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Tuesday, 31 May 2016 - Last Updated on December 4, 2016
sideline jobs

sideline jobs

sideline jobs

Monthly bills may sometimes weigh you down especially when there are emergency expenses and seasonal costs to cover. Take this school season for example. For some students, the new school year has already started while others are just about to begin classes. It’s a time when parents struggle to meet tuition payments and other school expenses. Some parents with full-time jobs are making ends meet by engaging in sideline business. If you have a regular paying job but need extra income to meet your financial obligations, you can consider turning your hobby into a profit-making endeavor or using your knowledge and skills to make money on the side. Here are some worthwhile sideline jobs that you can do after work, during your day off or on weekends. Occasional cook – If you’re a good cook, you can earn extra cash by cooking your specialty dish for a relative or friend during weekends or holidays. You can even cater for a small group if you’re up to it. Abby makes mean paella. It’s a big hit during potluck celebrations. She occasionally gets special orders from family and friends to cook paella for special occasions. She accepts paella requests as long as she doesn’t have work. The word quickly spread about her delicious paella. Abby also receives orders from referrals. Part time tutor – Why not share your subject knowledge by offering tutoring services during weekends and holidays? Tutoring is a good part time job for people who are patient and enjoy interacting with children. You don’t have to be a teacher by profession to become a tutor. Focus on a subject that you are confident and good at. Use variety of teaching materials like books, pictures, videos, charts, etc. Make arrangements with the parents to either bring their child to your place or for you to go to their house. You may have to adjust your fee if the parents prefer that you go to their house to cover transportation costs. Website designer – If your day job involves web designing or if you have basic knowledge about web development and design, you can create web pages and websites for clients after work hours. You can coordinate with a client to discuss the functions that they want on their web page or website during your day off or weekends. Many companies seek the service of web designers to stay relevant in this technologically-influenced era. It’s a good way for freelance web designers and people who are up to date with the current trends in the Internet industry to earn extra income. Horticulturist and landscaper - Make good use of your green thumb when you’re not busy with work. Use your knowledge and experience in cultivating plants by accepting landscaping services during day offs and weekends. You can also sell potted plants that you’ve grown yourself. Grace loves growing cacti and succulents. She arranges them in unique pots and dishes and sells them to family, friends, colleagues, and referrals. Part time coach – Roy is a full-time PE teacher. During weekends, he works as a Junior Basketball coach in his

village. He coaches children age 9-15 years old. He enjoys working with kids. The extra money he gets is just a bonus. Custom jewelry maker – If you love making your own accessories, why not sell your creations? Have fun experimenting with gems, stones and metals when making your own jewelry. You can begin by selling a few pieces to family and friends. Take pride in what you do by prioritizing quality over quantity. As you improve your craftsmanship, you’ll probably get more orders. Bartender – Dennis is an accountant by day and moonlights as a bartender during weekends at his friend’s bar and restaurant. He allots the money that he earns from bartending for his children’s school allowance and school projects. Personal shopper – If you love shopping and enjoy helping family and friends improve their wardrobe, why not make extra money out of it? Put your good fashion sense to use. You can begin by offering your services as a personal shopper to people you know. If they like your service, they can recommend you to their circle of friends. Make-up artist – Jen loves to do her own make-up. She learned different make-up techniques by watching YouTube videos. She works as an executive assistant on weekdays. Jen does make-up services during weekends and holidays. She uses the extra money to buy new clothes and more make-up. Handyman – If you’re good at fixing broken things or making minor repairs at home, you can offer your services as a handyman to neighbors and other people who live nearby. You can also promote your services by putting an ad on your community bulletin board or newsletter. Weekend driver – If you are a competent driver, you can drive for other people during weekends. You can earn more if you use your own car. Mike works as a procurement specialist during weekdays. On weekends, he earns extra money driving for other people. His cousin recently introduced him to a group of Japanese working for a nearby factory. They hired him to drive them to out-of-town destinations every weekend for two months. Breeder – If you have extensive knowledge and experience about certain breeds, you can consider becoming a responsible breeder. You can earn money by finding good homes for your animals (dogs, cats, birds, fish, etc.). Jojo started breeding Koi as a hobby. He researched about spawning Koi, incubating Koi eggs, taking care of fry, and feeding them until they mature. It didn’t take long before his pond was filled with beautiful Koi. To prevent overcrowding in the pond, Jojo began selling Koi. He was surprised to get a lot of interested customers. Jojo is a marketing analyst from 9 to 5 and Koi breeder after office hours and weekends. Pet sitter – You can make extra money taking care of a friend’s or neighbor’s pet when they go away for the weekend or holidays. It’s a relatively easy job if you love animals. Just make sure that you discuss the pet’s diet and other special needs with the owner before you take the animal in.   Photo from Pixabay. Public domain. —————————– Rachel Yapchiongco, also known as Rach to her friends, is a Psychology and Marketing Management graduate of De La Salle University. Rachel is a mom to a charming boy and married to an entrepreneur who has a passion for cooking. She shares parenting experiences and slices of everyday life on her personal blog called Heart of Rachel.

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