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Tuesday, 7 June 2016 - Last Updated on June 7, 2016
Love Me Tomorrow
Love Me Tomorrow

Love Me Tomorrow

Love Me Tomorrow begins with a flashback. Christy (Dawn Zulueta) is a beautiful woman who marries an ideal man. The couple is blessed with two lovely children. They are a picture-perfect family until Christy’s husband experiences a stroke and becomes wheelchair dependent. He slowly loses zest for life but Christy remains by his side at all times.

Ang pangunahing tungkulin ng isang babae ay ang pagsilbihan ang kanyang asawa,” says Christy.

She remains a devoted wife and mother despite the challenges. When Christy’s husband dies, her children become the focal point of her existence. Time flies and her kids grow up and crave for independence. The day eventually comes when her kids leave the coop to experience life on their own.

At present, the middle-aged widow feels lost now that her children have reached adulthood and do not seem to need her anymore. All alone, with only servants by her side and a faithful dog, Christy uses her free time to pursue her passion for designing and creating clothes.

Fate decides to play a hand in order for Christy and JC (Piolo Pascual) to cross paths. The moment Christy’s dog (also named JC) gets a whiff of JC’s food, he runs and jumps on him.

Christy finds the thirty-something (but undeniably good looking) guy too “presko” but insists that he gets his minor wounds treated at the nearby clinic.

“Ma’am, you have nothing to be worried about, OK. Your son will be just fine,” the doctor tells Christy after examining JC.
Hindi ko siya anak!” Christy exclaims to the amusement of JC.

The age difference does not stop JC from flirting with Christy, which irritates the latter.

Her friend (played by Carmi Martin) tells her, “Christy, you’re hot and single and there’s nothing wrong about meeting boys.”

Cool DJ

Cool DJ

JC, a resident DJ of a popular club appears like a cool and carefree guy but in reality, he is struggling to stay relevant in a field dominated by the younger crowd.

After two more chance encounters, the chemistry between them becomes too hard to ignore.

Chance meeting

Chance meeting

Sabi ko na nga ba ini-stalk mo ako,” JC tells Christy when they meet each other again at the beach.

Gwapong-gwapo ka din sa sarili mo noh!” Christy retaliates.
“Well, you’re not bad yourself,” JC responds with a naughty grin.
“Why are you doing this?” Christy wonders.
“Because I like you,” JC confesses.



Christy tries to deny the attraction between her and JC but her remaining resistance is vanquished by a kiss.

They fall for each other. Christy is conscious about their age difference but JC doesn’t mind at all.

The audience is obviously amused by the funny lines and scenes associated with the age difference of the two main characters and older women trying desperately to blend with the millenials.

JC confides in Christy that his position as a resident DJ is becoming unstable because he is already 35 and considers himself old. Christy is shocked and throws the question, “Wow, old, ikaw? E, ano tingin mo sa akin, fossil?”

When JC tells Christy that he wants to be able to provide for their future family, she makes it clear that she doesn’t see herself having another child. “Bakit, menopause ka na ba?” asks JC.

Christy retorts that she’s not. However, she explains that being a 70-year old mom to a child who’s still in college is not something she envisions.

In a different scene, Christy agrees to meet her friends (“Titas of Manila” type) at the Palace. Christy arrives at the Oriental Palace but her friends are nowhere to be seen. She calls one of them to say that she’s already at the restaurant only to get a reply, “Gaga! Sa Palace Pool Club!”

The film offers a good glimpse of rave culture. The young generation is shown partying through the night and gyrating to fast-paced electronic dance music. Parents watching the movie may find rave parties disconcerting after the recent summer rave event, where five people reportedly died from drug overdose.

Although there was no drugs in the movie, alcohol and sex were depicted in the film.

Janine (Coleen Garcia), a beautiful young model and media influencer has her heart set out for JC. She also happens to be a promoter at the club where JC works.

Janine and JC have casual sex at the former’s condo.

“Janine, you’re beautiful; you’re smart but you’re young and there’s so much ahead of you,” says JC when Janine makes it clear that she has feelings for him.
“We both know we need maturity and we can’t find it in each other,” explains JC.

During a photo shoot, Janine’s friends ask her about the real score between her and JC.

“We are way past MOMOL (Make out, make out lang). We are like MOMOTA.”
MOMOTA?” her friends seem clueless.
“Make out, make out, tapos awkward. Bakit ba?” Janine explains to her friends.

In another scene, JC makes it clear to Christy that he and Janine have never been together. They are just “FUBU” or F*ck Buddies.

Christy is totally surprised by the thought that two consenting adults can have sex without having a commitment.

Christy and Janine initially hit it on the right note. Janine is thrilled to meet the designer of the clothes that she likes. Their common friend (played by Carmi Martin) asks the help of Janine to promote Christy’s clothes on social media. Christy feels grateful to the young influencer for marketing her line among the hip crowd and boosting her sales.

Little did the two women know that their relationship will turn sour because of conflict of the heart.



When Janine realizes that JC and Christy are seeing each other, she storms into JC’s room and calls Christy a “two-faced cougar.”

“Can you stop being immature Janine,” says JC.
Janine gets back at him, “Well, I’d rather be freaking immature than messing around with someone who’s too mature!”

Their age difference also becomes an issue to their children. Christy’s daughter (Maxene Magalona) confronts the two of them.

Confrontation with the daughter

Confrontation with the daughter

“I’d give her the world if I could,” JC tells Christy’s daughter.
“I’m sure a DJ like you na pa racket-racket lang will be able to do just that for her,” she answers with defiance.
Christy interjects, “That’s not the way you speak to people you just met. You barely know him.”
“And I barely know you anymore mom!”

At one point, Janine realizes that she stands powerless against real love.

“Times like this, I wish I was 50,” Janine says after witnessing JC make a public statement about his relationship with Christy.

The film’s ending may not be what most viewers would hope for but it gives the message that there’s a right time and right person for everything.

Love Me Tomorrow directed by Gino M. Santos is now showing in Philippine cinemas nationwide from Star Cinema. It is rated PG by the MTRCB.



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