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Tuesday, 7 July 2015 - Last Updated on July 10, 2015

In today’s crazy world of instant gratification and races to the altar, don’t forget the joy that comes with some anticipation.

Common reasons why yuppie couples are not in a rush to get married

This is a subject with plenty of google search to sift through. Let me help save your time by giving you the no nonsense and unbiased reasons below.

We live in a world where divorce and cohabitation are okay.

The generation of children to grow up witnessing mass divorce are now adults in their late 20’s to early 30’s making their own decisions about commitment and security. It makes sense that these young adults see relationships as risky as they’ve seem love plummet right before their eyes. Add to this legendary 50% divorce rate, financial tolls and politically based arguments are also influencing this emerging trend of holding off on tying the knot.

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People are highly selective.

According to the National Marriage Project at Rutgers University, 94 % of singles (between 20 to 29) are on the quest of finding their “soul mates.” Once they’re in a relationship, these people have the tendency to want their partners to be lot things to them: gym buddy, career consultant, ally, therapist, muse, devotion partner, or/and teacher. This mix of qualities and quest for “certainty” can take years of dating to uncover.

Women are earning more.

In times past, women were seen as distressed creatures, quietly languishing in their gardens, and patiently waiting for men to marry and houses to acquire as dowry. Well, times have changed. Nowadays, woman have more things to do. They’re getting paid for their jobs. As a result, women now see themselves as providers, and not being provided for.

Women have also been brainwashed to think of men as the enemy. Suzanne Venker, niece of anti-feminist Phylis Schlafly explains further: “Women are always angry and defensive. They pushed men off their pedestals and climbed up to take what they were taught to believe was rightfully theirs.”This distorted thinking explains why “men have nowhere to go.” Women nowadays believethey’re equal to men and this makes them less demanding and pressured to start a new life with another person.

Couples would rather spend their money getting a house than shell out their savings for their own wedding.

We all know that no matter what kind of ceremony you plan, there will still be costs involved. As young people delay marriage, often in pursuit of advanced degrees, careers, travel, or business, a study released by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC last April found that a quarter of married couples between ages 18 and 34 bought their first home together before tying the know.

People nowadays enjoy being alone.

Growing up, we probably weren’t given good examples of how to be alone. Everything we see at home, in school, and in the media promote how to find and stay with the right partner, and how to make the relationship work. As a result, a lot of people see marriage as their golden ticket to having a companion forever. And then here comes technology. Couples are now okay not seeing each other regularly as they can spend time alone at home, watching movies, chatting with friends through their smart phones, and engaging in highly creative discussions with strangers over the internet. Various studies proved that this set up is healthy for couples because it promotes a balanced relationship, one that’s free from obsession and separation anxiety.

People are living life to the fullest.

In olden times, singles struggled with some very serious questions about their own value. That being the case, they long for confirmation of their preciousness by summoning a ceremony in a beautiful church, where they could be regarded by all in attendance as a treasure beyond rubies and will prove to everyone that they are precious enough to have been selected by someone forever.

This isn’t the case today. Larger dreams surpassed that day’s public proof of worth. There are still many un-traveled continents to visit and more career paths to explore.

Congratulate yourself for your decision to withstand the social pressures and expectations to join the race down the altar. Then treat yourself out with the man you want to marry someday and talk about the things you read here. Revel in the laughter. Enjoy the wait.

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