The Longest Distance

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Saturday, 14 June 2014 - Last Updated on June 18, 2014
The Longest Distance

The Longest DistanceCinemaWorld, an international movie channel that unlocks a whole new world of entertainment beyond Hollywood, continues to offer unique, award-winning movies for its viewers from all over the globe.

Venezuelan movie The Longest Distance is a 113-minute long drama by writer, producer and director Claudia Pinto Emperador.

Twelve-year old Lucas (played by Omar Moya, a fresh face to feature length films) is a young boy who loses his mother (played by Malena González) to senseless urban chaos.

In a search of reconciliation, he treks off from the chaotic Caracas to the serene Gran Sabana to visit Martina (played by Carme Elias), the grandmother he never knew.

Martina is a cancer-striken woman, trying to resolve the rift between herself and her daughter, Sara. in spite of the sudden death of her daughter, she chooses to continue her journey to the Gran Sabana, the region where she spent happy times with her husband, yet is surprised by the arrival of her grandson, Lucas.

The two form a tight bond, supporting one another in their respective journeys.

During his travels, Lucas meets up with Kayemó (Alec Whaite), a young man with a money problem and a gun, who reluctantly agrees to accompany him to his destination. Together, Lucas and Kayemó will discover there is only one destiny, the one you choose for yourself.

The Longest Distance, the directorial debut of Claudia Pinto Emperador, garnered several awards, including the ReelWomenDirect Award for Excellence in Directing by a Woman in the Cleveland International Film Festival 2014, Best Film of the Year in the Huelva Latin American Film Festival 2013, and the Glauber Rocha Awards in the Montréal World Film Festival 2013.

The Longest Distance will air first on CinemaWorld this June 29 at 9:00 PM. For more details visit Cinemaworld.

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