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Friday, 15 August 2014 - Last Updated on August 15, 2014

mrtderailed1After all this time, PNoy has pretty much decided that he knew better than his mom, when he admitted outright that he was open to extending his term as president. It’s deplorable or admirable, depending on who you ask, and the more he takes after former President GMA with every single thing he does, as if taking all his moves right from her playbook, the more yours truly can’t help but think that maybe he isn’t that bad at all. But perhaps that isn’t really what needs to be talked about right now.

Nation, the discussion about PNoy extending his term, and his apparent openness to this possibility after weeks of mostly pretending he had no desires to do it, has been successfully derailed. Literally. The excitement over the recent news everybody has been talking about was pretty much off the rails. If in case you’ve been living under a rock, here’s what you’ve been missing.

Just the other day, we were witness to the latest development in this current administration’s quest to alleviate the public transportation crisis we are clearly going through. They tried to get the project off the ground, but, well, clearly, they bit off more than they can chew. Nonetheless, it was a great first effort, and we have to give credit where credit is due, don’t we? Surely, this experiment will lead to greater things that will take all of us completely by surprise. At this point, we’ve pretty much forgotten about everything else. Chances are, we’ll end up with PNoy as president from now ‘til forever, because our jaws are still dropping from the sheer shock over the news.


So let yours truly just say it out loud: bra-vo, whoever is running the MRT! It’s good to know that the citizens of nutty Manila can count on you to really give them not just a quick, traffic-free ride, but even a good bit of excitement to go with it! Not since Star City have we seen more death-defying rides, which is a completely unexpected but value-added service the MRT is now apparently providing for all of us. It’s the least they could do, what with snaking lines that take hours to quell during the rush hours, right? Why, it’s time to break some boundaries, Philippines! Onward to progress!

Truly, we are at the height of progress, nation! If the MRT were on the stock market, shares would probably be flying off the shelves. That’s really just how amazingly robust and off the wall the hype about the MRT is because of the recent goings-on. This is what we have come to, and now, everyone needs to recognize that the Philippines is an unstoppable force that has to be reckoned with. We are the economic and transportation power China’s mom warned them about. Flying trains! What will we ever think of next?

Nation, it’s really an amazing time to be a Filipino, when we are finally achieving untold of bounds in advancement, as well as an irrepressible desire to keep developing ourselves as  a top flight authority in public transportation. Singapore? Hong Kong? Pshaw, they can’t hold a candle to how good our trains are, when it comes to thinking outside the box. You just can’t stop this nation’s progress anymore. There is no holding it back, as we have made breakthrough after breakthrough. Now, we are beginning to reap the benefits of these numerous developments. It stands to reason that we simply have everything going our way from this point on. Time for us to take charge and become the best we could be, because we have pretty much earned it now. 


The MRT has pretty much exceeded all our expectations. It doesn’t matter any longer that we still have a massive shortage of cars and we still can’t meet demand while the government pretty much is paying through the nose just to keep the whole endeavour going. The most important thing is that now, a new mode of transportation has made itself available to us, and we are pretty much falling over ourselves, still in utter disbelief. Who knew that we could actually pull this off, right? The Kool-Aid Man must be very envious of what we can do, oh yeah! 

Nation, it’s time to come to terms with the realization that after all these years, the MRT was deserving of a new lease on life, and this development is the realization of this necessity. Surely, this is the kind of reliable and efficient kind of public transportation the Filipino deserves: something that busts through all our expectations, and hey, since nobody died, one can suppose that means it’s the best thing ever now, right? That’s pretty much leaps and bounds above what buses have to offer, after all. The last time a bus flew off the road, it wasn’t exactly non-lethal. When you keep that in mind, you learn to appreciate more and more what we have with us now.

As such, if this is what we can come to expect from PNoy’s term, then surely, we should also be open to the possibility that he could still be president beyond 2016, right? Maybe it’s time for every Patriotic Filipino to cast off the hurt and rift that we have had after years upon years of PNoy beleaguering our poor former President GMA. It’s time for us to get behind him and make that push to extend his term just in the same way he has managed to extend the abilities of the MRT, as he clearly has decided that the next hat in the space race shall be tossed in by the Philippines itself.

Nation, things have never been better for the Philippines. Economic stability, amazing technology, and now, a public transportation system that reaches for the stars. It will surely exceed barriers and give a new lease on life for all of us. This is yours truly, finally, after all these years, deciding that PNoy is truly the kind of president we all deserve. Surely, nation, you feel the same way, too! If not, well, maybe you can fall off a rail or something.


Marcelle Fabie (Pronounced “Fa-bee-yay”), who blogs on, is a man who embodies the two greatest characteristics of a Patriotic Filipino®: he is patriotic, and he is Filipino. As an upstanding individual of strong moral fibre, he puts the “grit” in “journalistic inteGRITy.” Hard-hitting, fearless (except when it comes to Rick Astley), and unbelievably opinionated, he stands for truthiness, justice, and the Filipino way. He has a Pulitzer, a Nobel, an Oscar, a Grammy, and five other weirdly-named pet dogs. He is also a notorious satirist.

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