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Save the world in style with these 6 eco-fashion brands

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Tuesday, 29 October 2013 - Last Updated on June 14, 2015
habi footwear

Looking good and feeling great about yourself now comes in various cuts, colors and styles with the rise of social enterprises that offer fashionable clothes and accessories for a cause.

Do you want a closet brimming with hope and an advocacy that you can wear on your sleeve? Here are six fashion and style houses that will help you build a better world, one look at a time.

Four Eyes
Seeing a better future comes as a literal mantra for Four Eyes, the Philippines’ first online Optical shop that offers stylish prescription eyewear for a cause. The Four Eyes advocacy involves helping impoverished communities have access to prescription eyewear for free. A pair for a pair. If you love reading, it’s high time to pass on your love for books whenever you purchase a frame from Four Eyes. To learn more about Four Eyes, visit www.foureyes.com.ph


yadu 2

When you’re ready to channel your inner Phoebe Buffay, you can start doing so with a wallet that comes in a unique handcrafted design and is leather-free. Yadu lifestyle products are an embodiment of freedom and diversity, thus the one-of-a-kind feel of their bags, wallets, pouches, and more! In a nutshell, Yadu lifestyle products evoke a crafty way to upcycle worn-out clothes into re-usable items; hence “Today’s Clothes, Tomorrow’s Bags” statement from Yadu Philippines group. To see the beauty of contrast is the gift within every Yadu product. If you fancy the flux of ever-changing times, then you’d love to carry an innovative Yadu piece behind your back. Learn more by visiting www.yadu.ph


Aside from Yadu, there’s another eco-ethical up-cycling brand that champions scrap cloth, organic materials and indigenous fabrics as the core of fashionable accessories and home items. Rags2Riches or R2R is a fashion house that provides women empowerment by granting women in poor communities, access to a more formal economic experience, increased income and additional skills, financial and health training.Rajo Laurel is one of its well-known collaborators.

Prefer a more couture eco-strut? Then it’s time to take lead from the brand that takes responsible fashion into world-class level. Start your artisan to advocate fashion statement one upcycled piece of cloth at a time. For more information, visit www.rags2riches.ph


lumago design

Besides bags, fashion for a cause also makes an explosive mark in the form of trendy and colourful paper beads under the house of Lumago. Lumago, which is a Filipino world for “to bloom” is an apt name to describe the simple and amiable bracelets, necklaces and other accessories by Lumago designs. Their items are made of recycled magazine paper and are expertly crafted even for outdoor use! The paper beads that comprise the intricate and careful sweeps of colors of Lumago Designs are great to open up conversations at parties, meetings, and more. Lumago accessories are a reminder of the soft-spoken and striking beauty of a Filipina. They are light on the arm, but heavy on the advocacy. To learn more how women experience learning the art of creating beautiful fashion from the community ground up, visit www.lumagodesigns.com

Habi Footwear

Habi Footwear are shoes made for walking! Be the leader of the pack of eco-advocates by sporting a pair of shoes that are made with upcycled woven cloth and has recycled truck tires as sole! Responsible fashion, Filipino pride and social Involvement are the top three philosophies behind the brand Habi, which incidently means “woven” in Filipino. For Habi Footwear, weaving communities into a self-sustaining economy is the key to a better future that classifies a world-renowned, successful and independent Philippines. Commuters who wouldn’t dare sacrifice comfort for style (in fact, we’ve written about comfy shoes for trendy commuters) will find the two married in colourful palettes in Habi Footwear. Start a kinder strut today by visiting Habi Footwear Facebook Page on www.facebook.com/HabiFootwearor inquiring at 09177386159.habi footwear

Jacinto and Lirio

Can’t live without the feel of leather but want to advocate animal rights? Don’t fret anymore as Philippine sunshine just opened a new wave of leather-loving community with Jacinto and Lirio drumming a headstart beat.

The name Jacinto and Lirio came from the key raw material that the said innovative Filipino Social-Enterprise uses, the water hyacinth. When Noreen, founder of Jacinto and Lirio saw the opportunity to resolve the water hyacinth infestation in the Philippine waters, the league of sophisticated plant leather bags, wallets and notebooks were born. With Jacinto and Lirio, each piece is a direct solution to help tame and turn a problem into a source of community livelihood. They also have professional level iPad covers made of plant leather too!

Freshen up your school duty ensemble today. Make plant leather a part of your eco-system! Visit http://jacintoandlirio.com/

Photos by Kumi Yasuda. Visit her blog at http://www.lovingsunshine.com/

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