective clothing or choose colors that will increase your visibility. Apply Vaseline to certain body parts to prevent chafing or blisters. Change clothes and get a shower immediately after your run. If you have extra budget, buy shoes and clothes especially designed for running or working out in the rain.

Stay safe. When running on a road, stay away from slippery pavements, places with blind turns, and low visibility. When weather conditions become too extreme, postpone your run.

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