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Maricon Zapanta is a Customer Service Specialist at Thomson Reuters by profession but inside her heart is the undying passion of becoming a writer. Unexpected circumstances lead her to pursue her lifelong dream to empower and inspire other people by sharing her personal experiences and insights in the form of writing. A proud single mom. A dreamer. An optimist.


Wedding gift ideas for every type of couple

Tuesday, 23 June 2015 | Written by

alisam_lowAs the month of June begins, many people are starting to get busy preppin’. For the rainy season? Maybe. But for those who are set to walk down the aisle this wedding peak month, they are preparing for a once-in-a-lifetime event in their lives.

Because this is such a special day for our loved ones, we as guests can only do our best in coming up with great wedding gifts. You certainly don’t want to be remembered as someone who gave a picture frame during their wedding day, right? To help you think of a perfect yet realistic gift, I gathered some of the trendiest ideas that happy married couples (and soon-to-be ones) said that they would have liked and like to receive on their big day.

First thing on the list: personalized items.

Does a couple shirt ring a bell? This works for weddings too! But let’s change it up a bit, shall we? Instead of giving matching shirts, why not give a bathroom set of his and hers? It may include, but not limited to, a couple bath towel (may have their initial embossed or matching patterns and colors) and 2 pairs of slippers. You options are endless for this category. It can be matching kitchen stuff like coffee mugs or a set of customized pillowcase and bed sheet. All you need is a big ounce of creativity.

You may also consider gift certificates

Treat the lovely couple to a relaxing spa on top of their pre- planned honeymoon. Nothing beats rest and relaxation that’s free! This can be an overnight stay at a hotel or a spa session. A romantic dinner to an exquisite restaurant with a topnotch ambience can also be on your list.

I say nothing beats the classic too. Instead of giving appliances that may not fit the theme of their new home, try giving them a gift certificate to Home Depot, Our Home, or just the basic department store or appliance center. In this way, you are somehow giving them the freedom to have the stuff they need at home with the liberty of choosing the design that goes with their other items at home.

Last but the least (and I know most you out there will agree), monetary values

It is already common nowadays for couples to prefer money gifts over material things. Some would even indicate it in the invites. This is one way of helping the newlyweds to start their journey as man and wife. And there is nothing wrong with it. That’s practicality. We may simply adhere to this if we run out of ideas or if we don’t have time to shop.

Whatever you decide to give, remember that it is always the thought that counts. As cliché as it may sound, no amount of money can equate to the effort you made to show your support during the most romantic day of their lives. It’s all in the love, baby.

Photo from Section Editor’s own wedding, Nov. 2013

classic for all seasons

Your hot summer checklist

Monday, 13 April 2015 | Written by
classic for all seasons

Itinerary’s ready. Bags are all packed. We’re ready to go! But wait, are you sure you are not forgetting anything?

Summer is definitely here! And the last thing we’d like is not to maximize the fun of the season, just because you forgot your summer essentials. Take a look at this checklist.

classic for all seasons


Why not start with the obvious? Since the sun would surely strike bright, make sure you’re ready with a sturdy, yet fashionable pair of sunnies. But before you buy those cheap sunnies in tiyangges, consider that a pair should be able to protect your eyes from UV rays. Invest on pricier glasses from well-known eyewear shops and make sure to buy the ones that are polarized.

Bikini/Swim wear

You’ve been preparing for this whole year round because you know for a fact that bikinis are the stars of the season. Choosing the proper swimwear is critical in showing off your curves that you worked so hard. POC contributor Bianca Lisondra wrote all about it: read LINK HERE.

Sun block lotion 

You may be one of those who want to soak 24 hours in the ocean, lying on the sand and just feeling the sun rays. Even if you’re not on a vacation, wearing sunblock is a must. Not only does it prevent your skin from burning (for those who doesn’t want to have tan lines), it actually is essential for your skin protection. With all the global warming happening around the world, it is better to be safe than sorry. Too much exposure from sunlight can actually cause skin cancer. So better apply a right amount of that lotion (make sure it is more than SPF 50+) to avoid those harmful UV rays.

Summer Outfit

You wouldn’t want to bare your skin all throughout the day, right? So that’s where the summer outfit comes in handy. Prepare your brightest, airy and most comfortable summer dress or denim shorts to complete that summer look. Always keep in mind that in a tropical country like ours, and with the Global Warming happening around, it is always best to go for something stylish but ultimately comfortable rather than trying so hard to be in. 


So we got the eyes covered, as well as your body. Let us then complete the checklist from head to toe. It’s convenient, comfortable and the most staple foot wear this season. Flip- flop is your feet’s best bud! It helps your feet breathe as you stroll around the beach under the scorching heat of the sun.

Beach/Tote Bags 

Economical, trendy and useful. That is how I am going to sum up and describe the now famous beach bag or also known as tote bag. Various shops are now offering a wide array of tote bags with interesting designs. Even National Bookstore has one! They are offering a limited edition Kate Spade collection that includes a bag. If you wish to go for something cheaper, SM Department store has cool, hip and stylish designs, which you can get for as low as 100 pesos.

Get tips on how to shop for those handy totes: READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE.

Remarkable Playlist

What good is a summer season without some good music to make it more memorable? The perfect accompaniment for those “by the beach” moments, while doing a bonfire or just hitting the road with your friends. Time to turn the volume with some chill, relaxed music and create that endless summer feel you’ll bring with you the entire year!


For those fabulous selfies and group photos (you know how you love posting online), make sure to pack your gadgets carefully. Put your cellphone, charger, power bank and music player in a water-proof pouch.

5 spots collage

Best 5 spots to hang out with your girlfriends

Saturday, 21 March 2015 | Written by
5 spots collage

5 spots collage

It’s been a tiring week and all you want to do is hang out with your gal pals this coming weekend. Hasn’t this been our dilemma week after week? Though it’s always an easy choice to have fun catch ups in a nearby neighborhood-friendly restaurant or watch the latest movie in the cinemas, it will get to a point when you want to go to someplace new: something to break the monotony.

I have listed 5 spots to hang out with your best girlfriends.


(photo by:

(photo by:

Aside from your usual trip to the mall for some window-shopping, why not actually make a detour to this fab nail spa for some mani- pedi indulgence? Their cozy ambience that resembles a beach will definitely make you feel relaxed. Not to mention the warm treatment that their nail technicians and/or spa attendants gives. No wonder they are listed as one of’s TOP 10 NAIL SPAS IN THE PH. You might even catch some clients dozing off while doing their nails! That’s how cozy the place can be. And it’s just within the convenience of you strolling around the mall.

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

(photo by:

(photo by:

Another shop that you can drop by (maybe after having your nails done) is the Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. Offering a wide array of sweet indulgence, this shabby chic nook screams nothing but a place fit for a princess! Instead of ordering coffee (not that there is something wrong with it, I’m a certified coffee lover), try having a refreshing tea time with a cupcake on the side. Undeniably, this is a place you can try for those girl sesh catch up.

Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa


(photos by:

(photos by:

Need an escape from the big city? Just one hour drive from Metro Manila is a peaceful and relaxing place where you and best bud can go to. Spend 7 hours of serendipity around Luljetta’s luscious greens and an overlooking view of Antipolo’s mountain range from their infinity pool. Not only that, you can also try their soothing massage service that will definitely take out the stress you’ve accumulated for the entire week. You don’t also need to worry about the food because they serve sumptuous meals inside their resort.

Nuvali Complex     

Want an activity to shake off some steam? Take a quick drive down south to Nuvali Complex and try their activities for the nature lovers. Choose from boat-riding, coi fish feeding and their popular wake-boarding among their activities. You may also rent a bicycle that you can use to drive around the city. Restaurants are very much available in the area so selecting your dish of the day won’t be so hard. Aside from these daytime itineraries, you can also chill and grab a beer at night at a local bar (Solenad 2 is where the bars can be found) while enjoying the cool breeze (Note: Nuvali is just near Tagaytay, that is why it captures the cool weather of the said place especially at night)

Last but certainly not the least…

Coffee Bean Tea and Leaf

(photo by: trip

(photo by: trip

Remember when I told you I’m a coffee lover? This will attest to that. And I’m pretty sure there is a bunch of you out there who will agree with me. Starbucks was my go-to coffee shop before. But since it has been the crowd favorite, I went on a mission to find a new nook where I can be reunited with the coziness I used to get at Starbucks. And I found it here in CBTL. Their patisserie is just heavenly. A must-try for me is their Oreo Coffee Mousse cake. Their Sardines and garlic pasta is equally good too! As for their beverage, my personal fave would be their caramel macchiato. I guess nothing beats quality time with good friends over a delicious cup of coffee. And unlimited wi-fi access too (if you have their Swirl card with you).


Cool clothes to make you look hot

Saturday, 14 March 2015 | Written by

You know summer is here when the temperature starts to go up. As the weather gets hotter, the choice of clothing gets tougher. Looking for things that are both chic and comfortable is on top of the list. And because your mission is my mission too, I’ve compiled outfits that will definitely help you beat the summer heat. Cool, isn’t it?

1. Sundress

Starting off the list is the timeless summer staple – sundress! Its easy breezy feel makes it the darling among the crowd. Offering a wide range of prints, shapes and sizes there’s just no denying the unlimited possibilities this dress have. Who says sundress can’t be worn in the office anyway? Add a more stylish touch by pairing it up with heels. Still doubting its flexibility? Keep it casual with a flat sandal for your summer stroll.


(photo by

cut off denims

2. Denim shorts

You may say that the next item on the list is not groundbreaking. But just like the sundresses, cutoff denim never gets old. There are a lot of varieties available for this piece of fashion clothing. Try venturing out to a unique pair of distressed manner denim. It doesn’t only give off an “old” vibe, but can also give an illusion that you are wearing short shorts (works best for those who don’t want to show off too many skin but would like to feel sexy).

3. Fruity prints

fruity print

(photo by:

Tired of the city vibe? Get an instant vacation feel with a tropical twist for a fresh summer look! Fruity prints and hot- hued brights can help you get that sweet sun-kissed look. Nothing screams “summer” louder than pineapples or watermelons right? They are not just a refreshing option for a smoothie but can also be your fashion buddy.

4. Bohemian vibe

Still can’t get over those bohemian sentiments? Embrace it all summer long as you can embody a romantic aura through bohemian get-up. Expect a rundown of free, flowy and dramatic silhouettes outfits that will surely add a sizzle to your summer. This is how dressing up comfortably and in style actually means!

(photo by:

(photo by:

5. Fringe 

(photo by:>

(photo by:>

If you are looking for a more laid back style, watch out for the fringes this season. Expect a fringing trend to pick up during the upcoming summer. It adds movements to your fabrics, mini-silhouettes and simply breaths new life to the most laid- back of styles.

6. Lace

Nothing screams more feminine than lace. That is right! Laces are in it to win it. Don’t picture out the lame old lace you’ve seen before. Check out the new cuts and styles that give you a new twist to femininity. Definitely a heavenly rendition!

(photo by:

(photo by:

Remember that whatever fashion statement you choose to follow this season, never ever forget that comfort should always come first. With the raging heat of our tropical climate, always consider if your outfit will make you feel good all throughout the day. You wouldn’t want to be in, but sweaty the entire season right?

xperiment with patterns and colors for your job interview outfit in the creative industry. (Image from

The ultimate 2014 #FashionThrowback

Monday, 12 January 2015 | Written by
xperiment with patterns and colors for your job interview outfit in the creative industry. (Image from

It’s a brand new year and fresh start to list down all the hottest and the latest fashion trends we will all be looking forward to. But before we jumped into what 2015 has to offer, let’s take a look back to what we all went crazy for in the last 365 days. Yup, that is right! It’s the major fashion throwback.

Crop tops 

Dare to show a bit of skin Photo lifted from

Dare to show a bit of skin
Photo lifted from

As Taylor Swift gets more popular last 2014, her fashion statement also went viral! Crop top is best described as a top cut out high enough to expose your waist or navel. It actually helps you accentuate your body; regardless of your size, just make sure you are wearing the cut that works for you.

Skater Skirt 

Yes, you got it right, another Tay- Tay’s staple. But hey, we all have to admit that everybody went crazy over this fashion item. From a boot to sneakers or even a pair of pumps, this skirt is one versatile clothing piece. Depending on what you are going to match it with, you will have an entirely different ensemble.

skater skirt

Sheer Fabric Trend

This became one of the summer’s hottest trend but definitely not one of the easiest to pull off. It came in different styles: from top, maxi skirt to dresses. It will all boil down on how or what you would like to show off– whether it be your sexy abs or your gorgeous legs. Or if you have a brave soul, why not bare it all with the chiffon shirt. That surely made our summers sizzle!

White Trainers

Without a doubt, 2014 offered us a wide variety of fashion inspirations. And the return of the white trainers is one of its proofs. While most of us make a statement with our dresses, but struggling still to find comfort wearing heels, some are already rocking the sneakers with their look. Clean and simple was one way to go for the past year.

Boyfriend Jeans

Speaking of comfort, what else can suffice a good pair of jeans? And by comfortable I mean the boyfriend jeans. There is no question how this became a closet staple to all the fashionista out there. A perfect and effortless combination of style and comfort is what best described this trend.

Full Skirts

photo from

photo from

Who doesn’t like to have some drama in their outfit? Best clothing that brings you that edge you are looking for is the huge ladylike silhouette that full skirts can bring. Accompanied by the proper accessories, this can bring you a look that can either be classy, elegant or preppy.


Photo from

Photo from

Sweatshirts are only for the gym? Not anymore! Since this item has been revolutionized with brighter hues and trendy patterns, its slouchy profile gets a makeover. Another comfort plus style clothing piece on the list!

Power Dressing

xperiment with patterns and colors for your job interview outfit in the creative industry. (Image from

(Image from

2014 is yet another year of achieving goals and setting your dreams a bar higher than the last. As a statement goes, “dress for the position you want and not the position you are currently into.” Power dressing definitely made its mark. Too intimidating? Play with patterns or try a lighter shade of color.


Street style was recognized more in the year 2014. To describe it better, it’s set to show off your ankle in wide leg pants that doesn’t meet the ground. And culottes are the best example of it. From mini, to midi and tailored trousers, these coolest new shorts cut was definitely a 2014 fashionista favorite.


Pastels have had their moment in the previous year. It made the world of fashion “lighter” back in spring as it was announced the color for the season.

White Blouses

Going back to basics never fails to be trend-setters. For 2014, the classic white button down got the spotlight as it was reinterpreted and got a couture treatment, giving us a chic, high fashion feel for dress and tops redefined.

Your favorite fashion trend last year may not be in the list mentioned above, as there were a lot of clothing items that captured our hearts and were huge hits. May it be your list or mine, 2014 definitely gave us a colorful, remarkable, fashionable year, with a wide array of fashion choices we all surely embraced and loved. So let’s cheer to more fashion discoveries for 2015!


Gadgets fit for the Holidays

Friday, 26 December 2014 | Written by


It’s just a few days to go and we will say farewell to 2014! What a better way to end the year than to list down the hottest gadgets that we’ve enjoyed this year.

Say cheese!

  • Go Pro Hero4 Silver- an action camera known for its high-resolution and frame-rate options that satisfies both amateur and professional users. The built-in touch screen feature makes previewing, reviewing and changing of settings as quick as a snapshot. Waterproof it with a specialized casing.
  • Canon Powershot G7 X- another Canon innovation that lives up to expectation in delivering excellent photo quality. This 20-megapixel shooter has a flip-up rear touchscreen.
  • Olympus OM-D E-M5- The dust-and-splash proof body of the M5 is what sets it apart from other mirrorless camera available in the market. It delivers a solid photo quality for your point-and-shoot adventures.

Shout out Loud 

  • Ultimate Ears Boom Logitech- Small but loud. This compact, durable wireless Bluetooth speaker plays louder than you can expect. It is also water and stain resistant. Battery life can last for 15 hours. You can pair it wirelessly with both iOS and Android devices using the UE Boom app. 


Hippie Lappie 

  • Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro – this hybrid laptop is outstandingly thin and light. It has the new Intel Core M processor. The high-resolution screen also looks superb.
  • Apple Macbook Air 13- inch- very minimal upgrade to its CPU was made to this model but did improve its performance. Still is the industry’s best for its multi-touch track pad. 

Smart (and hot) phones 

  • iPhone 6- It’s slim and it’s fast. It is the very first 4.7- inch wide screen released by Apple. With storage capacity as high as 128GB, improved wireless speed and better camera auto-focus, what more can you ask for?
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4- This is for people who require a super-performance smartphone with large screen. The high- resolution screen is excellent for capturing images outdoor its 16-megapixel camera.

Everything in between 

  • Sony PlayStation 4- This console makes it super easy to capture and broadcast games played online. It has stunning graphics and it runs on a simplified interface. It also has a better game controller. It also functions as a Blu-Ray player and a streaming box.
  • Asus RT-AC87U- a dual-band wireless gigabit router that has superfast Wi-Fi speeds with extremely long range. It can monitor real time Internet traffic and can keep viruses and malware from your home network and monitor.
  • SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive – need extra storage space for your device? This can instantly add up to 64GB of space and also functions as a USB thumb drive. It has a lightning connector which makes it a must-have accessory for newer versions of iPhone or iPad. The iXpand Sync mobile app works very well for both media playback and content backup. 

I’m sure that some of you have a longer list compared to mine but definitely one or more items captured your techie heart this 2014!  Whether it is a smartphone or a new laptop, surely one of these gadgets made its way to your New Year wish list. Cheers to a techie Holiday!

Image: iPhone 6 from Some rights reserved.


Help, it’s a fashion emergency!

Monday, 8 December 2014 | Written by

Are you one of those people who meticulously plans their outfit for a certain day or even tomorrow’s work? Then you must have an idea of how much of a bummer it is to suddenly find that there is a button fallen off or deodorant stains showing on your top. Yes, you know it when you see one.

Don’t let a fashion emergency be a cause for alarm. From too long hems, broken zippers, loose buttons to a gum on your shirt, we’ve got you covered with quick fixes that won’t make you break a sweat.

Too long hems 

Who says double-sided tapes are only for arts and crafts? You read it correctly. Take a pinch of an extra sturdy double sided tape around to your hem and hold it together until it can leave them as is. This tape also works for blouse gaps too.

Broken zippers

Go to your bathroom and get that bar of soap. You can use a bar soap to lubricate your stuck zipper.


Clumpy mascara 

The solution is just within your reach. Like just a pull of a drawer away. That’s right. Your typical office supply—paperclip, is the key to de-clump your mascara.



Lost earring backs

If that piece of jewelry can make or break you look, do not fret. Just grab a pencil eraser and double it as an earring back. Cut it in half and make a hole in the eraser before putting it in.

Lint clothes 

Yes it happens to everyone. Lint- roller is common nowadays. This is the modern way to fix this. However, good old technique is to get a masking tape and just stick them out of your garment.


If your outfit require new shoes and you’re worried that you might end up having sore feet, try rubbing deodorant to your soles. This will help soothe blister pain.

Loose buttons


Ever heard of twist tie? This will work wonders if your button is popping or dangling by its thread. Remove its paper coating and sew it through the buttonholes. Just take note that this technique will not work with fine fabric clothing as this may ruin the fabric.

Shoe scuff

There are several ways to fix those scuffs. The solutions basically depend on the type of your shoes. Toothpaste works well for scuffs on leather while petroleum jelly will fix up your patent leather shoes and make them shine like brand new.

Gum on your dress 

Accidentally sat on a gum on your way to the venue? You can grab a duct tape and firmly apply to the gum- covered area then lift off. Or apply a rubbing alcohol with a sponge to make it easier to scrape off.

Shirt stains

Spilled a coffee or wine on your favorite top? Just saturate the stain with the vinegar and let it soak for a few minutes then wash it out. If blotted heavily, use a club soda to wash the stain off. 


Stocking holes

Who says clear nail polish can stop the run in your stocking from getting bigger? Dab a little on either end of the run and let it dry.

There a good days and there are bad days. In case of a fashion emergency, instead of crying for help, take a breath and try these quick fixes.

main photo food for your skin

Food for your skin

Tuesday, 2 December 2014 | Written by
main photo food for your skin

Many will agree when I say that a woman’s life is more complicated. Not only do we have to deal with monthly pains due to stomach cramps, we also have to put up with skin weirdness which nobody wants. But do not fret, my friend. As they are all normal wear and tear, there are some tricks for your complexion corrections.

Nowadays, markets globally offer a whole lot of variety when to comes to skin nurturing– may it be clinically- made or all- natural. So here are some remedies you might want to consider trying.


For eye bags and dark circles

Puffiness and dark circles may be due to several factors like heredity, aging, lack of sleep, stress, unhealthy diet and a lot more. Dark circles are not serious skin problem, though having them makes you look tired and exhausted even if you are just starting out your day.

Moisturize your skin to help reverse that tiring look. Try searching for products with caffeine, which constricts blood vessels to make darkness less visible. As for the natural remedies, most common is the cucumber. It contains skin-lightening and mild astringent properties that help fix eye bags naturally. They have a soothing and refreshing effect too! Just cut them into thick slices and chill them in the fridge for 30 minutes. Put the slices onto the affected skin area for about 10 minutes. Wash the area with water. Repeat the process twice daily for about a week or more.

Creams works well for puffy eyes too. Try that with aloe vera and vitamin E as ingredients. You can also apply eye masks at night to apply mild pressure to the eye lids. Now if you are more into natural treatment, there is an easily available remedy for that. Get a glass of chilled water and four stainless steel spoons. Soak the spoons in the chilled water for some time then take two spoons at a time and place them over your eyes. The chillness will help compress the blood vessels and reduce the puffiness.


For dry, flaking skin

Christmas season is here and yes, dry skin too. Our skin is driest when humidity levels and temperature fall. This is the time to boost your moisturizer. The thicker it feels, the better it locks moisture in to your skin. For home-made remedy, try using yogurt instead. Place a handful of fresh yogurt to palm and apply to face or any affected areas and gently massage it onto the skin. Leave it for 10 minutes and rinse. Do it once daily. Yogurt is an excellent skin hydrating agent and its anti- oxidant and anti- inflammatory properties help sooth dry and itchy skin too.

For excessive oily skin

Have you tried blotting, exfoliating and using masks but your T- zone’s still slick? You might want to choose a different cleanser. Be specific with the product you are using. Make sure to choose cleansers formulated specifically for oily skin (they’re likely to be more expensive though). Also, avoid products that have added moisturizers.

main photo food for your skin

Alternatively, you can opt to use egg- white mask. It is said to firm the skin and soak up oil. Just mix one teaspoon of honey with an egg white and stir well. Then add just enough flour to make a paste. Apply onto face avoiding the eye area and leave it on for about 10 minutes. Wash it off with warm water.

For redness and acne

This is probably the most common skin complexion concern we encounter especially when it is “our time of the month”. Aside from increase in hormone levels in our body, too much stress or sleep deprivation is one of the factors that cause this problem. Choose an antibacterial soap formulated with benzoyl peroxide or triclosan. These discourage growth of acne- causing bacteria. On the natural side, let lemon juice work its magic for you. Rub a slice of lemon on the affected area and leave it on for a few hours before rinsing it off with water. The acidic property of lemons can be useful in treating acne as it cleans out dirt that accumulates in the pores.

Next time you see a red on your face or a panda-looking eye in the mirror, do not be frightened. Instead, remember these modest guidelines that may solve your worries. With healthy diet and proper lifestyle, vigorous glowing skin is not an impossible thing to achieve.

sunscreen main

The 5-minute makeup for women-on-the-go

Monday, 24 November 2014 | Written by
sunscreen main

sunscreen main

Often we get so wrapped up with our busy schedules, long to-do lists or meetings from here to there that we tend to forget to check ourselves in the mirror. We get so tired and so overwhelmed from all the things going on around us that we feel rest is now a luxury. If that is the case, what more about looking good on the outside?

Admittedly, ladies need extra time to fix themselves. What clothes do I wear? Will it match my shoes? Do I have to change my bag? And the frequently asked question: do I have extra time to do my make up? with “Nope, no time for that”.

What if I tell you that you just need at least 5 minutes to finish your look? Yup! That’s right. All you need are basic things inside that makeup bag. Ready your foundation, lipstick, curler, mascara and some cheek tint. Let me give you some tips to perfect your makeup in just 5 minutes.

1. Base

Since we are on a morning rush, our makeup routine should include core basics. A good foundation will help your skin loo its best. A concealer may not be an option for you since we have limited time, but do not fret. Foundation can do a double duty as concealer to spot- treat redness, under eye circles or any imperfections. Try applying it on as-needed basis. You don’t always have to apply the foundation all over your face.

2. Cheeks

Stay away from the usual powder blush and embrace cream blushes instead. Not only does it make your skin look dewy it can actually make you look more awake with subtly tinted cheeks. It is also advisable to bring when you’re traveling, since it can double as lipstick and a cheek tint.

3. Eyes

Forget the eyeliner; we will focus on your lashes! This will do the trick. So curl those lashes now and add mascara. That’s it. It’s just that quick.

4. Lips

Photo Red Lips from Flickr Creative Commons

Photo Red Lips from Flickr Creative Commons

I recommend natural-looking shade for the lipstick. Choose the color that is closest to the natural color of your lip. Apply on the upper lip following its curve, then kiss it down to your lower lip to spread the color. Pat some more lip stick to the lower lip as needed.

QUICK TIP: Before you begin with the base, try putting on some lip shiner, then just rub it off before applying lipstick. For a smudge-proof lip color, try putting on a sheet of tissue on to your lips and lightly brush it off with powder to seal it in.

If you are already comfortable doing your makeup, the steps I mentioned would just be snappy for you. So you will have more time to blend it all in or to add finishing touches.

These are just basic steps to help you look pumped up and fresh before stepping out of your front door. If you want to experiment more, do not be afraid to do so. More importantly, always remember that you need not sacrifice how you look just because of your inner chaos. It helps to start the day looking and feeling good. It might even lend a hand to accomplish all your tasks today.

Main Photo by Alina Co


Plus ladies can forget black, wear skinny jeans and bright colors

Sunday, 16 November 2014 | Written by

Gone are the days of sweatpants and big shirts. Say hello to modernized, plus size fashion for women!

Fashion has greatly evolved over the years. It has become bolder. A desire to take risks has developed into something bigger. What does it mean for us ‘Plus size ladies’?

Throughout the years, curvier ladies succumb to settling for what the market has to offer. And admittedly, those options are very limited. Sacrificing how we will look and how we choose to present ourselves through our outward appearance is not how it should be. It is difficult to stay fashion forward when the rest of the world dictates how you should place yourself in it.

plus size

Photo from

It all begins with confidence. Being self- assured with what we are wearing, how we look in it, and of course, comfortable, is one of the greatest keys to being beautiful. Size doesn’t matter.

So here are some tips to look fab without surrendering comfort ability:

Black is not always good

It is true that black lets you hide all the things you want to hide but that is not always good. Try a bright color instead. With the right, slimming fit like a pencil skirt, it will draw the right kind of attention.

Skinny jeans are not just for skinny girls

With the proper top, skinny jeans can make your body look more flattering. Try partnering it with a flowy top and let that gorgeous proportion show.


Photo from

Go for print 

As print can draw attention to one spot, a technique you can try is to play with graphics that are randomly placed. It keeps the eye moving and not drawing attention to a specific spot.

Stripe it

It is true that horizontal lines make you look taller, but do you also know that vertical stripes helps you look more flattering too? It is all about proper choices. Instead of wearing thick striped dress or blouse, try wearing thin stripes on a dark background. This will not highlight problem areas like thick ones do. You might also want to accentuate with a nipped- waist jacket to define curves.

Remember that your figure does not define who you are nor should it stop you from becoming who you can be. Don’t give in to your insecurities. Everybody has one, even skinny ladies. Just stay true to your style, be authentic. And most importantly, do not forget, confidence is always the key!

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