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Thursday, 14 July 2016 - Last Updated on November 20, 2016

Vacation is over for college students. For the working population, every workday feels very Darwinian. It’s about surviving the battle of the fittest and making it viagra online without prescription in school or the office on time, and in one piece.

This means leaving small room to primp up in the morning. But have no fear, there are easy-to-do looks for modern warriors like you. Whether you’re an expert in buns and braids or not, these different hair dos will help you budget your time, and at pharmacy rx the same time make you look fresh and preppy.

  1. Modern Messy BunIMG_4343

We are all oriented on how to make buns out of our long or short hair. This messy bun fad that is currently hyped in Instagram and Pinterest which makes it easy for us to look good in class and at work. According to Nicole Catanese, the off duty messy ballerina ballerina look makes us look polished without a sweat.IMG_4352

  1. Twist and Pinned Hair

If letting down your hair makes you feel uncomfortable then go for the twist and pin hairstyle. You can just lift and section the right or left side of your hair and twist it inwards then pin and secure it at the side. It gives you a very neat and conservative look.

  1. IMG_4356Relaxed Half Moon

If you don’t like to show too much of your face but still wants to keep a cialis cost in india portion of your hair down then you can choose to lift half of your hair and leave a few strands to frame your face. Once you’ve sectioned some fringes at the sides, tie half of your hair at the cialis for sale back. Make sure that it isn’t too tight. Pull the tied part of your hair and make a hole and insert the lower part of your hair to end up with a minimal twist.

  1. Twisted pigtails

You will have to practice the skill of light teasing. You can check Youtube tutorials for more information. After teasing, use a hairspray to hold it in place. Split your hair in two. Then twist it and secure it with elastics at each rxonlinepharmacy-avoided end. If your planning to make loose twists, put some generic forms of cialis hair spray to hold the style. cialis 10mg online australia

  1. Headband tuck

Comb your hair and put the headband on. Section your hair by setting some hair outside the head band. Fix it neatly and get the hair outside the headband and twist it around the headband and once the right and left side reached its end, secure it with an elastic to hold it in place. You’ll be a stunning office/school girl in less than 5 minutes.

  1. Beautiful Ribbon style hairIMG_4353

Another way to put up your hair neatly is to style it like a bow. So what you have to do is to pull your hair up on top of your hair then fold it in half to form a bubble. Separate it in the middle to form the right and left side of the ribbon. To finish off the ribbon, grab the ends of the hair and wrap it in the middle part which completes the ribbon hairstyle. Use some pins to secure the style and avoid the appearance of the spiky ends of the hair. This unique and sweet hairstyle might not be for everyone but it would brighten up your casual girly look in class or on your area of assignment.

Preparing for school and work doesn’t have to be boring or difficult. You can accomplish a neat and smart look in just a few minutes. Practice doing these simple hairstyles by looking at tutorials on Pinterest and eventually, your well groomed look will empower you in class or at work.

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