Baron Geisler in trouble again

Showbiz round-up: Brawl turns into MMA fight; Rumored love and break-up and more

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Saturday, 11 June 2016 - Last Updated on September 22, 2016
Baron Geisler in trouble again

Altercation develops into an MMA fight

Baron Geisler in trouble again

Baron Geisler in trouble again

Last May 26, 2016, news came out that Indie actor Kiko Matos had an altercation with actor Baron Geisler at a bar in Quezon City. The video of the incident that was uploaded on Facebook went viral last month. In the video clip, Geisler was holding out his hand to Matos (anticipating a handshake) when the latter suddenly punched him. Bystanders prevented the men from getting into a fistfight. Matos was escorted out of the venue while the dazed-looking Geisler remained inside.

In an interview on “Tonight with Boy Abunda,” Matos said that Geisler was adamant about performing on stage during a fundraising event. When Matos asked Geisler to step down from the stage, the actor allegedly shouted at him and his friends to leave the bar and started cursing them on the mic. Matos claims that Geisler provoked him.

“I stood for what I think was right and to let him know na hindi puwede iyong pagaasta niya. Kumbaga sabi nga nung mga tao, nakahanap siya ng katapat. Naghanap lang ako ng lakas ng loob para tapatan siya,” Matos told ABS-CBN News online.

In another report, Baron claims that he got mad at Matos for disrespecting a bartender which the latter denied.

Barron accepts challenge

Barron accepts challenge

Magkita tayo sa mata. Pagod ako. Pagod na pagod ako. Pero sige. Ikaw, Kiko Matos, magkita tayo sa mata. Mahal kita, pero bibigwasan kita… isa lang. Magkita tayo,” Baron said in an interview with News 5.

URCC founder Alvin Aguilar formally invited both parties to settle their dispute by joining the upcoming URCC Universal Reality Combat Championship Fight Night on June 25, 2016.

“In the URCC, we make sure that all street fights get settled inside the URCC cage. So guys we are offering you both a chance to finally settle your score inside the URCC cage and not in the streets,” Aguilar said on Rappler.

URCC posted on their Official Facebook page that both Geisler and Matos got in touch with their match-maker and confirmed that they will fight inside the cage on June 25, 2016 at the Palace Pool Club.

Claudine Barretto in and out of the hospital

Claudine in hospital

Claudine in hospital

Claudine Barretto has been hospitalized repeatedly within the past two months. The actress keeps mum about the details of her health condition but she recently posted a selfie video on her Instagram account saying, “Hi guys! O.R. here we go. Bye!”

According to her nephew, Cholo Barretto, his aunt is undergoing surgery on her lower left leg, and requested for prayers for her quick recovery.

“Her white blood cells are very high and her red blood cells are extremely low, which is why she is vulnerable to infection,” the young Barretto said on Yahoo!

Fans of the actress noticed that she appears bloated in her photos, which some assume is a side effect of her medication.

KC Concepcion dating football player Aly Borromeo

KC and Ally

KC and Ally

Is KC Concepcion opening her heart again after being heartbroken with actor Paulo Avelino and before that Piolo Pascual?

Two months ago, during the launch of “KC’s Closet,” an online store for the benefit of the UNICEF World Food Program, the actress admitted that she is seeing someone. She admitted that she’s dating Kaya FC player Alexander “Aly” Borromeo. She has been seen in several of his football games.

Last May 25, 2016, Concepcion expressed her support for Kaya FC during the AFC Cup 2016 held at Johor, Malaysia by posting an Instagram photo of their hands clasped tightly with the caption, “35,000 people. Tons of pressure. Two teams. One big heart for football; Let’s go, Captain!!! KayaFC #Philippines vs. Johor Darul Ta’zim #Malaysia #AFCCup2016 #Football.”

A lot of Concepcion’s fans are hoping that it’s the start of a wonderful romance.

Megastar Sharon Cuneta said in an interview that she’s fond of Borromeo.

“She’s getting to know this very good gentleman…
“We all like him very much. Lahat naman ng dinate ni KC, parang winelcome naman namin.
“I’m very glad she’s getting to know this person who’s very decent and respectful.
“We like him very much and he’s such a good boy.
“I like him,” Cuneta told

Vina Morales wants sole custody of daughter

Actress-singer Vina Morales told that she is fed up of Cedric Lee and his family’s unrelenting bullying for the past three years. Lee is the father of Morales’ seven year old daughter named Ceana.

Morales is pushing for the suspension of Lee’s visitation rights. Morales accused Lee of forcing their daughter to stay with him for nine days some time during the month of May. She said in an interview that she’s a peace-loving person. As much as possible, she tries to avoid having a conflict with other people but when someone is persistent in hurting her and her loved ones, the best she could do is learn to fight back.

The actress-singer recounts that Lee threatened her kasambahay that he will have her jailed if she prevents him from visiting Ceana. There was also a time when Lee punched her driver on the face. Lee reportedly denied the allegations.

Morales is hoping to get the sole custody of their daughter.

Aiza Seguerra vs. Leah Navarro on Twitter

Seguerra vs. Navarro on Twitter

Seguerra vs. Navarro on Twitter

Netizens are talking about the heated online exchanges of singer-actress Aiza Seguerra and singer Leah Navarro.

Seguerra is an avid supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte while Navarro is a member of the Black and White Movement, a group that strongly supports outgoing President Benigno Aquino.

Here are parts of their Twitter banter:

@leahnavarro: “Now @aizaseguerra claims to see the light. Are the blinders really off?”

@aizaseguerra: “Claims? My stand has been very clear frm d very beginning. Fairness. Dunno if you cn say the same thing for urself.”

@leahnavarro: “Yes, I am biased, Aiza. So are you. No one can be “fair” or “unbiased.” Especially during a campaign.”

@aizaseguerra: “Yes, tita. But campaign is over. Loyalty should be to the country and not any political party.”

@leahnavarro: “Just because elections are over we should tolerate indignities, “move on”? My loyalty has always been to my country.

@aizaseguerra: “not move on but move FORWARD and work towards unity.”

Dennis Trillo denies rumored breakup with Jennylyn Mercado

Some netizens speculated that actor Dennis Trillo and Jennylyn Mercado have called it quits for the second time around. Rumors started when followers of Mercado noticed that the actress deleted some of her photos with Trillo on Instagram. Trillo and Mercado rekindled their relationship late last year.

Trillo denied allegations and said that they are okay. He added that deleting a photo is not an indication of a problem. The actor said that actions can easily be misunderstood on social media.



Photos: “Baron Geisler” screencap from Facebook;”Geilser acceptance” screencap from URCC Facebook; “Claudine Barretto” screencap c/o Claudine Barretto Instagram account; “KC and Ally” screencap c/o KC Concepcion Instagram account; Aiza Seguerra Twitter screencap c/o Aiza Seguerra Twitter account.

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