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Sunday, 7 April 2013 - Last Updated on August 17, 2015

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By Maita Atienza

On a routine shopping day, I dropped by the Cinderella cosmetics section to scope out what’s new, when I chanced upon a little blue-capped jar with a screaming proud name: “Poudre Phenomenon.” It claimed to be a “Pore Erasing High Definition Powder.”

Trusting the label to do what it said it would, I purchased it, used it, and found a powder that disappeared into the skin upon application and suited literally all skin tones. Thus began my fascination with the Snoe Beauty brand, a proud Filipino company with international appeal.

Now on its third year, Snoe has a got a full slate this 2013 with the newly opened branch in SM North EDSA and an international launch by a major US fashion retailer. That Snoe is about to break into the US market is a testament to the safety, quality, and effectiveness of its products.

Snoe Beauty’s success is a reflection of its owner, Jen Diaz, whose  commitment to excellence made the company what it is today.

Building the kingdom

Building Snoe Beauty from the ground up wasn’t always a walk in the enchanted forest. Jen admitted she had planned to put up a huge fashion retail outlet. Skin care and cosmetics were far from her mind. But she always had a weakness for artisanal soaps and bought them in hoards.

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“I loved buying handmade soaps and I bought a lot of them in different variants, so my husband suggested that I make a business out of high quality bar soap,” Jen shared.

Knowing that the Philippine market is still fascinated `with fair skin, Jen initially offered  high grade whitening soaps in different variants, including a powerful Black Bleaching Beauty Bar.  The color was made black, as it is a strong variant.

“I was told not to offer too many varieties of soap at once, but I know how women shop. Like me, they like seeing many different shapes and colors; they like choices,” Jen said

Releasing many variants was only one of many decisions where Jen followed her own instincts. The designs and names of the products reflect her own personality, contrary to what she learned in business school. Jen reflected, “I learned in my MBA studies that you should never put your personality in your product, but I didn’t follow that.”

Injecting her personality to Snoe Beauty paid off big time in its appeal. The brand name, Snoe, is a play on her fair-skinned daughter’s name, Noe (pronounced as No-wee). Hence, the name of her line of beauty bars, Snoe White.

From there, the whole concept was born like magic – from the curvy gilded logo that resembles the magic mirror, the delicate snowflake that signifies diversity, and whimsical labels that announce what their bottles contain. Indeed, approaching a display counter feels like walking into a fairytale apothecary that was swallowed by a rainbow. But in place of spells and potions are seriously tough concoctions that tell you what they do and mean it.

Products like “SunTervention SPF 80++,” “Awesome Poresome,” and “Hair Heroes,” line the shelves boldly telling you why you need them. The aesthetic harmony alone, from product name to packaging, makes Snoe Beauty look good enough to sell to an international market.

The fact that they are open about how the ingredients in each Snoe Beauty product is natural and high grade is an additional come on. The “Proudly Pinoy” sign is emblazoned on the packaging of the products that are relatively inexpensive. Snoe has a loyal fan base that just continues to grow with each new product release

Pretty Tough Products

snoeSince offering high quality whitening beauty soaps in 2010, Snoe Beauty has expanded its product range to create a powerful brand with a comprehensive line of skin whitening, sun protection, and cosmetics.

With Jen’s spirit and passion for innovation, and an eye for new technology in skin care, she shared, “I strive to constantly improve the quality of my products, going as far as phasing out bestsellers if I find that they are not up to par with my standards or if they can be improved.”

Ever on a quest for the most cutting-edge in skin care technology, Jen also went as far as paying for US-based research on unique ingredients, allowing her to offer distinctive products to the discerning Filipina consumer.

Poudre Phenomenon, for instance, is made predominantly of silica, a mineral that grinds into a fine white powder and literally disappears onto the skin without leaving an unattractive white cast over makeup.

It is an ingredient known almost exclusively to professional makeup artists and high-end makeup connoisseurs, but Jen boldly offers it to the market with confidence that its high quality will win them over.

Snoe Beauty also has on its shelf BB-fied, a BB pigment powder that turns any moisturizer into a BB cream. It is customizable skin care without the prohibitive cost of imported brands.

Indeed, we have a lot to thank Snoe Beauty for. Yes, the products help make us beautiful on the outside. But there is so much inspiration to get from a company, the growth of which goes beyond Philippine shores, making a case for international standard “Proudly Pinoy” products. That alone should make us glow with national pride.

Images: main photo by the author. Other photos from Snoe’s website, used with permission


Maita Atienza is a makeup artist and hairstylist trained by Hollywood educated industry leaders. Visit her website: http://www.maitaatienza.com/

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