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Friday, 14 November 2014 - Last Updated on November 13, 2014

chickaFans can now relive some of their favorite local TV programs as they are given another breath of life on Jeepney TV. The Filipino cable television network owned station has been tagged as  “throwback channel” because it features reruns of old TV shows. It’s the ideal channel to watch if you want a dose of nostalgia.



Palibhasa Lalake

The hunks of the late 80s Richard Gomez, John Estrada (as Johnny) and Joey Marquez (as Joey) are back on Philippine television. Palibhasa Lalake, one of the most widely watched local sitcoms is now on Jeepney TV. Fans of the defunct sitcom can watch the wacky gang and laugh at the characters’ funny antics once again.

Palibhasa Lalake was originally launched back in 1987 with the main cast composed of Joey Marquez (as Joey), Richard Gomez (as Ricky), Miguel Rodriguez (as Miggy), Gloria Romero (as Tita Minerva Chavez), Cynthia Patag (as Cynthia), and Amy Perez (as Amy). Carmina Villaroel (as Cathy) joined the cast in 1987 while John Estrada (as Johnny) arrived in 1989.

Other cast members included Apa Ongpin, Edu Manzano (as Budoy) and Arlene Muhlach (as Arlene). The cast evolved through the years as certain characters of Palibhasa Lalaki joined and left the show. The late Rene Requiestas was once part of the show. He played Tita Minerva’s witty but often ignored brother). Anjo Yllana also became part of the sitcom where he played Tikboy, a mentally-challenged individual. To cater to the teens, the show later added the “Gwapings” composed of Mark Anthony Fernandez, Eric Fructuoso, Jomari Yllana, and Jao Mapa. Soon the cast became bigger as teenage girls Lindsay Custodio, Rica Peralejo, Jacqui Manzano, and Regine Tolentino joined the show. Some celebrities became regular guests.

The show was known for its “basaan moments” where guests were intentionally drenched in water. Come to think of it, “Palibhasa Lalake” started its own version of bucket challenge. Towards the end of the show, Richard Gomez and Joey Marquez would usually initiate the throwing of the water on the guests. Many victims got drenched on the spot while others tried to flee. The main cast would run after the guests with their buckets filled with water. Sometimes the “basaan moments” took place behind the cameras.

During a recent TV guesting, John Estrada said that “Palibhasa Lalake” played an influential role to his showbiz career. The actor revealed that he was almost ousted from the show because he wasn’t performing as expected. He was thankful to his manager, Douglas Quijano for defending him. According to Estrada, Quijano warned the management that if they would take out Estrada, they might as well take out “Palibhasa Lalake” as a whole. As a result, Estrada was retained on the show.

Richard Gomez was quick to dismiss allegations that if it wasn’t for him, the show wouldn’t have been a great success. Gomez attributes the success of the sitcom to the whole cast. He said that everyone played a vital role in making the show a hit among the Filipino audience.

“Palibhasa Lalake” is aired on Jeepney TV from Mondays through Fridays.

Home Along Da Riles

The King of Comedy is gone but his legacy lives on. Jeepney TV has brought back one of Dolphy’s long running comedy series, Home Along Da Riles. The sitcom is about a poor but loving family, the Kosmes composed of Dolphy (Mang Kevin Kosme), Nora Villa (Corazon or “Aling Ason” Madamba), Smokey Manaloto (Bill Kosme), Gio Alvarez (Bob Kosme), Claudine Barretto (Bing Kosme), Vandolph Quizon (Baldomero “Baldo” Kosme). Boy 2 Quizon (Estong Kosme), Nikki Valdez (Becky Kosme), Paula Peralejo (Bessie Kosme), and Maybeline dela Cruz (Maybe Madamba).

The Kosmes live along the railroad tracks. Kevin Kosme, a single father, strives to raise his children in an honest way. Despite their economic status in life, the family remains close and well grounded.

Home Along Da Riles airs on Jeepney TV from Mondays through Fridays after Palibhasa Lalake.

Chicka Chicka Chicks

Another hit sitcom during the ‘80s was Chicks to Chicks or also known as Chicka Chicka Chicks.  The comedy series revolved around day to day slices of life of a middle-class family and the people around them.

Freddie Webb (Jimmy Capistrano) played the role of the head of the family. Jimmy was the debonair husband of the character of Nova Villa (Ines Capistrano). Ines was a clingy but devoted housewife. The couple lived in a house with an extended family composed of their only daughter portrayed by the late child actress Strawberry, Ines’ mother (Lola) played by Cuchi, and Ines’ younger brother Jimmy played by Chito Arceo. Lola was a forgetful but loving matriarch of the family. She was a doting grandma to Strawberry.

The lovely Carmi Martin and the late Maria Theresa Carlson were also part of the wacky home. Martin always donned sexy outfits such as tube tops and short shorts. The viewers learned to love the character of the late Carlson because of her twisted Tagalog lines. She played a lovely but somehow dumb character who always made a blunder when speaking in Tagalog. She became known for her popular line in the sitcom, “Si ikaw, si ako.” Two former beauty queens Bong Dimayacyac and Lorraine Schuck were all shrieks and giggles on the show. The characters of Arceo and Lagmay were always taking advantage of the ladies in their own way.


Starting this November 10, 2014, fans of the fantaserye Krystala top billed by Judy Ann Santos can relive Kyrstala’s (Santos) adventures. Tala found a crystal containing the spirit of Luwalhati played by Angel Jacob, a diwata who was imprisoned for a hundred years by Harimon, an evil being played by Emilio Garcia.

Tala agrees to help Luwalhati defeat the evil beings that want to use humans to inflict harm and destruction to the world. The quiet and timid girl from the province moves to the city where she disguises herself as a working girl at a shopping mall. Tala harnesses the power of the crystal to transform herself into a superhero called Krystala. She devotes her supernatural powers in protecting the people from evil. The crystal gave Kyrstala superhuman strength, ability to fly, gift of speed, Krystal blast (energy blast that shoots from her hands), Kyrstal shield, ability to teleport and create earthquakes, and martial arts skills.


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