Moviemov Italian Film Festival schedule

Free screenings at the Moviemov Italian Film Festival 2014

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014 - Last Updated on July 23, 2014
Moviemov Italian Film Festival schedule
Moviemov Italian Film Festival 2014 runs from July 23-27.

Moviemov Italian Film Festival 2014 runs from July 23-27.

July is not only a month of rain and storms but also a month of free Italian Movies!

Shangri-la Plaza is holding a third series for Italian film lovers dubbed “Moviemov: Italian Cinema Now” which starts today, July 23 and runs until July 27, 2014. The film festival will showcase 12 of the best contemporary films of Italy including the renowned classic masterpieces of Italian filmmaker Ettore Scola in his own exhibition called Classic Retrospective. The Oscar-award winning film “La grande Belleza” will also have its Asian premiere in the festival and the short documentary about Tondo, “A Tutto Tondo” will also be screened.

Scola’s Classic Retrospective

Three classic films from director and screenwriter Ettore Scola will constitute his showcase starting with Dramma delta gelosia (The Pizza Triangle), a comedy about the crazy love triangle of characters Adelaide, Oreste and Nello. The film earned a nomination in the 1970 Cannes Film Festival. The second film in exhibition is C’erevamo Tanto Amati (We All Loved Each Others So Much). A story of three friends Gianni, Nicola and Antonio who separated ways after fighting the Nazis in the Second World War and discover the hard ways of life. The film won the 1970 Cesar Award for Best Foreign Film. The third film from Scola is La Cena  (The Dinner), a story set one evening at an Italian restaurant. The movie is an introspective of the different lives of people, from young to old and tourists to locals who go to the restaurant for dinner.

Other films in Exhibition

The recent Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Language Film titled La Grande Belleza (The Great Beauty) will frontline the festival. It is a story of Jep Gambardella, a 65-year-old socialite who after his 65th birthday, walks on the streets of Rome and reminisces on his life. As he walks through the ruins of the city, encounters other characters and remembers his first love and adventures, he suddenly feels a sense of emptiness in his life. The film is a meditation of life set on the beautiful landscape of Rome.

Allacciate le cincture (Fasten Your Seatbelts) is an exhilarating romantic story of Elena and Antonio who are very much attracted and in love with each other despite their differences and being engaged to other people. An unexpected twist of fate will suddenly change the course of their loves and their lives.

Sud e Niente (South is Nothing) is a story of a young girl, Grazia, who is in search of his brother, Pietro, who vanished years ago. Because of her father’s hesitance to talk about his brother’s disappearance, Grazia’s relationship with her father will be strained.

Anni Felici (Those Happy Years) is a story of a wife who after being tied to a self-absorbed husband finds the courage to break free and make her own path.

Smetto quando voglio (I Can Quit whenever I want) is a comedy about a fired university researcher who goes to another extreme path of making drugs with former colleagues who are all struggling in society.

Benur-Un Gladiatore in Affito, is also another comedy about an unemployed stuntman who meets an illegal immigrant from Belarus who took over his work as a mock centurion at the Coliseum.

Capital Umano (Human Capital), on the other hand, is a story of two families, a rich Bernaschi family and an impoverished Rovelli family who meet destinies through an accident.

And finally, In Sotto Una Buona Stella is a story of a father who suddenly needed to take care of his two children and granddaughter after he loses his wife. Since he has been distant to his family, a helpful neighbor who has issued of her own will help him.

Here is the schedule of film screenings based on the Shangri-la Plaza website

Moviemov Italian Film Festival schedule

Moviemov Italian Film Festival schedule


8:00 pm         Allaciate Le Cinture (Fasten Your Seatbelts)



11:30 am       Il Sud E Niente (South is Nothing)

6:00 pm        Allacciate Cinture (Fasten Your Seatbelts)

8:00 pm        La Grande Belleza (The Great Beauty)


7:00 pm        Drama Della Gelosia (The Pizza Triangle)



6:30 pm         Il Sud E Niente (South is Nothing)

8:30 pm         A Tutto Tondo (Short Film) and Anni Felici (Those Happy Years)


11:40 am       Anni Felici (Those Happy Years)

1:50 pm        Anni Felici (Those Happy Years)

4:00 pm        La Grande Belleza (The Great Beauty)

8:00 pm        C’eravamo Tanto Amati



11:00 am       Anni Felici (Those Happy Years)

4:00 pm        Il Sud E Niente (South is Nothing)

6:30 pm        Smetto Quando Voglio (I  Can Quit Whenever)

8:30 pm        Il Capitale Umano (Human Capital)


12:00 pm       La Cena (The Dinner)

5:00 pm        Benur: Un Gladiatore in Affito



11:00am        Il Capitale Umano (Human Capital)

2:00 pm        Smetto Quando Voglio (I  Can Quit Whenever)

4:00 pm        Closing Ceremony


12:00pm        Benur: Un Gladiatore in Affitto

3:00 pm       A Tutto Tondo (short film)

Seats are on a first-come-first served basis. All tickets are released 30 minutes before the film screening. For more inquiries call 370-2500 loc. 597 or log on to

*Photos courtesy of Facebook.

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