Ninja Portrait, Take 2 -  Zach Dischner

Unleash your inner Ninja

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Thursday, 26 February 2015 - Last Updated on February 28, 2015
Ninja Portrait, Take 2 -  Zach Dischner

ninja.jpg-tm - Andres Alvarez IglesiasNinjas have captured the public’s imagination, thanks to how entertainment media has portrayed them: silent, cunning, and ready with a trick or two that can make them look at the very least eerie, and at the best (or worst) magical.

So you’re probably thinking: can you be a ninja? Well, a ninja technically does not exist. However, you can tap your “inner” ninja by doing the following:

Keep yourself in shape
The first rule of the Ninja is that you have to keep in shape! Yes, you can be Farley-esque like a Beverly Hills Ninja all you want, but at least make sure that you are healthy. How else can you do all those ninja moves?

On a serious note, exercise not only keeps your body healthy, but it also helps your mind focus. Having an organized exercise or gym plan, combined with good food, will sharpen your memory and focus in the same way that your muscles will be put to the limit. If you want to be Ninja-esque, start with being fit, first.


  • The first rule of keeping fit is that you should make it a part of your life, if not make it an enjoyable segment. If you have exercise or gym time, make sure that it fits your work and private life. Even if it’s not regular, strive to have gym time at least twice a week.
  • You can also have regular sports integrated into your life, like football during weekends. Do take note that chess and poker are not viable sports for exercise. If you have time for sports at least once a week, then you are set with two other slots for exercise.
  • If you learn how to cook, then very soon, you’ll find out just how much junk is being added to fast food and other mass-produced edible products. If you’re the one cooking, you can control what ingredients will go in, how much, and how the dish will be cooked. You’ll end up with healthier preparations. Learning how to cook will also do well for your Ninja way of the budget.

Pinoy Ninja Moves

If you’re Pinoy, then learning how to cook is no problem – learn from the cooking Ninja of the family (normally, the moms). As for exercise, you can always join the local basketball league or sports team. If you’re lucky, your local area may even have real martial arts dojos and training teams!

Learn how to prepare
The key to being calm and relaxed is that you are already prepared for what is about to happen. Remember the Batman? Being crazy-prepared has allowed him to be the ultimate Ninja’s Ninja. In your case, it can be as simple as being organized enough to make sure that your tasks won’t be issues.

Being prepared can be seen in one of two ways: either you train for something, or you plan for it. When it comes to being prepared, it’s all about seeing ahead.


  • You should have a notebook to organize yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’s an actual notebook, or a mobile app or a desktop PC program. What’s important is that you know what you’re supposed to do for the day, and if possible, what sequence you’re going to do it in. It’s not a bad idea to use cloud apps, too, so you can synchronize your to-do list between your desktop PC and your mobile devices.
  • Remember the 21-day rule. If you want to imprint a daily schedule on yourself, or have a habit formed right, you have to do it for 21 days, so that your brain will consider it a habit that should always be done. When you’re starting out on this, it’s a good idea to use timers or alarm apps. You’ll find out that as time goes on, you will need the reminders less. This is particularly effective in setting “automatic” wake-up times in the morning – as well as making sure your body knows it’s a Sunday, and it’s time to sleep in.

Pinoy Ninja Moves:

Never, ever fall for the idea that coming in early or doing things the night before are valid ways to stay on time. The real challenge is to be honest with how much work you can do, and then tell your bosses and loved ones how things pan out. It’s not just about time management, but also managing people’s expectations. If you’re in a Pinoy workplace, you can see how important this is. Of course, your boss will still be the one with the final say, but at least both of you will have a starting point for negotiation. The true Ninja move would be to prepare and anticipate how much your boss would be willing to bend, and then plan accordingly. Submitting earlier isn’t a good thing, because that will heighten future expectations .

Silent and deadly
The unique thing about being an everyday ninja is that you also have to instill in yourself the qualities of humility and silence.

While it’s okay to be confident with your abilities, it’s not good if you’re banging your drum, so to speak. Gauge how much your boss or client (or loved one) needs to know about you, for a positive result. Painting yourself as a Superman is very un-Ninja-like, and may cost you the element of surprise – and appreciation.

This is the ultimate in Ninja skills. Silence is golden. Have you done your work to the best of your abilities? Then submit it, and don’t crow about it. Let your work speak for itself. The combination of silence and humility works wonders in making you the ultimate everyday ninja.

Once you are fit, prepared, and properly “stealthy,” then you are ready to face the world as the Ninja that you should be – and Hollywood be damned!

Ninja Portrait, Take 2 -  Zach Dischner

Photos from
“ninja.jpg-tm,” by Andrés Álvarez Iglesias
“Ninja Portrait, Take 2,” by Zach Dischner

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Richard Leo Ramos is a writer, editor, and pop culture enthusiast. When not working, he is a bass guitarist of the metal band Cog. He is also the founding "bar owner" of an online hangout for mecha anime enthusiasts in Facebook, known as Mecha Toys.

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Richard Leo Ramos is a writer, editor, and pop culture enthusiast. When not working, he is a bass guitarist of the metal band Cog. He is also the founding "bar owner" of an online hangout for mecha anime enthusiasts in Facebook, known as Mecha Toys.

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