Plus-size can be fierce too, says fashion brand Erzullie

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Thursday, 25 September 2014 - Last Updated on September 25, 2014

Gone were the days when plus size Pinays had limited access to fashionable outfits. Back then, boutiques offered items that cater entirely to smaller sizes.  Worse, most mainstream shops for large women typically address the functional aspect of clothing alone. For stylish outfits, plus size Pinays had to shell out to ship fab finds from overseas. Luckily, this sob story had long been forgotten – if not, laughed out in recollection. Shopping for items that fit and exhibit one’s true colors could be as easy, fun and pleasantly overwhelming as going on click spree!

In the growing number of plus size fashion lines in the Philippines, there’s one brand that continues to churn out fabulous items since 2010. Erzullie, founded by best friends Aries de Guzman and Berna Cuevas, knew how frustrating shopping can get for plus size women.

When asked what made them dive into the fatshion scene, Berna echoed the abovementioned growing demand for well-fitting clothes. Aside from this, both of them were looking for something to put their creative energies that will show them their purpose in life. Aries said, “Fashion was such a diverse and ever-evolving industry that fascinates me. There is so much art, business and science that go with it that just definitely made me excited and passionate how style transforms and lives at the same time in inexplicable dynamism.”

In the local plus size community, Erzullie had been synonymous to “fierce” simply because the designers believe that it’s highly important to celebrate empowerment and the lifestyle that goes with it. Also, they create clothes that challenge one’s imagination and elevate plus size fashion. At this point, we’ll let their favorite designs speak for themselves.

Princess-like sophistication


Aries recalls how she loved wearing maxi pants – and being probed for doing so – in the past. For the Resort 2011 collection, she gave this personal favorite an edgier feel. Then there’s the pink pastel maxi dress from the Resort 2012 collection that, according to countless feedback email, breathes princess-like sophistication. And the Egyptian-inspired tulip skirt from the Resort 2014 collection that she considers to be the most experimental design yet.


For Berna, her favorite designs include the black lace dress from the Holiday 2012 collection, the boyfriend dress from Pre-Holiday 2013 collection and the abstract sleeveless coat from Pre-Holiday 2014 collection. She had sentimental reasons for loving these particular designs, and, at the same time, she considered them to be perfect in terms of cut, fabric and design.

So where do they get their inspiration for these impressive designs? Berna usually derives it from music and imagining how Erzulliestas would look like in music videos. Aries, too, draws inspiration from the story she created in her head wherein Erzulliestas act as heroines. Recently, their models’ personal styles serve as factors too- just like how Monica Reyes’s edgy take on fashion made her create the best-selling tulip skirt so quickly.

Over the years, Erzullie has evolved from being an online shop to being physically available for clients through their recently-opened showroom.  What should their loyal followers expect from them in the future.

Three things: 1.) bigger and better headquarter by November; 2.) product line expansion; and 3.) spanking new website. And have we told you they are planning to conquer global markets by 2016?

Erzullie brand ambassador

That could only mean they will tirelessly look for more empowered women to represent their brand. For Erzullie Icons wanna-be, listen up. Aries and Berna aren’t just looking for modeling skills; they prefer brand ambassadors that are relatable, committed, consistent and genuine supporters of their fashion line.

Aries explained, “She is a natural supporter of the brand. She attends (or have attended) an event, has bought and actually worn the clothes of Erzullie and of course, know the brand by heart prior to applying to become one. Being an Erzullie Icon is really more than just modeling and being a brand ambassador. We are looking for the representation of our customers. As such, they must be just like our customers, who love, know and bought the pieces of the brand.”

Needless to say, we can expect bigger and explosive offerings from Erzullie in the future.  They’ve had their share of media exposure here and abroad and, based from their online presence and continued releases, they hardly intend to rest on their laurels.

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