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Money Tips for Christmas

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Saturday, 12 December 2015 - Last Updated on December 14, 2015
christmas 1 a few more days, Christmas will be here. People from all walks of life are busy preparing for this happiest season of the year. People will be attending several parties given by companies and friends. This is the most expensive season as all will be on the spending mode buying gifts and food in preparation for the day.  A lot of people will be rushing to malls and Divisoria looking for items they want. As I live just near Divisoria, I experience the daily giant traffic along Rizal Avenue and even assigned traffic officers cannot do anything to solve it.

We all are aware that this is a time for spending and there is nothing we can do to avoid it. But we can try to find ways on how to minimize the expenses and yet enjoy this holiday to the fullest.

Here are some money tips for Christmas:

  1. Make a list. Just like the song Santa Claus is coming to town, we must do what Santa does. He makes a list of children to gift. When we make a list, we are in effect able to control the money that will be spent out for buying presents. We can determine what the best and useful item to give to the person and at the same time, we can scout for the best price. The person will appreciate your gift not because it is expensive but because he is remembered.
  2. Use Gift Vouchers. Gift vouchers are a great way to gift friends. Usually these gift vouchers come with a discount. Giving gift vouchers instead of money will enable the recipient to make a careful purchase to maximize the voucher. You may want to contact big advertising companies who have gift vouchers due to their ex-deal with their clients.
  3. Scout your supermarket. This is a good time to check the supermarket for good deals. If you are keen on saving, try to compare their prices. Each of them is sure to have a cheaper price on similar items. So make sure that you know where to buy the cheapest item for your needs. Also, you may want to check their products that come with freebies.
  4. Buy enough. Buy only what you need. Overbuying will only make you spend more and leave you with excess items in your cabinet. The same is true with food, buying too much might result to spoilage and waste of money.
  5. Cut down on liquor. One of the usual beverages during Christmas season is the alcoholic drinks. Cutting down on wine will not only save you money but will also help prevent illness associated with too much drinking. Drink moderately.
  6. Use buying sites. Buying sites usually offer items with as much as 50% off the market price without affecting the quality and the brand. A better idea is to buy even before Christmas season. Buy only things that you have an idea who to give it to. Be a member of various buying sites and be updated on their offer so that you can get the best deal at the right time.
  7. Membership cards. Get membership or loyalty card from establishment where you frequently make purchases. By accumulating points, you can later use the points to pay for your purchases.
  8. Credit Cards. Credit card is a great and convenient tool for making purchases without having to bring too much cash. Make sure you are not an impulsive buyer so that you will not end up deep in debt. Credit card purchases earn you points which you can later convert to cash or use to pay for purchases. If you do not have self-control. It is better to have debit card instead.
  9. Have potluck session. Rather than eating out, having a potluck session is a lot cost effective and fun. You can have time to relax and bond together after the meal unlike dining out where everyone leaves after dinner is over.
  10. Give the gift of time. Time is the most expensive gift one can give because when you give your time, you are giving a part of yourself. Most of the time, people just want to bond and be connected with you than just receiving gifts. Christmas is for people to share love and one of the best is to share time with each other. By investing in time, one gets to build good relationships with his loved ones.

Christmas is a season of joy. Who said Christmas need to be expensive? Remember that Jesus Christ was born in a manger. Try to make Christmas as simple as possible and remember the purpose why He was born.


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