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Movie review: The Achy Breaky Hearts

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Monday, 4 July 2016 - Last Updated on July 4, 2016
The Achy Breaky Hearts Poster
The Achy Breaky Hearts Poster

The Achy Breaky Hearts Poster

The film “The Achy Breaky Hearts” gives a good glimpse of the pains and pressures of singlehood for a woman. Despite the advancement in science and technology and developments in various fields, there are just some things that remain backward. People may embrace modern ideologies but there are old notions that live on like stubborn stains that refuse to go away.

Take for instance, the case of Chinggay (Jodi Sta. Maria), a jewelry shop manager in her mid 30s. Although she is a lovely, responsible and intelligent woman, her marital status is a big issue. She is constantly pressured by the people around her to find a man and settle down.

Single for 7 years

Single for 7 years

In one scene, her grandmother asks her, “Nakahanap ka ba ng asawa?” (Did you find a husband?).
Chinggay replies in jest, “Hayyy, hindi pa lola. Pero ‘pag nakahanap, flower girl ka.” (Not yet grandma. When I find one, you will be a flower girl.)
Ha! Kung buhay pa ako…” (Ha! If I’m still alive…) retorts her grandma.



Sadly, Chinggay’s grandma passes away without seeing her walk the aisle. At the wake, Chinggay is bombarded by the same annoying question, “Kelan ka na mag-aasawa?” (When will you get married?)

Hugot line: “Kapag ang lalaki, single in his thirties or forties, cool, eligible bachelor. Pero tayong mga babae, kapag tumatandang dalaga, tuyot, lantang gulay, panis!” – Chinggay

Wherever she goes, Chinggay is subjected to the same scrutiny. Somehow, she feels bullied to get rid of her single status and find a man to complete her life. Desperate for peace and relief from badgering, Chinggay makes a goal to find a boyfriend.

Chinggay thinks that being single has its benefits. When you’re single, you can do anything you want. You’re not pressured to consult anyone when making decisions.

“I still believe in love. Pero okay na rin maging single ano! Walang magsasabi kung ano ang dapat at hindi mo dapat gawin,” (I still believe in love. But it’s alright to be single. No one will tell you what to do and what not to do.) Chinggay says to her friends.

Hugot line: “Hindi naman kailangan may kasamang umuwi o magdinner o kailangan may kausap o kailangan may katabi matulog pero minsan kasi masarap lang kung meron. Di ba? Pero minsan ikaw rin ang mapapatanong sa sarili mo. Darating pa ba siya? Sana. Ngayon na.” – Narrator

Chinggay has gotten used to being single but she can’t help but wonder if there will come a time when she finally meets the right man and falls in love again.

Love is not something new to Chinggay. She has loved but lost. In her past relationship with Frank (Richard Yap), Chinggay gave him everything. He became her priority in life but Frank always fell short in terms of reciprocating her love. She kept giving while Frank did all the taking. It was not a fair relationship.

Hugot line: “Dati kasi nag-invest ako, five years akong nag-invest. Lahat naman ginawa ko, walang naging return of investment.”

This time around, Chinggay is more careful about entering another relationship. She longs for someone who is willing to invest and take a risk with her.

She tries in vain to meet a decent man that she can open up her heart to. Chinggay goes out on dates but no one comes close to her standards. She has been single for the last seven years.

Chinggay meets Ryan

Chinggay meets Ryan

At the brink of losing hope of finding the right man, Chinggay meets Ryan (Ian Veneracion). He buys an engagement ring from Chinggay but gets rejected by his girlfriend. Chinggay tries to help Ryan patch up with his girlfriend but in some twist of fate, they end up losing the engagement ring. Chinggay and Ryan become good friends and their closeness slowly builds up.

Frank the Heartbreaker

Frank the Heartbreaker

Her ex-boyfriend Frank, the man who broke her heart in the past, makes a comeback and tries to win back Chinggay. He makes a bid to get a second chance with her.

Chinggay finds herself torn between the two men. Ryan is handsome and a real romantic. She finds herself drawn to him like a magnet. However, Chinggay thinks that Ryan is not yet fully over his former love.

Torn between two men

Torn between two men

Frank is handsome and intelligent but he broke Chinggay’s heart in the past. She is desperately trying not to fall for his charm and sweet talk.

Hugot line: “Nakalimutan ko na kung paano magmahal ng ganito. Ang sarap pala. Pero nakalimutan ko narin masaktan ng ganito. Ang sakit pala. Sobra. Hindi mo kasalanan. Hindi kita sinisisi. Hindi pa ako ready na masaktan at ikaw hindi ka pa ready magmahal.” – Chinggay

Love has its ups and downs. It can be a wonderful thing but it can also become the opposite. In love, there are no assurances. You can have your share of happiness but there are times when you have to endure pain.

After being loveless for seven years, Chinggay’s dormant heart is awakened by love. She realizes how good it feels to fall in love again but unfortunately, she also experiences the similar pain that broke her heart many years ago.

Hugot line: “Kapag nahanap mo na yung taong sa palagay mo, para sa ‘yo, huwag mo nang pakakawalan, ipaglaban mo.” – Chinggay

When you find real love, give it all that you’ve got. Hold on to that love and be ready to fight for it if the need arises. Chinggay believes that when you find the right person, never let him/her go.

Hugot line: “Sabi ng matatanda ang lahat ng prusisyon sa simbahan ang tuloy. Pero wala namang sinabi na dapat may kasama ka.” – Narrator

In the end, marital status takes a back seat. After all, happiness is not just about finding a partner. You don’t always need a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife to complete you. You can still be happy even without a man or woman beside you. Learn to love yourself before finding someone to love.

“The Achy Breaky Hearts” also stars Beauty Gonzalez, Sarah Lahbati, Desiree Del Valle, Erika Padilla, Denise Joaquin, Khalil Ramos, Shamaine Buencamino, Miles Ocampo, Liza Lorena, Rey ‘PJ’ Abellana, John Spainhour, and Elizabeth Ty Chua.

The comedy-romance story is written by Antoinette Jadaone and Yoshke Dimen. The film is directed by Antoinette Jadaone.



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