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Thursday, 14 July 2016 - Last Updated on July 15, 2016

Undoubtedly, modest fashion or modest movement is rising worldwide – finally, Muslim fashion industry is not only being marketed towards Muslim women but as well as to people who believe that a person can be sexy and dress modestly at the same time.

According to the 2014-2015 report by Thomson Reuters, the total spending of Muslim women on clothes and shoes in 2013 alone cost $266 billion and it is expected to reach $484 billion by 2019. No wonder fashion companies such as H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, Uniqlo, Mango, Zara and Dolce & Gabanna sell hijabs (headscarf) and abaya (a loose, full-length robe) marketed to Muslim women. But even before those big companies came into the picture, Muslims have been experimenting with colors, patterns, and fabrics – styling them in their own creative ways in order to make remarkable clothes that reveal less skin.

Take a look at the list of Muslim designers who made their way into the wonderful world of fashion:

  1. Iman Aldebe1 - IMAN ALDEBE

She’s a Muslim designer who grew up in Sweden. Some companies would not hire her because she’s wearing a hijab, but when she finally got a part-time job in a boutique she noticed that there’s an untapped market for those people who wants a ready-made turban. From there, she got the idea of putting up her own store and started creating unique turban collection for her fellow Muslim women with the goal to remove the notion that they should hide away from society. There were a lot of criticism and threats against her, but to this day, her designs featuring haute couture turbans are being sold in exclusive department stores in Sweden, Dubai, Paris, and New York.

In her interview with Al Jazeera, she said, “Fashion is art and art is positive and can dispel the prejudiced [notion that Muslim] women are oppressed. I want to continue to create clothes that will create opportunities and change for people.”

Visit her collection at and follow her on Instagram:

  1. Dian Pelangi 2 - Dian Pelangi

Ever since she was a child, she has been taught how to serve customers, make clothes, draw, and sew in their boutique called Dian Pelangi (which her parents created in 1991 and also her given name) – that’s why it is no surprise that she pursued fashion when she became an adult. She’s a graduate of French fashion school ESMOD.

For more than 20 years, Dian Pelangi brand already created Islamic fashion trend-setters. Pelangi, which literally means rainbows can be seen with the touch of vibrant colors in her designs and ability to transform an abaya. Germany, Paris, London, Melbourne, Dubai, Holland, Cairo, Kuwait, Thailand, and Jordan are only some of the countries where she held fashion shows.

Her online store is and you can check out her Instagram as well,

  1. Hana Tajima3 - HANA TAJIMA

She was born in UK and her parents are both artists which exposed her to a constant creative environment. In her blog, she describes herself as a designer and visual artist. She has worked with artists and designers such as Bing and Ruth, Okuda Yusai, Rosie Lowe, and Port St Willow. Some of her works were also featured in ELLE Italia and many online blogs and journals.

She also collaborated with UNIQLO and showed her debut collection (you may see at last 2015 in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand. After its success, her collection was launched again in Southeast Asia Spring/Summer 2016 and released in USA last February 26, 2016.

Follow her works at and her Instagram at

  1. Jenahara Nasution 4 - JENAHARA NASUTION

She made her way into the fashion world by making her own label with using her name. She’s a daughter of an Indonesian senior designer. She makes her designs distinct by following three principles: purity, uniqueness, and modernity. Since malls and department stores expect very high consignment rates just to be able to show her designs, she co-founded Indonesia Hijabers Community, an online community which helped trigger the growth of interest with regards to Muslim fashion in Indonesia.

Know more about her at and you may check out her online store as well

  1. Dina Torkia5- DINA TORKIA

A stylist, blogger, designer and scarf aficionado, Dina Torkia, famously known as Dina Tokio, created her own fashion blog in order to give opportunity for Muslim women to appreciate and enjoy their Hijab by putting a touch of their own personal style. She’s half European, half Egyptian and believes that fashion and religion can be fused in order to show one’s personality. Her clothes collection boasts of a combination of minimalist and modesty with an ethnic touch.

Aside from her fashion blog, she also makes Youtube videos (Youtube channel: Dina Tokio) about anything under the sun as long as she thinks it’s important. She also runs a second Youtube channel with her husband Sid (Youtube channel: Sid and Dina). When she was pregnant, she also blogged about her pregnancy and how women can dress up and still feel beautiful with their baby bump.

Check out her cool collection of scarves and clothes at and find ways on how to wear it on her

  1. Hikmat Saleh6 - HIKMAT

He started his career as a lawyer but then he had a change of heart and realized that he belongs to the world of fashion. When he chose to change his career, he decided to make his own fashion brand and boutique called Hikmat fashion. In Baghdad, he is famous for his elegant designed dresses.

You may visit and take a look at his collection at and

Though there are only 6 featured designers here, there are many more Muslim designers out there making a name for themselves and with the massive growth of modest fashion followers, it is clear that the fashion industry is changing its course.



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