‘Cooperation’? It was treason

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015 - Last Updated on February 18, 2015

Another Palace lie busted: United States (US) involvement in Mamasapano. The Malacanang statement in defense of the US yesterday confirmed US involvement in the offensive, contrary to earlier statements and denials issued by the Palace.

US palace involvement

In any case, the Inquirer reports have been revealing.

Palace spokesmen are trying to cover-up the fact that the US used the Filipinos as cannon fodder in their operation and then left them to die. They are downplaying it by calling the relationship was merely a “cooperation.”


Clearly, US meddling in PH affairs is a clear violation of our sovereignty and laws. That the US directed the mission and have been meddling in internal affairs, commanding on police forces; that a certain Allan Konz was found to have participated directly in the operations; are clear affront to our laws and national soverignty. Even the lopsided and pro-US Visiting Forces Agreement prohibits the direct participation of US soldiers in combat operations.

It was no mere “cooperation.” President Aquino committed treason and betrayed the Filipino people when he sacrificed the lives of Filipinos just so he could please the US. Aquino sacrificed the lives of Filipino police troops, Moro fighters and civilians in the name of US war on terror.

No wonder they have now abruptly suspended the congressional hearings on the Mamasapano incident. Rep. Terry Ridon links Washington to the cover-up effort:

Ridon noted that the decision to stop the House inquiry came as the information culled has become too hot to handle for President Aquino, who dreads the possibility of the FBI and CIA being dragged into the mess and the names of other operatives revealed.

“It is very obvious that Malacañang has put pressure on its allies in the House to stop the investigations. Yet President Aquino did not act alone. We believe that the ones who are calling the shots in this instance is not the Palace, but the US government itself. The standing order to halt investigations emanated from the White House itself,” Ridon said.
The legislator explained that after news reports which revealed that Washington planned, funded, and directed the Mamasapano operations, Washington has become “desperate” to deflect additional flak.
“We believe that the suspension of the congressional probe on Mamasapano is a desperate attempt to cut some flak on part of the US. We condemn Malacañang, and the House leadership for manipulating democratic processes to serve foreign interests,” Ridon said.

“Ultimately, we condemn Washington for its desperate attempt to cover its bloodied tracks. The Mamasapano clash has been orchestrated by the US-Aquino tandem, and it is downright deplorable that this duo are throwing their weight to escape accountability,” Ridon concluded.

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