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How to pack for 2 weeks in Austria

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Sunday, 26 June 2016 - Last Updated on June 26, 2016
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With a seat sale here and a travel promo there, the world seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Your luggage, on the other hand, may be doing the opposite, because the further away you go, the harder it becomes to decide what to bring and what to leave behind.

While it may be tempting to just bring your whole wardrobe along with you, the first step in packing for a trip should be to count your outfits according to your itinerary so there are no redundancies. Identify the specific outfits that will be needed for each activity and then just throw in the extras later on.

If, by any chance, you’re planning a summer getaway in the Austrian alps (because why not), we’ve put together some style tips to unleash your inner mountain maiden:

  1. For your moment on the top – No trip to Austria would be complete without catching the view from the alps. Pack the appropriate thermal wear for this and throw in a comfortable pair of shoes for good measure. A stylish and fuss-free t-shirt and jeans combo topped off with a weatherproof jacket will work well for this activity. And because the view from the top can shine pretty brightly, don’t forget to bring those sunglasses along!IMG_5616
  2. Short but sweet – It isn’t as cold as you think! In fact, on some days it can feel just like Manila, sans the pollution. Summertime in Europe provides the perfect setting for you to show off your tropical, sun-kissed skin. Pack a leg-baring ensemble or two for days when you’re feeling especially fun, light and bright. Throw in a few pairs of cycling shorts too while you’re at it; in many Austrian cities and towns, biking is a popular way to get around. You can easily rent a bike to do your exploring, dressed in anything you want to be biking in! Technically you don’t need to wear shorts under your skirt to bike but it can make the journey more comfortable.
  3. The hills are alive – Channel your inner Von Trapp with a pretty floral print because when else will you get to spin your own version of Fraulein Maria on the peak of the mountain with her arms spread out wide? If you had to choose just one time to pose for a picture (although we’re not sure why you would), let it be this one. On other days when you aren’t on top of a hill but still feeling like breaking out into song, you can dress to match your mood with bold pops of color and feminine silhouettes.
  4. Neutrals and a trusty LBD – Little black dress, long black dress–all that matters is that you have either one. A good set of neutral, versatile pieces will come in handy during any trip. A little black dress for a night out, a long black dress for a swanky dinner, and your basic white t-shirt, heather grey shift, and/or deep blue denim trousers for everything in between. The same idea applies in the way of shoes: have ready one pair of sneakers, one pair of sandals, flats in two colors and a pair of heels for the spontaneous night out.IMG_5610
  5. The traveling pants – Let’s not forget–this close to 20-hour trip will require some seriously comfortable clothing that can take you from the hot and sticky Manila weather to the cool temperatures of Northern Europe, and one that sits well with the idea of sitting on a plane for 12 or so hours. An effortless cotton stretch dress, jacket for the earlier mentioned “moment on top” and a pair of closed shoes (to keep you from getting cold feet) is low-maintenance but high in style. Especially when accessorized with a pair of sunglasses, scarf, statement carry-on bag and passport to boot (really, the most important accessory here is your passport!).IMG_5600
  6. The extras – After carefully scrutinizing each piece, you should have a little bit more space for the extras. This is where you throw in your safety outfits, like your favorite dress, a cute top you’re not sure you’ll get to wear but who knows when a situation might call for it, and a wild card outfit for when you’re feeling especially spontaneous. Include a few scarves to mix and match and perhaps some cute pairs of socks. The key to a stylish, versatile wardrobe is to layer your way through each ensemble.IMG_5603

Not everyone has the luxury of steaming or ironing services at their accommodations so if you are “not everyone,” then it would be best to bring low-maintenance pieces that don’t wrinkle easily. Choose those that are light as well because a little less kg goes a long way when talking in terms of airline baggage allowance.

Lastly, make sure to tie everything up neatly in a properly locked and labelled suitcase. The last thing you want is to lose all those super cute outfits you worked so hard to pack!

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About Jica Lapena

Jica would like to believe that in a previous life she was blonde or a fairy or both. On days when she is stuck at her desk in the office, she writes stories in her head. They are published here in full form, on Twitter (@jicajicajica) in micro-form, or in her fledgling blog (jicainmanila.blogspot. com) in raw fashion.

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