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Sunday, 31 May 2015 - Last Updated on May 31, 2015


Tired of doing the same old fitness trends such as Pilates and Zumba?  Is your body looking for a more intense routine, which can give you maximum results?


Well, be careful for what you wish for!


Because now a convenient at home exercise DVD program named “The Insanity Workout” is here to challenge your overall strength and endurance that will surely give you a ripped and toned body.


What is Insanity Workout? 

Trainer Shaun-T, who is also the creator of the Hip-Hop Abs DVD, created the Insanity Workout.  Serious fitness enthusiasts have been raving about this 60-day program that could be done in the convenience of your home. Even Filipino celebrities like Angel Locsin have tried the workout and have documented the intensity of her Insanity routine on Instagram.


It is a program dubbed the “The Hardest Workout Ever put on DVD” that consists of 10 insanity workout discs including plyometric drills, non-stop strength sessions, power resistance, abs and core training exercise. It is the ultimate program for those who have advanced levels of fitness. It aims not only to help in weight loss but to also add muscle mass and enhance overall fitness.


The Max Interval Training used in the program burns 1000 calories in an hour. You will be able to shed a good amount of fat in only 60 days, which could also make you lose 10, 20 or even 30 pounds in that amount of time.


The Insanity Workout Schedule 

Once you do the Insanity program, you have to follow a strict workout and diet schedule.  Each workout is only around 35-40 minutes, but don’t underestimate the quantity of time you do for each workout. Shaun-T ensures you that every minute in the program will be worth it and will make your muscles work harder than it has ever done before. Workouts are short for the first month because Insanity is about High Intensity training meaning it should be brief, intense and infrequent. This makes your body work in its optimum level thus strengthening and increasing muscle size.


Sundays are off days to help in muscle recovery. Every Mondays are called the Insane Fit Test to evaluate and track the progress of your fitness level very week. All the other days of the week are the workout days with every day becoming harder than the previous one. Thursdays are dedicated to cardio and aerobic exercises that also involved a lot of stretching and balancing exercises. The second and final month of Insanity is longer (around an hour) and is definitely harder.


Part of the Insanity Program is the Diet Plan. Keep in mind that this is important to get maximum results.  The diet should be segregated to at least 40% protein, 40% carbohydrates and exactly 20% fats. The 40 % protein is important to aid in muscle recovery and for the muscles to size up.  The 40% of carbohydrates is essential as fuel for the hard workouts and the 20% fats is to ensure optimum energy and for other organs to function well even after the workouts.


What do you need before starting the Insanity Program? 

The good thing about Insanity is that all you need is the DVD and yourself!  You will be using your own bodyweight in training. Exercises during the first days will be cardio centric then when you start gaining endurance, the strength-oriented exercises will then begin. A lot of jumping is involved in the training and you will find it initially stressful for your joints. But this will be complemented by yoga poses and stretching.


Prepare yourself and your mind before doing the workout because it will ultimately test your strength and endurance.  If you have to rest, the creator recommends not stopping the DVD but just getting back on track after you catch your breath.  Again, Insanity is not for everyone and if you find the workout too intense and leaves you palpitating even just at the start (during the Fit Test), then the program may not be for you.


But for those who are fit and wanting to test their athleticism, then Insanity will be your ultimate challenge!


Expected Results from the Insanity Workout

Because the program is aggressive, you will be able to see results as early as one week after training. After the first month, there will be a complete transformation in your body. Your abdomen will be flatter. You will have shaped biceps and shoulder as well as leaner thighs.  Most stop after seeing the results in a month, but for your body to keep on evolving and attain optimum performance, you should finish the two-month program.


To know more about the Insanity program, check out this site.

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