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christmas_prizesThe holiday season is a perfect time to enjoy some down time from work. An office Christmas party is a great way to relax and spend quality time with work colleagues. Make your holiday celebration at the office extra special by putting up a memorable Christmas shindig.

  • Most companies organize an annual Christmas party. Use previous parties as a benchmark. Give employees and colleagues a chance to share their opinions about previous parties. Ask them what they enjoyed and did not like from past Christmas get-togethers. Consider the suggestions provided by the staff. Exclude things and activities that did not receive favorable remarks.
  • Make your Christmas party more exciting by choosing a fun theme. Ask the people at the office to make suggestions. You can compile the top suggestions and ask the staff to vote for their favorite one.
  • Find an ideal place for the party aside from the four walls of the office. A different location can be more conducive for merrymaking. Make sure the venue is big enough to accommodate the staff and management.
  • Transform the venue into a fun and exciting area by decorating the place based on the theme. Make the atmosphere festive by adding colorful lights, balloons, lanterns, streamers, buntings, fancy ornaments, etc. Adorn tables with cute center pieces. Lovely decorations will help put the guests in holiday mood.
  • People usually wear their office uniforms or business attires to work. Spice up the party by going out of the norm. Why not make it a dress up party based on your theme? Request employees to dress up in theme inspired clothes. Give a special prize to the best dressed employee.
  • A great party is not complete without a yummy feast. Hire a good caterer for the Christmas buffet. Ask employees if they have any food preferences. Find out if some people have certain food allergies so the caterer can be informed. Add some meatless dishes to the menu for vegetarians. Don’t forget to include delicious desserts to satisfy the sweet tooth.
  • Make a toast for a productive year. Provide a cocktail list for the staff to enjoy. Include non-alcoholic drinks as well. Remind party goers to drink responsibly.
  • One of the highlights of a Christmas party is the raffle. Companies usually set a budget for raffle prizes. Make raffle prizes interesting and worthwhile. Think of things that the staff will appreciate such as grocery packages, spa certificates, restaurant vouchers, hotel or resort accommodations, small and big appliances, cash, gifts checks, and others. The more gifts, the better. Companies can gather more prizes by soliciting from top suppliers.
  • Organize an office-wide Kris Kringle or also called Secret Santa. Put the names of all participants in a bowl. When the names are complete, ask everyone to pick a random name from the bowl. The participants are bound to keep the names secret until the revelation day (date of the Christmas party). Assign weekly gift themes that participants can follow accordingly. Weekly gifts are usually inexpensive. Set a budget for the revelation day gift.
  • A Christmas party can also be a great opportunity to recognize outstanding employees. Give credit to those people who work extra hard to help achieve company goals. Raise the morale of the workforce by giving year-ender rewards. Motivate employees to keep up their good performance and inspire them to do better the following year.


A Christmas party does not have to be lavish. Companies with limited budget can still organize a fun and memorable party without spending too much. You can ask staff volunteers to do certain tasks like decorating, hosting, etc. instead of hiring professionals. The company can cut on expenses by assigning party duties internally. Don’t forget to reward volunteers with tokens of appreciation for their efforts.

The last thing you want to have is a boring Christmas party. Make the office shindig exciting and memorable by planning a great program. Here are some tips to keep the spirit of the party high.


Bring in fun and laughter by organizing holiday games. Here are some fun Christmas party games that can tickle the bones. Allot interesting prizes to make it twice as fun.

  • Name that Christmas song – Select several Christmas songs/carols for the game. Record a fragment of each song and save it on a computer or CD. The host can play the songs one by one for the party goers to guess. The person who can guess the most number of correct Christmas songs wins.
  • Mystery Stocking Game –Prepare a pre-filled stocking. The stockings can be filled with random things that may or may not be associated with Christmas. Blindfold all the players at the start of the game. Give each player three minutes to feel the contents of the stocking and write down the objects that he or she was able to indentify on a piece of paper. The person who gets the most correct number of items gets to take home the prize.
  • Musical Chairs – Who says that musical chairs are only for kids? Let the office staff relieve their childhood days by playing this popular game.
  • Getting to Know Your Colleagues – Request each employee to email several trivia facts about himself or herself to the pre-assigned host or game master. During the party, the host will read random trivia facts and the people can try to guess the name of the person being described. This is a fun way to get to know your colleagues at work. A small token can be given for each correct guess.
  • Guess the Baby Picture – This is similar of the previous game mentioned but instead of trivia facts, it uses baby or childhood photos of the employees. Request each employee to email their baby or childhood photo to the pre-assigned host or game master. Using a projector, each photo will be displayed on the screen for everyone to see. The guests can have fun trying to determine who that baby/child is on the screen. A small token can be given for each correct guess.

Entertainment numbers

Give the staff a chance to share their talents with the rest of the office. Invite some of the employees to render song numbers, play musical instruments, or perform dance numbers. They can either do solo or group performances. It’s the perfect opportunity to give talented staff an opportunity to shine.


Photo: “Cube Number Advent Calendar” c/o Pixabay. Public domain.


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