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Tuesday, 12 May 2015 - Last Updated on May 12, 2015

A day really isn’t enough to celebrate the most important women in our lives – our mothers. Warm hugs, reassuring kisses, soothing lullabies and encouraging words – she is all these and more. Our mothers can be everything and anything for us– teacher, homecook, baker, cheerleader – the list goes on and on. One thing remains certain though, there is no one like her.

In homage of moms everywhere, the Philippine Online Chronicles made a list of some of the most doting moms in Pinoy showbiz. Here they are:

Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo

Judy Ann AgoncilloJudy Ann Santos-Agoncillo is one of the rare actresses who are able to strike a balance between their showbiz careers and family life. She has been happily married to Ryan Agoncillo for six years now, and is a hands-on mom to 10-year old Yohann and 4-year old Lucho. In between schedules of tapings and endorsements, she finds quality time for the most important people of her life. No wonder, she is the top-of-mind go-to endorser of family-targeted brands.

In her Instagram account, the Teleserye Queen fondly shares her fun moments with her husband and kids. She prepares “dirty breakfasts” and sumptuous dinners for her family, goofs around with Yohann and Lucho and travels with them often.

In an interview with the Inquirer, Agoncillo shares that motherhood has taught her patience and compassion. She says that no matter how tired she is, she tends to her kids. Aside from the extra energy boost, she also attributes her enhanced sense of humor to being a mom. Having a daughter has also made her a better person, since she tries to teach Yohann by example – whether it’s about hygiene, behaving in public, or dealing with boys.

Juday paid tribute to her fellow moms by starring in a heartfelt episode on Maalala Mo Kaya last Saturday. Her recipes of lumpiang shanghai (spring rolls) and chicken curry were also among the featured dishes by mommy chefs and cooks at the Spiral Buffet this Mother’s Day.

Judy Ann and husband Ryan have also revealed that they want to have another baby.

Kris Aquino

Kris Aquino with sonsThe ‘Queen of All Media’ has always been open about her life, and if there’s one thing that she can’t keep to herself, it is the joy of being a mom to Joshua and Bimby. Aside from lavishing her boys with material things (frequent luxurious gifts like clothes and gadgets, she also bought land for their swimming pool and outdoor area last year), she also enjoys taking holidays with them as much as her time permits. She shares their travel experiences on her morning/lifestyle show on ABS-CBN, Kris TV. They have shared their travels to Japan, Malaysia, and some of her favorite local tourist spots.

Kris is also known to go the extra mile in supporting her sons. In most episodes taken at their home, she showcases Josh’s musical chops in playing the piano. For April and May, she let her bunso, Bimby, tag along as her co-host hence the new title of her show, Kris and Bimby Summer TV. She is a self-proclaimed “stage mom of the century” who cannot contain her joy over Bimby’s win at the recent 31st Star Awards for Movies.

Apparently, the affection is mutual between mother and sons. Bimby and Josh also love smothering their mom with hugs and kisses, apart from witty love advice once in a while from Bimby. In his birthday message to Kris, Bimby tells her to “take it slowly” when it comes to guys, and to “love yourself first, then me and kuya, then that other guy last.” But what made Kris cry was when Bimby said that if she gets her heart broken again, “he won’t get tired rebuilding it.”

To get a glimpse of how Kris Aquino’s Mother’s Day went, visit her official website here.

Cheska Garcia

Cheska KramerCheska Garcia-Kramer exemplifies how a mother can have a career and still be a full-time mom. The actress-TV host, who started early in show business, now enjoys the luxury of handpicking the TV guestings, endorsements and appearances she says yes to, on the condition that it fits into her schedule as a family woman.

“I am foremost a wife an a mother. And I never forget that, no matter how busy I can get,” the thirty-something mom emphasizes in an interview with World Vision. She also takes pride in how motherhood has validated her purpose in the world, and how it has given new meaning to her life. Cheska describes herself as “a very affectionate mother” who loves doing things for her kids – from giving them a bath to reading to them. She also likes listening to their thoughts and feelings, as well as sharing hers with them. “I’d like to think that I’m a supportive mom,” she adds.

When asked how she juggles her roles as a wife, mom and a celebrity, Kramer said that she sees to it that she knows her priorities. “At the end of the day, the most important job for me is being a mother and being a wife,” she said. Cheska bases everything around these roles, and if she finds herself being too busy with other things to have time for her family, then she dismisses them as not helping her in her purpose.

Cheska, together with her husband Doug, knows the importance of molding their children’s characters and instilling values early on, so they make sure to be on top of things. By being active in church (the couple are devout Born-Again Christians) and doing social work, they make their kids realize how blessed they are and how they need to stay grounded and help the less-privileged.

Cheska and Doug love sharing their family moments on social media through their Instagram and widely popular Facebook account as Team Kramer. They post random photos and videos of the family, especially of the kids, once in a while. To date, they have about 5.3 million followers on their official Facebook page.

Team Kramer’s popularity and reputation as a fun, wholesome family has also earned them endorsements from some of the country’s biggest brands.

On another note, it seems that Cheska and Doug are already happy and contented with their brood, as the former already underwent ligation after giving birth to her son, Gavin. Both parents also see to implement the rule of no-favoritism in their home.


*Photos courtesy of the celebrities’s Instagram accounts. 

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Edel Cayetano tells stories for a living, but she thrives on being a wife and hands-on mom to her 1-year old daughter. She loves reading, watching indie films, hoarding notebooks and "believing in as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

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