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Downtime habits of Pinoy celebrities

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014 - Last Updated on September 20, 2014
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Being in showbiz is not just about glitz and glamour. It’s also about keeping up with a hectic schedule. Working long hours can be grueling. Some celebrities sacrifice sleep in order to shoot TV programs, commercials or films. It’s common to hear celebrities working all night until the next day. In showbiz, sleep becomes a luxury. After working on an all-nighter, some celebrities still hit the road to appear on mall shows, out-of-town gigs and TV shows. There’s also a matter of going to rehearsals, doing photo shoots and fulfilling promotional responsibilities. Whew! It’s tiring just thinking about it. You may wonder, what do Pinoycelebrities do during their precious free time? Some celebrities spend their time cooking while others dabble in art. There are personalities who engage in fitness programs and challenging sports. Some find comfort by playing with pets.

heart_artFirst art exhibit – Last May 2014, Kapuso star Heart Evangelista unveiled her artistic side  that many are not aware of. Her love for arts began when she was around two or three years old. She took up art lessons at age 12. Evangelista is thankful that despite her demanding work schedule, she found the opportunity to rekindle her interest in art.

Evangelista made her formal debut as an artist in her first solo exhibit dubbed as I Am Love Marie: The Art and Works of Love Marie Ongpauco at the Ayala Museum Artist Space in Makati City. The lovely actress exhibited 19 paintings. It seems that Evangelista spent considerable amount of her free time painting to come up with several large scale paintings. Many of her big paintings depicted women with long flowing hair and colorful backgrounds. She is fond of using oil on canvas. Evangelista shared that it felt good to do something for the very first time.

solenn_paintingLove for artsGMA 7 star Solenn Heussaff has it all. Aside from being beautiful and sexy, she can also model, sing, paint and cook. She’s also a fitness buff. Since she entered showbiz, Heussaff has gotten used to a hectic schedule. A typical day for her includes going to meetings and rehearsals for her shows. Heussaff is seen regularly on “Sunday All-Stars” and “Taste Buddies”. She is also currently busy filming the horror flick “Tiyanak” alongside Judy Ann Santos and Tom Rodriguez.

Whenever she has free time, Heusaff takes the opportunity to engage in her passion for art. She shared on Philstar.com that she took painting classes under her kinder teacher every Saturday for seven years. She also took up painting in Ayala Museum and studied under an Indian teacher. The art lessons continued until she was 18 years old. From then on, she began painting on her own. She gets a lot of inspiration from her trips.

She is gathering her own paintings in preparation for her own one-woman show. Heussaff is hoping that she can hold the exhibit in December. Aside from canvas, the lovely artist also does wall painting. In fact, she just completed painting a wall inside her restaurant called Crisp on the 28th.

Cooking for loved ones – Actress Judy Ann Santos has a busy work schedule but she does not let that prevent her from preparing delicious and nutritious meals for her family. She goes out of her way to whip up gourmet meals for her husband, Ryan Agoncillo. Santos also prepares Agoncillo’s “baon” for work. If she has taping in the morning, she would wake up as early as 4 a.m. to cook something special for the family. Sometimes, Santos likes to experiment and try new food combinations.

Agoncillo loves taking photos of his wife’s appetizing food creations which he often posts on Instagram and Facebook. He coined it “Dirty Breakfast” during the height of his triathlon training because he would eat his breakfast right after training even though he was sweaty and dirty.  He is particularly fond of “Clint Eastwood Sandwich,” one of his wife’s home specialties. It is composed of whole wheat bread, chorizo and alfalfa. They named it after Dirty Harry because “It will make your day!”

Bonding with furry friends –Zoren Legaspi, Carmina Villaroel and their twins, Mavy and Cassie Legaspi, enjoy playing with their pet dogs during their free time. Villaroel says that she and her husband want their children to experience the joys of childhood. The celebrity parents encourage their kids to play and spend quality time with the dogs. They have two Maltese Terriers, two Doberman Pinschers and a Golden Retriever. Legaspi and Villaroel love watching their kids having fun with their furry friends. Their pets make them happy and vice versa.

kuya kimDedication to fitness – TV host Kuya Kim shares that he almost died twice. He survived a stroke in 2010 and was diagnosed with a rare muscle disorder in late 2013.

When he recovered from stroke, he started running as part of his therapy to build his strength again. He continued running and tried other sports like cycling and swimming. His dedication to fitness empowered him to take better care of his health. He became a triathlete a year after his stroke. He joined full Ironman triathlon which involves a 4-kilometer swim, a 180-km bike ride, and a 42-km run. During the height of his triathlon training, Atienza experienced partial paralysis which first affected his hands then his feet. He recovered after getting treatment.

Atienza has learned to maintain a healthy balance in life by dedicating himself to work, exercise and family. He wakes up as early as 5 a.m. to have breakfast with his wife. He spends two days a week biking and swimming and another two days doing tempo and interval runs with fitness comrades. Atienza shares that he considers swimming as his personal time.

Love for water action – Brothers Aljur and Vin Abrenica both enjoy wakeboarding. Vin shares that a friend introduced him to wakeboarding. He later influenced his older brother Aljur to try the water sport. It didn’t take long before they got hooked on wakeboarding. They engage in the sport whenever they have free time. According to the celebrity brothers, wakeboarding requires determination and courage. They say that falling down and getting hurt is part of the learning process. Aljur advises newbies not to be in a hurry. He says that it is important to go through the basics first before trying advanced moves. The actor also emphasized the importance of using safety gears for protection.


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