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Monday, 6 December 2010 - Last Updated on December 6, 2010

With only two weeks or so left for holiday shopping, just thinking about what to give your best girls this Christmas can be really stressful. Here at POC, we understand. Shopping Olympians like us live to shop and recommend gift items. We don’t have just ten items that you can sparingly choose from. To make the holiday shopping experience easier for you, we actually listed 20!  Are you geared up? Then ready, set, shop!

1. Accessories. A ring, a bracelet, a necklace – these are hands down the easiest gift to shop and give away. But don’t just shop for accessories of seasons past, accessorize right! Affordable accessories abound in malls, Multiply stores, and even in Quiapo! Why not give your gal pals handmade accessories or your fashion-forward girl friends Filipino designer hats if you’re feeling generous?

2. Basics such as a classic white button-down shirt, the perfect t-shirt, and a string of pearls are all good and great for budding fashionistas. But for those who are already fierce and fashionable, surprise them with your trend spotting talents by giving them items from our “What’s Next After the Basics” and “Eclectic Basics” list.

3. Clothes can be a little tricky, but we’ve listed How To’s and What Not To’s for you throughout the year.

Tired of the BDL? Why not try surprising your lady with a Little White Dress to give her an idea of how great she’ll look in white?  If you know what we mean.

Office friends will definitely appreciate office wear that will not roast them when they wear it under the sun.

Plus size gals need some loving, too! Plus size clothes and dresses for every body shape are thoughtful gifts to boost any woman’s confidence.

Pesky little sisters, we all have them, right? Good thing they grow up and go to college somehow. Be a loving relative and make their college clothes stand out!

Looking fab does not mean you have to go broke. Outlet stores provide year-round sales and discounts to your heart’s content. Why not maximize the price drops for the holidays?

SM Fashion has stepped up their game, too. With recent shows at The Philippine Fashion Week, SM really does have it all.

Impress anyone by giving them designer clothes that do not break the bank. If you can’t afford Lanvin x H&M, Kate Torralba for Paper Dolls and Rajo Laurel for Wharton are there to give you that designer look without the designer price tag.

Lastly, don’t forget your moms! Give mom flattering pieces that will accentuate her best assets.

4. A slot in some of the best fashion courses in the country is a great gift for someone who has an inkling in styling. Give that someone a special opportunity to know the Ins and Outs of Styling, and who knows? Your girl friend or best friend might be the next big thing in fashion, all because of you!

5. Sportswear does not have to be drab or ratty. Give sporty girls the gear they needed to workout in style! And while you’re at it, why not enroll dormant couch potato friends in a Barre3 session or two?

6. Do you have relatives flying in from abroad? Do away with the passé and give them a taste of our very own Fashionalism. This season’s hottest trend has got to be Freeway for Ramon Valera. Not only do your cousins and aunts get a lesson in style the Pinoy way, they also get to wear a piece of  Philippine fashion history.

7. Gadgets are also considered fashion accessories these days. With Sony VAIO starting the trend early on, Asus EEE, Cherry Mobile, and MyPhone soon followed the fad. If you’re in the mood to spread more love (and moolah), then why not hand over a sassy gadget to your geek-chic friends?

8. Fashion does not need to be materialistic nor excessive, and The Green Fashion Revolution makes sure that it doesn’t. Buy eco-conscious gifts and organic beauty products such as natural bath and body wellness alternatives, beauty products for a cause, organic sunscreen, or mineral makeup. Pass up using paper wrappers this year, too, and opt for a chic Rajo Laurel’s tree bag.

9. The gift of great locks is another present you can give away. Choose from our selection of top salons in the metro and treat your sister, mom, aunt, or girl pal to an INOA experience.

10. Fiancés and long-term girlfriends need A+ gifts. No side street or bazaar finds can ever suffice for these special girls. For these ladies, gents and beaus should spend on investment pieces, something their lady can wear over and over again. If you have the cash to burn, then why not give your loved one any of the most coveted bags in the world or top designer shoes out there?

11. While we are on the topic of spending, how about going bold with jewelry? Of course, any woman would vie for one of Wynn Wynn Ong’s jewelry that got featured in WWD. But other Filipino jewelry designers are equally of note, too.

12. Another big token item for big spenders is Jeans. As a pair of jeans is not something one should scrimp on, Levi’s Modern Vintage or Levi’s Curve ID jeans are great pairs to give away. Viktor jeans and custom-made Defacto Jeans are also noteworthy alternatives.

13. One should definitely not strike out makeup from their list. As makeup is one product any woman shouldn’t live without, we have compiled a very comprehensive inventory of makeup products that you can try out and shop for. We love makeup and it unquestionably shows with our articles about makeup palettes, makeup holiday sets, top blushes, lip products, eye liners, mascaras, lip balms, BB creams, lip gloss, lip stains, best foundations under P1,000, local drugstore makeup, NYX cosmetics, makeup removers, nude lipstick, Korean makeup brands, cult faves and counterparts, lash serums, translucent powder, and red lipstick. Phew! If that isn’t enough, then maybe The Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual for the clueless can help.

14. Makeup mavens, on the other hand, will be thrilled with any makeup courses. Set her up for her classes by throwing in makeup brush sets or even tools for HD and airbrush makeup.

15. You don’t even need to go out of your house to shop these days. Literally at the tip of your fingertips are the best Multiply shops. Some of these shops are so good, even fashion magazines go to Multiply to buy shoes. Just remember to read up on the how to’s of Multiply shopping and online shopping. Also be in the know on what not to buy online and your shopping rights.

16. December is the best time to buy out-of-season clothes such as summer wear and swimsuits. You can also help your friends stock up on cover ups, rain boots, leather boots, and clothes and beauty products for the rainy season as most of these items are usually on sale this time of the year.

17. Does your friend have a cooky or eccentric side? If they do, then she would surely appreciate some of the bizarre yet interesting Saizen beauty finds. Just be sure to steer her clear of these weird beauty practices.

18. Shoes, who does not love them? From heels, flip flops, flats, and even rollable flats, there is no shortage of great Filipino shoe designs in the country. We are not called Imelda Nation for nothing. So why not get your loved ones into the shoe habit by giving them a pair of great shoes?

From left to right: Beige wedge heels Php 2,210 from VNC, Orchid in Navy Blue from So! Fab, Lena in Fuchsia Php 1,480 from High Style Fancy and Donna Php 3,295 from Sapato Manila.

19. Skin care is another excellent choice for gifts this year. Remember the three essentials: cleansers, toners, and moisturizers. You can then be more experimental with tinted moisturizers. For the moms and aunts, give them a beauty insurance with our top picks for eye creams.

20. Lastly, forget about stuffed toys and scented candles. Weekender bags filled with beauty travel products for your travel bug-bitten pals are unexpected yet really useful gifts.


Fashion School photo from SOFA Manila. Jewelry photo from

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