Health workers decry unpreparedness vs. Ebola

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Thursday, 13 November 2014 - Last Updated on July 30, 2015

The health workers led by the Alliance of Health Workers (AHW) criticized the Department of Health’s pronouncement that the country’s health sector is ready when Ebola virus emerges in the Philippines. On November 12, Wednesday, health workers stormed DOH’s office in Manila in protest of the continued inadequate preparations against the threat of Ebola.

The action is in solidarity with the international day health workers’ action highlighting the inadequate global preparations against the Ebola virus in many countries.

Nurses in Washington also demonstrated outside the White House and decried the ill-preparedness over handling of Ebola cases.

Health workers of Lung Center of the Philippines (LCP) also denounced the DOH for declaring that they are 100 percent ready against the possible entry of Ebola virus in the Philippines.

“Health workers are very much alarmed since there is no special ward at the moment that is well-equipped and no special training for the health workers who will attend to Ebola-infected patients,” Eleazar Sobinsky, president of the LCP Employees Association-Alliance of Health Workers said in news report.

“We are aghast that four months after World Health Organization (WHO) declared Ebola as a global threat and in spite of the boastful declaration by the DOH almost two months ago that we are ‘ready’ to respond to the Ebola threat, concrete preparations are almost absent at the hospital and community levels and we are fooled by the DOH in terms of preparations,” Jossel Ebesate, president of the AHW said in a statement.

Last month, Health Secretary Enrique Ona presented to the media health workers wearing hazmat suits as protection against Ebola patient. However, according to AHW, there online casino’s is no proper personal protective equipment to use in handling Ebola patients.

“While DOH Secretary Ona paraded health workers in complete, full body hazmat suit in a press conference, the materials intended to be requisitioned and used at public hospitals nationwide are completely different.”

“The hazmat suit used during the first training of health workers conducted by the DOH as part of Ebola preparations, is inadequate to protect the health worker from Ebola infection and is much different from the full body hazmat suit used during the press conference. The suit used during the training only used hooded hazmat suit with mask and goggle, not the one with full shield that completely protects the face of the health workers,” Ebesate said.

The international day of action was also held in Canada, Ireland and Spain and 15 other states in the US are expected to participate. The National Nurses United, America’s largest nurses union, is planning on staging a vigil outside the White House while 18,000 nurses in California are already on strike and have walked off the job on Tuesday, the report said.

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