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Yes, Steve Jobs, we can amuse kids without iPads

Saturday, 20 September 2014 | Written by
raquel artik1

This article was inspired by a recent story I saw online about Steve Jobs. Did  you know that Steve Jobs, the innovative former CEO of Apple, didn’t lets his kids use iPhones or iPads?


raquel artik1
In an interview in 2010, Steve Jobs expressed concern about his children’s gadget use.  At home, the technology his kids use was moderated, he said.

In that Inquisitr article, Jobs explained: “As all modern parents know, iPhones and iPads are extremely appealing to children. These little hand-held devices are state-of-the-art toys. Surrogate parents almost, capable of entertaining, distracting, and pacifying children during school holidays and on long car journeys when mom and dad’s attentions are focused elsewhere. Yet instead of thanking Apple for these extremely convenient parent assistants, should we actually be concerned about the potential harm they may be inflicting upon our youngsters?”

What the late IT genius said hit home.  I have long been disturbed by people’s (and I mean both young and old) predilection for electronic gadgets.  Almost nobody could sit still without having electronic gadgets on hand. Do you agree? Look around you – the train stations, the buses, the jeepneys. You would find people busy tinkering with their devices.

Focus on people in restaurants. Regardless if they are in fastfood, fine dining, bars, carinderia ni Manang, truck food stops, etc., what is the one thing all of them have in common? Yes, those electronic gadgets. Nobody could move without their handheld devices.

Imagine having a nice and intimate family dining experience. Can you imagine one where family members are focused on each other, the way family dinners should, by tradition, be? Impossible with kids and their iPhones, isn’t it?

A few days ago, my husband and I were invited to a restaurant located in a historical house dating back to the year 1400. (We are, by the way, based in Germany, my husband’s country.) The main dining area used to be the wine cellar of the house. Its cave-like atmosphere turned into a very romantic and noble dining experience. We noticed there were reserved  tables for a family of about  30.  The tables were elegantly decorated.  Sitting in  one corner was an old lady, seeming all alone even if opposite her were two teens, possibly her grandchildren, busy with their smart phones.

During that time, the old lady remained seated in her corner, while the two teens stayed put, fingers on their gadgets.  It was only when the bigger crowd of guests arrived that the grandma was acknowledged! How sad is that?

I may not be Steve Jobs, and I am not technology savvy, but I know the danger these handheld devices could bring. That was the reason why early on, when my girls were still toddlers, I found ways to keep them busy especially when we were dining out.

And no, we also didn’t have to keep on visiting McDonald’s or Jollibee for that matter, to keep them busy in the play area.
Of course, there are family restaurants that offer gifts of toys or activities to keep the kids busy and not bored to tears. There are restaurants with kid’s corners featuring small tables and chairs loaded with crayons and papers or even books — sometimes even a box of assorted toys to choose from, or a computer with creative games. One fine dining area we visited even had a babbling parrot which greatly amused the children.

To make sure that the kids would enjoy the dining out experience, you have to focus on these two details:

Choose a family-oriented restaurant. There are a lot of family-oriented restaurants that automatically offer creative ways to engage kids. They would have coloring pads and crayons, they would have puzzles, they would have play corners, too.

Consider the kids’ meal time. Make sure you would be arriving in the restaurant  just before, and not way past, the normal meal time of the kids. Come on, you cannot expect them to sit still if their stomachs are grumbling.

Here are some tips to keep your child busy to enjoy dining out without using handheld devices:

Books. I am sure they would have their favorite books; bring them with you! If not, you might find interesting books in the corner of the play area (or ask the restaurant staff) if you are visiting a family-oriented restaurant.

Coloring pads or books with crayons (of course!). Just in case the restaurant doesn’t have them, you might want to bring your own art supply. To keep them interested, you might want to color with them.

Drawing pads and pencils. Yes, in our family, coloring pads or books are different from drawing pads. As my girls would say ‘drawing pads are blank pages.’ Point taken?

Tic-Tac-Toe. If you don’t have any drawing pads and pencils, you might want to use the paper saucers, the straws, the sugar packets or whatever items you could request from the restaurant staff or even from your bag!

Bato-Bato-Pik (Papers and Scissors). Okay, this one is still a hit even though my girls are already 10 and 12 years old.

Saw-Saw-Suka. Another favorite game, even though my girls would always ask me to keep quiet when I sing this crazy children’s song. You could even ask the whole table to join the game!

Card games. Yes, we always bring UNO cards if we know that there would be a long wait especially if we know that the type of restaurant would not have space to play or to walk around.

Favorite toys. I have two girls so they normally bring their favorite dolls in the restaurant so they could play house. These past months, it was the Smurf family that is gracing our dining out tables though.
Pick-up sticks. Yes, those fun sticks.

Origami. You would need paper napkins or pads for this.

Rubber bands. Have you tried creating funny shapes out of rubber bands using your fingers as an anchor? Well, you should!

Try to keep those electronic gadgets at home. There are more games that would not need money or accessories to be played such as Eye Spy or Touch the Color. It’s a simple sacrifice for the short time while you are waiting for the food to be served while dining out.

Dining out is not only a way to enjoy the silence. It is not only a way to keep the kids busy while you catch up with the other adults in the family. It is also a chance to bond with the kids, in a creative, fun and active way.
Raquel Erhard blogs at Home Worked.


Ang bookworm at ang e-book

Friday, 22 August 2014 | Written by


Sinong mag-aakala na bibigay rin pala ako? Ilang taon din akong nag-tiis. Parang isang teen-ager na may bagong crush. Konting sulyap. Konting atensyon. Pasilip-silip. Minsang aayawan, minsang gusting-gusto. Hindi alam kung itutulak ba, o kakabigin. Feeling ko kasi, it’s a matter of being loyal. Pwede bang may dalawang ‘loves’ ka sa buhay?
Pero nagbago ang aking pagtingin magmula nung 2012, ng bigla na lang naisipan ng akong butihing asawa na iuwi ang bagay na aking matagal ko ng ‘crushing crush’ – ang e-book.
At nakakatuwa na nakakainis, hindi para sa akin ang e-book na inuwi nya sa bahay namin. Iyon daw ay reward dahil sa magandang grades ng aming bunso. Katulad ko ay mahilig din magbasa ang aming bunsong anak. Bawat may madaang library o bookstore, kailangang usyosohin nya. Katulad ko din. At bawat mayroong makitang libro na hindi na nya maiwan, ay talagang mag-mamaka-awang bilhin ito para sa kanya. Katulad ko rin.
Natuwa ako na na-shock nung mag-uwi ng e-book ang aking asawa. Kasi nga, di ba, ilang taon din akong nag-tiis at nagtimpi. Inayaw-ayawan ko pa sya. Pinilit-pilit na itabig. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, mas maganda ang tunay na libro. Mahahawakan mo sya. Maamoy mo sya. Feel na feel ng mga kamay mo ang mga pahina, sya ang gabay para tuklasin ang mga susunog na pahina. Pwedeng ipahiram para naman may kakwentuhan ka sa nakakatuwang mga eksena. O kaya naman pwedeng mang-hiram din. Atsaka, masarap na nakikita ang mga koleksyong libro. Tapos mas masarap pa na balik-balikan ang mga pahina dahil mayron kang paboritong quotations.
Naalala ko pa nga, may isang panahon sa buhay ko na nagkaroon ako ng interes sa mga librong inspirational. At dahil subsob ako sa mga inspirational words, talagang gumagamit pa ako ng highlighter sa i-highlight nga ang mga salita o phrases na paborito ko. Imagine, ako pa naman ang taong ayaw na madumihan ang libro. Ingat na ingat akong hindi malukot. Kaya talagang gumagamit ako ng kahit anong bookmark dahil ayaw na ayaw kong tiklupin ang pahina ng kahit anong libro. Feeling ko kasi, sacrilege yun.
Pero gusto kong lagyan ng pangalan ko at date ang mga librong binili ko. At yung mga librong regalo sa akin, gusto kong may dedication naman. Kasi ang sa akin, ang mga tunay na libro ay mananatiling akin habang buhay. Isang magandang pamana sa mga anak at sa mga apo.
Mabalik tayo sa e-book na binili ng asawa ko para sa aming bunso. Hindi talaga ako natuwa, siguro kasi sobrang inggit ko. Kasi ang usapan namin, bibilhin namin lahat ng gustong libro ng mga anak namin. Libro ang sabi ko ha, hindi e-book. Wala kaming pinag-usapang e-book. Mag-uwi ba naman ng e-book edi medyo nainis naman ako. Kasi natakot ako na mawala ang loyalty ng anak ko sa libro, baka maging tutok na lang sya sa e-book.
Ang feeling ko kasi, parang e-games din ang e-book. Parang electronic item ba na ma-aadik sya. Na magkakaron sya ng ibang mundo. Na hindi na nya kami papansinin. E sa totoo lang, aaminin ko, kapag nagbabasa ako ng libro, mayron talaga akong ibang mundo. Pinapasok ko ang mundo ng kwentong asa librong binabasa ko. Atsaka, aaminin ko din, adik din ako sa libro. Bookworm nga, di ba?
E ano bang inarte-arte ko na ayaw ko kunyari ng e-book? Samantalanang ako din ang nauna para matutunan kung papano gamitin ang e-book ng anak ko. Pero siyempre, nagtimpi din ako ng konti. Ang mga pinili naming libro para sa kanyang e-book ay mga librong para sa kanya talaga. Sige na nga, namili din ako ng dalawang libro na para sa akin, just to check, you know. Atsaka ang una naming pinuntahan ay yung mga librong libre. Siyempre, try-out muna. Atsaka sunod nito ay yung mga sample pages ba. Test-test lang talaga.
Siyempre, nag-enjoy naman ang aming bunso. Pero hindi ibig sabihin nun ay hindi na sya nagbabasa ng tunay na libro. Sa totoo lang, mas madalas ko pa nga syang makitang hawak ang mga tunay na libro kesa sa kanyang e-book. Lalo na kapag asa restaurant kami. Siguro kasi ayaw nyang magkaron ng responsibilidad. Masyado kasing maingat itong si bunso. Ayaw nyang magas-gasan, at ayaw nyang mawala. Dahil nga naman, mas mahal yung e-book nya kesa sa kanyang mga libro.
Ako naman ay curious lang. Sobrang curious. Sa sobrang curious ko, binalikan ko ang matagal ko ng tinititigan – ang amazon kindle. Oo, ibang e-book ang binili ng asawa ko para sa anak ko. Isang e-book na galing isang sikat na bookstore chain dito sa Alemanya. Kaya naman mas daming libreng libro sa German language.
E ang gusto ko siyempre ay mas mga librong English version. Kaya naman pabalik-balik ang sulyap ko sa amazon kindle. Mas marami kasi syang English books kesa dun sa e-book ng aking bunso. Sumisilip din ako sa e-book ni bunso paminsan-minsan, pero mas malaki talaga ang advantage ng amazon dahil nga sa mas marami ang kanyang English books.
Kung akala nyo ay agad-agad din akong bumigay – hindi po. Di ba nga at 2012 binili ng asawa ko yung e-book ni bunso? Nitong nakaraang buwan lang ako bumigay. Nitong nakaraang buwan lang din ako nagbasa ng mga reviews tungkol sa kindle. At nitong nakaraang buwan ko lang din nakita na merong special offer ang
Dahil sa mga nabasa ko (at dahil sa special offer na rin), talagang nag-isip ako. At naisip ko, pwede! Hindi dahil sa kung anong dahilan, kundi dahil nagsimula akong mag-freelance bilang English communication teacher. At dahil ayaw kong magbitbit ng ilang kilong German-English, English-German dictionary, ito ang nagtulak sa aking bumili na ng amazon kindle. Sa tinagal-tagal ng panahon na nagka-crush ako sa kindle, nitong nakaraang buwan ko lang nalaman na meron pala syang dictionaries! Ang nakakatuwa pa, iba’t ibang languages, pwede mong i-down-load. Mas nakakatuwa pa, libre!
Nakakahiya mang aminin, ang salitang ‘libre’ ang talagang dahilan kung bakit bumili ako ng e-book. Libre ang dictionaries, ang daming libreng English books (pero mas maraming libreng German books) at dahil nga freelancer ako, pwede kong gamitin ang e-book para mabawasan ang tax ko, dahil nga supposedly e gamit ko sya sa aking trabaho, di ba?
Dami ko pang paligoy-ligoy, e sa totoo lang, hindi lang crush kundi na-in love talaga ako sa kindle. Pero hindi ibig sabihin ay hindi ko na gusto ang mga tunay na libro ha. Pareho ko pa rin silang love, yun nga lang, mayron talagang advantages ang bawat isa na dapat nyong malaman.
Ang e-book ay:
– may mga libreng dictionaries
– may mga libreng libo
– kadalasan ay mas mura ang mga libro
– hindi mabigat
– hindi nangangailangan ng malaking espasyo sa bahay o sa bag
– pwedeng bitbitin kahit saan
– pwede ring lagyan ng notes at highlights
Ang real books ay:
– pwede mong bilhin ng second hand
– pwede mong ipahiram sa iba
– pwede mong i-exchange ng ibang libro
– pwede mong pagkakitaan – ibenta sa e-bay, sa flea markets, atbp.
– pwede mong itago sa iba
– pwedeng mag-collect ng kahit ilang piraso
– pwedeng i-display
– pwedeng i-regalo na may personalized handwritten dedication
– pwede kang bumili ng kahit milyong piraso
May mga disadvantage din namang makikita sa isang e-book o kaya sa real books. Sa e-books kapag deleted na ang libro, wala na. Kailangan mo sya uling bilhin. Pero ganun din naman sa real books, kapag binenta mo sya, wala na rin. Pero kayo na ang maghusga sa kanilang mga disadvantages kasi sa akin, mas marami silang advantages.
Sa huli, pwede naman palang pagsabayin ang e-book at real books. Ang tip lang: bitbitin sila depende sa kanilang advantages. Kapag may lakad, e-book; kapag sa bahay, real books.
Ngayon ay nag-eenjoy ako dahil meron akong e-book at ang dami ko pa ring real books na nag-aantay na basahin ko sila.
Raquel Erhard blogs at Home Worked.

Photos: By Raquel Erhard, some rights reserved


The pandemic World Cup Fever

Tuesday, 12 August 2014 | Written by

worldcupThat’s it. Germany won the 1024 World Cup 1-0 against Argentina. So, what happens next? Would the social media party frenzy about the World Cup ebb slowly?

A day after the championship, most friends all over the world posted things such as ‘what would I do tonight / early morning / midnight when there’s no more World Cup to watch?’ on their Facebook wall.

Not only that, most of the people I met and some of them I overheard during train rides would also lament the same sentiment: “I keep on thinking what game would be on tonight and then I would remember that the World Cup is already finished!”

Other comments include: “‘I didn’t realize how boring life is without the World Cup.” Others have already started a countdown for World Cup 2018 in Russia. Well, I cannot blame them, I can definitely relate.

What was the magic of World Cup 2014 compared to the World Cup 2010 and even World Cup 2006?

I don’t know. On my part, World Cup 2006 was bigger in my memory compared to 2010. Maybe because I was in Germany at that time, and Germany was the host of the 2006 World Cup. It went down in German history as A Summer Tale or Ein Sommermärchen. The German team lost to Italy during the semifinal round, but they were welcomed to the capital city of Berlin like they won the championship. (They were third place). That time, I specifically asked my husband I wanted an official World Cup 2006 ladies t-shirt and I got one. Plus of course, we collected small German flags because most shops were giving them away for free. During World Cup 2010, we were in the Philippines and it passed us like a soft breeze and never left an impression.

And then came World Cup 2014. A few days before the first game started, my girls started bugging me to buy them shirts supporting the German team; not admitting that I already bought World Cup souvenirs from the One Euro shops around our area. What did I get? Flags, shirts, shorts, car accessories, a face paint, even a pair of cute sun glasses in German colors. Of course, there are also those souvenir freebies coming in from chocolate boxes, beer cases, etc.

We were not able to watch the first games because we were out camping. That doesn’t mean we missed it though. The people in the campsite prepared for the World Cup. You could see cases of drinks stocked outside their pitches, there are long tables in front of their television sets (which they placed outside especially for that day), not to mention the colorful buntings and sweets. Of course, most people invited over are wearing their colors, too! When the game started, you could hear their cheers echoing until the wee hours of the morning. Nope, we didn’t complain, it made our camping time more exciting because we became second hand viewers.

Back home, I didn’t realize that the experience in the campsite increased the World Cup fever not only in me, but in the whole family, too. That was before my elderly neighbor knocked on our door and presented us a big package of sweets and wine presumably to tide us over while watching the World Cup games!

Not surprisingly, my interest always would perk up during the games of Germany. Why? Because my girls would be begging to stay up late, they would be gearing up with their German shirts, will have their face painted, even nails, with the German colors; and of course, they would need popcorns! They’re normally allowed to stay up late because their schools became lenient during World Cup.

And I really thought we were the only one getting World Cup insane (aside from our neighbor). I was wrong. Cars and houses already have flags displaying the countries they support; aside from the jerseys proudly being worn by World Cup supporters.

But boy, it was a big surprise to me that most of the updates in Facebook would be about the World Cup, even in Twitter, yes, including in the US and the Philippines! I remember during the Germany vs Brazil game, where Germany would win 7-0 against Brazil.

I am a fan that cannot sit still during a game. During that particular night, I was sitting in front of the computer, reading online updates and chatting on Facebook because I was too tense to concentrate on the game. Though I didn’t really escape the game because most topics concentrate on the World Cup, even from my friends in the Philippines although it was the middle of the night there!

What made that night incredible was that I could hear fireworks exploding one after the other. Most Germans would express their happiness about the goals of their team by fireworks, thus, you could imagine how crazy it went during the first five goals. And the Facebook updates cannot cope up with the overwhelming goals of the German team. Oh, I mean, I was not able to cope because it will remain an unbelievable night for me. I stayed up until 4 in the morning, relieving the highlights of the game on television during the analysis phase and in my laptop, scouring for World Cup news! I only stopped when my husband told me to go to bed!

Of course, the final game between Germany and Argentina was also a blast. A tense and action-packed game that could have gone into a penalty shoot-out if not for Mario Götze’s goal in the extra minutes that sealed the title for the Germans.
For that, I stayed in front of the television on the day they arrived in Berlin to welcome the whole team. I would have loved to be there but hey, watching the program on television, you could already feel the excitement, the World Cup fever is still high that day. As one radio commentator said the second day after the championship, “You know what, we are still the World Cup champion!” And he would continue saying that the whole week.

What made World Cup 2014 memorable in history? Because it broke a lot of records, not only the records of FIFA but also in Twitter and Facebook history. It was social media party frenzy!

Facebook said that 88 million global users made a record 280m interactions – posts, likes and comments – during the World Cup final which broke the previous record held of 245m interactions, set by the Super Bowl in 2013. US, Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Indonesia were the top five countries that participated in the global Facebook buzz.

Meanwhile, there were 10 FIFA records broken during the Germany vs Brazil game as summarized by Emirates 24/7 as follows:

No. 1: Germany’s 7–1 win against Brazil marked the largest ever margin of victory in a FIFA World Cup semi-final.

No. 2: The thumping loss is Brazil’s biggest margin of defeat ever (tied with a 6-0 loss to Uruguay in 1920). The previous record was a 3-goal margin, set thrice before.

No. 3: The 6-goal margin of loss is the worst ever thumping of a host nation in the World Cup in any stage, let alone in the semis.

No. 4: Germany has scored more goals in this World Cup, they now have 223 goals since 1930, three more than Brazil.

No. 5: Germany’s Miroslav Klose scored his 16th World Cup goal to break the tournament’s individual goal-scoring record, one more than Brazilian Ronaldo.

No. 6: It was the fastest four goals scored in World Cup history as Germany scored four (4) in the span of six minutes (from 23 to 29).

No. 7: It was also the first time five goals were scored in a 29-minute period of play.

No. 8: Germany’s Toni Kroos fired in his two goals just 69 seconds apart, the fastest in the tournament’s history.

No. 9: It was Germany’s highest half-time lead in a World Cup match, with their previous best being 4-0 against Saudi Arabia in 2002 (8-0).

No. 10: Germany broke the record for most World Cup final appearances for a total of 8 World Cup Final appearances.

World Cup 2018 is in four years. The flags have been carefully folded and stored, as well as the other accessories, except for those decorating our car. You see, we are going to the Netherlands for a camping trip. We just want to show our true color for a few weeks longer. Yes, the World Cup fever is still high.

Raquel Erhard blogs at Home Worked. She lives in Germany with her German husband and their two daughters.

Raquel Erhard blogs at Home Worked. She lives in Germany with her German husband and their two daughters.

name tags

Pag di mahugot sa dulo ng dila ang ngalan ni "What'shisname'

Saturday, 19 July 2014 | Written by
name tags

name tags

Makakalimutin ka na ba? Tama na yang ibintang sa ‘old age’ ang pagiging makalimutin! Huwag mag-alala, may remedyo dyan!

Huwag na nating usyosohin kung anong edad ng isang tao. Ang katotohanan ay ganito – may mga panahon talaga na may malilimutan tayo.

Aminin mo na minsan ay nakalimutan mo rin kung saan mo inilagay ang iyong salamin sa mata. At pagkatapos mong halughugin ang buong bahay, pagkatapos mong ikutin at balik-balikan ang mga lugar kung saan ka dating nanggaling, pagkatapos mong kulitin ang mga kasambahay na tulungan kang hanapin ang iyong salamin – malalaman mong isinukbit mo pala ito sa iyong ulo na parang headband! Kakainis na nakakatawa, di ba?

Isa lamang yan sa mga kwentong kadalasan nating naririnig dahil sa pagiging makakalimutin.

Ang mas grabe at medyo nakakahiya ay kung may makasalubong kang tao. Tapos binati ka nung taong iyon pero sa sarili mo ay may mga malaking katanungan tulad ng: sino nga ba itong taong ito? Ano nga ba ang pangalan nya? Saan ko nga sya nakilala?  Minsan, sa kaiisip, nasa dulo ng dila mo ang pangalang pilit na inaalala pero ayaw lang talaga lumabas.

Dagdag sa kahihiyan ay kung may mga kasama ka at yung taong hindi mo maalala kung sino. Papano mo sila ipapakilala? Nangyari na sa akin yan. Dinanaan ko na lang sa tawanan at sinabing, ‘naku, ikaw na magpakilala sa kanila kasi sa tanda kong ito, nalimutan ko na ang tunay mong pangalan.’ Pero siyempre, hindi lahat pwedeng itago dahil sa ‘katandaan’, di ba? Lalo na kung hindi mo naman feel na matanda ka na talaga, malimutin lang.

Meron namang tao na kahit na hindi matanda, ay talagang hindi maka-tanda ng pangalan ng tao. May kaibigan naman ako na minsan ay nagkakamali sya talaga sa pagbigkas ng pangalan ng mga kakilala nya. Minsang imbes na Calvin ay Kelvin, o kaya naman Max para kay Dax. Pero ibang usapan na yan.

Tutukin muna natin ang mga paraan na makakatulong para sa mga taong makakalimutin lalo na sa pangalan ng mga tao.

Siyempre may mga mind games na makakatulong tulad ng Sodoku, chess, scrabble, crossword puzzle, at iba pa. Pero may mga ibang paraan na magagawa sa pamamagitan ng pagsasanay o practice.

Focus. The instant you meet someone, give your undivided attention. Square your shoulders toward them. Look them in the eye and smile with your eyes. Shake hands. And listen intently.

Repeat. After meeting a person, immediately say their name aloud. If you could do it more than twice, the better. You could also use it as a conversation starter. Plus it would help you if you are not sure about the pronunciation or spelling of the individual’s name.

Ask. After the introduction, ask a question. Get the other person talking first, to give you the chance to repeat the name on your mind and to let them know that you are interested to get to know them.

Silent Repetition. I know, I already informed you about the importance of repeating a couple of times. But because it would really help, try to repeat the person’s name silently while the other person is talking to you. Try to provide nonverbal cues to show that you are also paying attention.

Associate. Make a vivid connection between the name and something or someone  that is familiar to you.  The best way to do it would be — if that person looks like a celebrity, link the name. Another would be if a name rhymes with something remarkable. Make sure you connect an interesting image to make it a really memorable one.

Conclude with the name. We go back to repetition. As soon as it’s time to say goodbye to that person, use the name again. Saying something like: “It was a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Gregor Handlesblatt. I am looking forward to our next meeting!”

Take note. Yes, you have the business card to keep the contact details. But don’t you know that if you write down the name, it would help you recall the name easily, too?

Ayan ang pitong paraan kung papano maging matandain at maiwan ang pagiging makalimutin. Hindi na dapat magtago kapag may makakasalubong na kakilala dahil nakalimutan ang pangalan. Kapag nakasanayan na, madalian na rin ang remembrance at madalian na rin ang kwentuhan.

Good luck!


Raquel Erhard blogs at


Photo:  “Selma name tags” from by Rex Roof, some rights reserved

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