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spiritsA shadow creeps out of the corner of your eye. You look backwards, sidewise, and all around, but you see no one.  You suddenly feel the hair at the back of your neck rising. Strange noises come out from nowhere. A door suddenly slams while the curtain sways even though there’s no sign of wind. You hear  footsteps but you’re all alone. Is it just your imagination or is there a ghost lurking by?

Some people are interested in the world of supernatural entities. These people are drawn to the unknown, unseen and hard to explain. They are called parapsychologists, paranormal investigators, paranormal experts, or spirit questors.

Spirit questors in the Philippines

The study of paranormal activity has captivated Filipinos for a long time. There are different groups of spirit questors in the Philippines.

Jaime T. Licauco, more popularly called as Jimmy Licauco, is a known parapsychologist in the country. He is the founder and president of the Inner Mind Development Institute, a training center dedicated to parapsychology, psychic investigation, philosophy and metaphysics. Licauco is an expert in “inner mind development, creative and intuitive management, paranormal phenomena, and Philippine mysticism.” He has authored 17 books about these subjects. Licauco’s services are frequently sought to investigate paranormal phenomenon around the country. He has appeared in numerous TV programs to talk about haunting, possession and other paranormal phenomenon.

In Baguio city, a group called The Silent (an affiliate of the Spirit Questors, Inc.) “promotes peaceful and compromising coexistence and understanding between what is seen and what is unseen.” The group conducts paranormal research and investigation. The members focus on providing explanation to paranormal events in Baguio City area. The Silent renders free services.

Dion Fernandez, paranormal researcher and founder of Spirit Questors Baguio, states that supernatural beings come in different varieties, forms and figures. He classifies the spirits according to the following types.

  • Archetypes – It is the most powerful of the spirits according to Fernandez. Archetypal spirits are high entities that include angels, spirit guides, demons, deities, and spectral guardians.
  • Ghosts – They are often associated with spirits of the deceased. Ghosts take on corporeal figures such as human forms or animals. Fernandez believes that ghosts can also be manifested by the living which includes “crisis apparitions” (ghosts brought about by a traumatic incident) and “non-crisis apparitions” such as “doppelgangers” (ghost of the person’s image) and “living others” (ghost of another person). The concept of ghosts also includes “revenants” (ghosts that appear for a short period of time after the death of a certain individual) and “haunters” (ghosts that make its presence felt repeatedly over long periods of time in a particular location).
  • Elementals – This classification is linked with forces of nature (earth, air, fire, water) and energy. Mystical creatures that filled childhood stories like fairies, elves, mermaids, and dragons are classified as elementals.
  • Thought forms – These are mental projections and not actually real spirits. Thought forms may be manifested through visualization. They are created by the mind. It is the least powerful of the form of spirits.

Fernandez heads a small closed group of professionals who act as spirit questors during their spare time. He says that the call to help spirits is a special gift that only a few possess. His team is made up of gifted individuals. One of the questors has the ability to call spirits by playing the flute. That person is now a practicing nurse in Manila. Another member who acts as a medium is now living abroad. The other members have interchanged roles. There’s someone who can interpret while another has the gift to calm spirits. One member has the capacity to set spirits free.

The group of Fernandez has once been requested by the National Bureau of Investigation to help in a rape murder case. The questors helped reconstruct the victims’ last five hours before she was brutally raped and murdered. Fernandez recounts that the police officers and NBI agents who joined the circle fainted during the paranormal investigation and had to be carried out. The questors were informed years later that the authorities were able to pin down two suspects with the help of the quest.

The Baguio Spirit Questors played a role in the investigation of the kidnapping of two students from the University of the Philippines at the start of the millennium. During the paranormal investigation, the questors saw the “image of a young man holding out his hand to the girl and leading her to the light.” The questors informed the authorities that the kidnap victims have been killed. The group helped the two spirits achieve spiritual freedom.

Although the questors have been instrumental in helping free spirits, there have been instances when their abilities were not enough to help the spirits. Several years ago, after the onslaught of typhoon Pepeng, the two remaining questors were not able to help all the spirits that wanted to be set free.

The members of the Baguio Spirit Questors have dedicated themselves to setting many spirits free. They helped many wandering souls find spiritual liberation. The group also helps the living find peace by uncovering certain things about their departed loved ones. The members revealed that they do not appreciate being “sought out during Halloween and made into a joke by networks.”

Words of caution from spirit questors about ghost hunting

Ghost hunting has become quite a popular activity especially during Halloween season but paranormal experts warn thrill seekers and novice questors about the dangers of paranormal investigation.

People who think of ghost hunting as a game often go to cemeteries and alleged haunted places hoping to witness spirits, ghosts or entities. Experienced paranormal investigators warn ghost hunters that the metaphysical dangers of an investigation are real and should not be taken lightly.

Keep in mind that if there are benevolent spirits, there are also malevolent ones that can attach themselves to you and follow you home. There are mischievous entities that seek out the living with the intention to inflict damage. Some negative beings trick unsuspecting ghost hunters into thinking that they are spirits of the deceased that need help in order to win the trust of the living and later cause them harm. Mental breakdowns can also result from joining paranormal investigations without prior knowledge and training. Experienced spirit questors stress the importance of knowing how to protect yourself before dealing with unseen forces.


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    I would like to correct this article:
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    while it is
    who founded the Spirit Questors of Manila.

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    Need ur help! Pwede nyo ba Ako matulungan gusto ko po makausap ang nanay ko na namatay last March 14, 2015.hindi po namin sya nakausap bgo sya mamatay wala po sya binilin sa Amin magkakapatid at May mga katanungan po kmi sa Kanya na importante Lang po sana matulungan nyo po Kming magkakapatid taga Tanza cavite po kmi,

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    Pede po b mahingi ng services ni mr nick nangit or mr eric asuncion po very impt lng po tong case ko thnx po

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    Hi, need your help, something strange happened to me last week, until now, i feel like my head is so heavy. Last 2 weeks my brother bought his old cabinet to my room, he said thsi is only temporary, tatanggalin ko din yan nxtweek wala lang ako mapaglagyan. So for me it was ok kasi sandali lang nman ska wala naman po akong masyadong gamit sa room ko. Until 1 night, i came home from work. When i open my door i saw the cabinet was open. Medjo kinabahan ako. Medjo creepy po kasi, naisip ko po wala naman pong bintana kuarto ko para magkaroon ng hangin para magopen un. So what i did was dedma ko nalang kahit po mdjo kabado. After what happened hindi na po ako makatulog ng maayos. Gindi na din po ako mapakali. Mga after 2 or 3 days naulit n nman po iyon, so ginawa ko na po hinarangan ko na po ung door nung cabinet. Then as usual hindi pa rin po ako makatulog, kinabukasan po nakakita ako ng parang pinagtabasan ng kandila sa bandang paanan po ng kama ko. Na napakaimposible pong mangyari. In the first place nagpapagpag po ako ng bed sheet before bedtime and wala po akong kandila sa kuarto. Sobra na po akong natatakot para sa sarili ko. Until now po, ang bigat bigat ng ulo ko.. So please po, I really need your help.. Thank u for reading this, hoping for your response.

  6. kerlyn

    Hello! Can I ask for the contact numbers of some Spirit Questors based in Manila? We are dealing with a situation involving a young girl bullied by and seeing spirits asking her to go with them.

  7. lulu

    Hi po. pwede po malaman kng saan pwede makontak some members in Baguio? Gsto ko lng po sna humingi ng tulong. My husband died in Sept 2015 and my children were not there when he passed away. Khit andun po ako hindi ko rin po xa nakausap at hindi xa nakapagbilin man lng. During the time po kc na nasa ICU sya hirap na po sya magsalita. And after 3 months po may nalaman ako na gusto ko sana iclarify. Nahihirapan na rin po kasi ako feeling ko naiwan akong nakabitin sa ere. All i have said before he died is to not forget that i love him. Please help me po sana.

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    Good afternoon. Tulungan nyo naman po ako kng anong spirit ang aking nararamdaman magIsa lng po ako sa bhay. Marami akong nararamdam sa bahay ko nakakakita akong usok s upuan na parang nakaupo siya at tumayo papuntang bintana. may force n humihila s labas ng pinto ko kapag sinasara ko , anino na gumigising sa akin sa madaling araw tatapikan ka tapos may makikita kng itim na anino, may time yng mga alaga kong aso hindi sila tumitigil tumahol from 12am to 3pm. Minsan magigusing ako ng madaling araw may bumubulong na malaking boses sa akin pero hindi ko sila maintindigan, yung music ko patay sindi or nililipat lipat ng sounds. Please help me I needed it very badly . Tnx


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