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Automated Elections

A small news item, “Anti-graft group slams transfer of PCOS to Laguna” on People’s Tonight (February 20) was disturbing. The article said that “leaders of the Movement Against Graft and Abuse of Power (MAGAP) claimed the transfer of the 90,000 PCOS machines without inviting monitors from protesting parties, and even…
“It’s not the voting that’s democracy; it’s the counting” says playwright Tom Stoppard. The playwright might not be referring to an automated election system as incidents of irregularities continue to arrive in , seven days after the May 10 automated elections. It was exactly a week ago when the Comelec…
The elections in Quezon City were, according to voters, among the most difficult because of the high population precincts had to cope with. But despite the heat, the long lines, and problems such as missing names in voter lists, the appearance of a camera immediately had people smiling.
Voter turnout was generally good, with hordes of young people, middle-aged couples and senior citizens trooping to their respective precincts.
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