Charice reunites with Oprah; Robin Padilla wants daughter to marry a Muslim; KC Concepcion’s battle with dengue

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Friday, 31 October 2014 - Last Updated on October 31, 2014

SR2Singer Charice Pempengco reunited with talk show host and godmother Oprah Winfrey. The latter recounts that it was May 2008 when she first heard Pempengco sing. She called her “the most talented girl in the world.”

Oprah helped boost Pempengco into an international singer by introducing her to world-renowned composer David Foster. She was responsible for making Charice’s biggest dream come true which was to sing with her idol. The talk show host also collaborated with Celine Dion who requested Pempengco to sing with her in a concert.

It has been eight years since Pempengco and Oprah have last seen each other. During the interview, Pempengco shared her story and the changes in her life.

“I just want to share my story to the people out there who are having a situation like mine. When I came out, everything started. All the struggles happened when I came out,” Pempengco said.

The 22-year old singer admitted she was gay in 2013. She revealed that she knew she was different at the tender age of five. She was in grade school when she saw a girl and felt weird. At the age of 10, Pempengco realized that she was gay.

Charice said that she is not going to undergo surgical changes in her body but she has changed her appearance.

“Basically my soul is male but I’m not gonna go to that stage that I’m going to change everything,” she told Oprah.

“I can change like cut my hair, wear boy clothes and everything but that’s all,” she added.

The former YouTube sensation said she was afraid to come out but she felt that it was time.

“That night when I was thinking of coming out, I was ready to lose my career, lose my fans. I was confident that I won’t lose my family because I knew that eventually they will understand me,” Charice said.

The singer denied rumors that she tried to kill herself but admitted that the thought entered her mind. It wasn’t true that she slit her wrist. She said that she experienced depression after her father was murdered. Her coming out caused tension between her and her mother, to the point that she had to leave their home.

Charice told Oprah that she finally reconciled with her mother. In fact, she and her partner, Alyssa Quijano are set to meet her mom soon.

“I can say now that we are really like best friends, I can’t ask for more, I am happy,” she said.

Robin Padilla prefers daughter Kylie to marry a Muslim

Robin Padilla thinks that Rayver Cruz, who is currently being linked to his daughter Kylie Padilla is a good man but he stated that he prefers his daughter to end up with a Muslim. The veteran actor said that Rayver is a good son to his mom but that has nothing to do with his daughter being linked to the young actor. The veteran actor used to work with Rayver Cruz in the sitcom, Todo Max before he was linked to his daughter.

Ang gusto ko sa anak ko, Muslim,” Padilla said. “Gusto ko ang lalaking pakakasalan ang anak ko. “Dahil bawal sa amin ang boyfriend, bawal sa amin ang girlfriend [na hindi Muslim].  Kung talagang maganda ang hangarin nila sa anak ko, pakasalan nila ang anak ko,” the actor added.

When asked what he thinks of his daughter Kylie going out with non-Muslim men, he said that his daughter is old enough to know what is right and wrong. He cannot stop her from doing what she wants, but she should be accountable for her actions.

Ako mismo, rebolusyonaryo ako. Alangan naman pagdating sa anak ko, hindi ako rebolusyonaryo,” he told

If Kylie ends up with a non-Muslim, that is her issue. Religion is an individual relationship with God. He said that he has no power over his daughter’s decision but he will always be there as a father to remind her of what is proper. Padilla said that he will do everything he can to fulfill his role as a father.

Kung saan siya maligaya, kung ano ang gusto niya gawin, kanya yun. Matanda na siya,” Padilla said.

KC Concepcion’s battle with dengue

KC Concepcion was hospitalized for six days due to dengue. The young actress is now cleared from dengue and has been released from the hospital.

Concepcion said that she still experienced dizziness and headaches after getting out of the hospital. She recounts that dengue has drained her energy. She said that she felt so weak that shampooing her hair felt like going on a workout.

The actress immediately reported back to work to continue taping for Ikaw Lamang, primetime series on ABS-CBN even though she still had signs of rashes on her body. She said that she consumed three bottles of 1.5 liters of water to stay hydrated.

Concepcion advises people who experience dengue symptoms to go to the hospital for an immediate check-up. “Yun ang pinaka nakakatakot sa lahat, kapag nag-drop na ang platelet,” the actress said.

The actress revealed that Paulo Avelino was a regular visitor while she was still at the hospital. The two are being linked together but Concepcion claims that they are just good friends as of the moment. She said that they haven’t really discussed whatever they have right now but they are happy with their current situation.

Bianca Gonzalez shares details about her upcoming wedding with JC Intal

TV host Bianca Gonzalez and fiancé PBA basketball player JC Intal are set to marry this December. The couple will tie the knot in an intimate church wedding in Manila.

The lovely host said that she wants a laid-back and not so traditional kind of wedding. She said that their wedding will not be a formal and structured one that includes releasing of the doves, cutting of the cake and so on.

Gonzales said that the wedding will be very intimate. The entourage will be composed of Intal’s brothers (groomsmen) and their friends from high school and college. Kris Aquino, the Queen of All Media will be one of the sponsors.

Gonzales said that their honeymoon will have to wait a while because they have to fulfill certain work commitments. In fact, the day after the wedding, both of them are going back to work. The couple plan to spend their honeymoon at South America.

They have not yet decided if they will have a baby right away. Gonzales said that she still intends to continue working after getting married.

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