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Loren Abygail Dimaano is a Media Production graduate from Assumption College San Lorenzo. She is a fashion and travel enthusiast with a passion for writing and public speaking. She loves to write about anything under the sun but dreams to travel for a living one day. She is currently an editorial assistant for Hinge Inquirer Publications.


5 summer decorative pieces to spruce up your space

Friday, 1 April 2016 | Written by

Summer is in full swing and our wardrobes aren’t the only things that need updating for the season. Even our personal space can freshen up a bit to welcome the sunny days. But a full renovation can be time-consuming and much of a hassle. It doesn’t take much effort to switch up the feel of a space. Here are five decorative pieces you can add to spruce up your space:

  1. Bright Rugs and Pillows

Summer is all about bold colors and bright pieces. If painting a wall or purchasing a new coach isn’t advisable, try switching out details in your room. A bright rug or a fun pillow does wonders to a space, having it in a vibrant shade also adds life and a pop of color to the room.printed pillows

  1. Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets give a very earthy and beachy feel to a room. It adds contrast to a very modern space and a touch of coziness to a room full of personality. A wicker basket can range in a variety of functionality and purpose: salt and pepper shakers in the kitchen, magazines in the living room or a holder for your makeup in the bedroom.wicker basket

  1. Plants and succulentsplant

If you’re not much of a green thumb, now is the time to try it out. While the sun is as bright as ever, adding a plant to the area instantly gives a tropical feel that is perfect for the summer. If you think large plants take too much space, try succulents or even terrariums. These require minimal maintenance and serves as an additional interesting detail to your shelf or table.

  1. Lanterns

The whole concept of a summer-themed room is bringing outdoor elements inside. A lantern is a very easy way to bring one indoors, it serves as a cozy lighting at night and a nice decorative piece by day.lantern

  1. A Splash of Yellow

Yellow is normally the color that decorators veer towards during summer for its bright and positive representation. Simply adding a yellow chair, lamp or table instantly draws the eye to the bright piece of furniture in the room. A bold color, especially a positive one, is said to boost the mood of people. So think of it as your happy-thought addition.yellow

Summer isn’t just about turning on the air-conditioning and throwing aside the heavy duvets, it also deserves some redecorating love. Spruce up your home in the easiest way, not simply to welcome and embrace summer but to create subtle changes that could instantly lift your mood and outlook. Happy decorating!

Sephora Lip Stain

5 new Spring beauty products to try

Wednesday, 2 March 2016 | Written by
Sephora Lip Stain

Spring not only brings in a new season, it is also a marker for fashionistas. While different cities are prepping up and gearing for fashion week’s spring collection, beauty brands are releasing their latest installments for the season’s arrival. Seen first from the backstage of New York Fashion Week, here are 5 spanking new beauty products soon to hit the shelves in our shores.

Benefit Dandelion DewBenefit Cosmetics Dandelion Dew

Spring is all about embracing colors, but palettes tend to be softer and more natural than summer’s striking color wheel. Benefit’s Dandelion Dew screams spring, a liquid blush with a gentle baby pink hue. Having a liquid cream is ideal as it lasts longer than powder (good news on withstanding the upcoming summer heat too!). Because the product is quite pigmented, one pump goes a long way. So investing in a bottle won’t just last a season but possibly a whole year round. Blushes are always a good way to bring some life and color to the face, at the same time making any makeup lover attain a blooming glow.

Sephora’s Cream Lip Stain

Sephora Lip Stain

It can’t be denied that eyebrows were all the rage during 2015, but lip products haven’t died down since last year. Thanks to Sephora officially launching its Philippine website, we now have access to many more products that we find beauty bloggers raving about. To be fair, not all are new products, but there is definitely a fresh set of makeup for our local previously-sephora-deprived makeup lovers. Sephora’s Cream Lip Stain is a holy grail product for many. Despite being a stain, the colors are actually quite pigmented. Texture-wise, the product is similar to mousse, so it’s very light upon application. Many claim the product doesn’t leave marks (no more lipstick marks on your coffee mug!). It’s a handy lip product to have for the season!

Maybelline’s Lip Gradation by Color Sensational

Maybelline LipSticking to gentle colors and natural palettes, Maybelline has released a new product that follows the season’s trend. Initially popularized by Korea, this very subtle lip look is going against the overly drawn and lined lip craze. Their Lip Gradation by Color Sensational is a two end stick: One consisting of the lipstick and the other end a sponge to create the gradient effect. It creates a very subtle lip tint that looks a lot more effortless and natural. Your lips will look as if you just drank grape or strawberry juice, but in reality it’s the newest lip craze!

NARS’ Pro Palette        

NARS Pro PaletteInglot once made makeup lovers swoon over their freedom palette, now NARS is giving their concept a go. This pro-palette gives beauty junkies a chance to customize or mix-and-match colors and products (whether eyeshadow, blushes, bronzers or powders!) This means a personalized set for every beauty junkie, and an assurance that there will be no eyeshadow shade left behind.

Biore’s Cleansing OilBiore Cleansing Oil

With all the new makeup products one can try this season, the face may undergo some serious stress. That’s why it is good to invest in a cleansing oil. Biore’s cleansing oil is fairly new to the market and is ideal for medium to heavy makeup users. (No more struggles with waterproof mascara!) Because the consistency and feel of the oil is non-greasy, it leaves a refreshing feeling for users after a wash. But don’t underestimate the gentle feel as it’s made to remove all leftover gunk from the face. Let’s hope for unclogged pores with this product!

This season is bringing in the perfect balance between makeup junkies and makeup newbies, because despite new products coming in, spring is all about a more natural makeup look. With the excitement of new beauty products coming their way, it’s the perfect time to experiment!

Disclaimer: Photos are from,,, and

Game Night

5 looks for the month of love

Thursday, 18 February 2016 | Written by
Game Night

Whether we admit it or not, Valentine’s Day is one of the most anticipated events of the year. It’s that cheesy day, where Teddy Bears, chocolates and roses abound. While some have braved traffic woes and celebrated last February 14, the whole month is a cause for celebrating love. But aside from the typical dinner date, here are a few ideas to celebrate the month of love, from activity to styling.

Game Night     

Share a day of laughter and fun with your date. Why not try a game night date, bust out the game boards and a deck of cards? Or if you feel like stepping out of the house, there are cafes and restaurants in the metro that offer games and game boards as a way to pass time. Try checking out Puzzles Board Game Lounge in Bonifacio Global City or DyceNDyne in Pasig City. It’s definitely a way to stir up healthy competition and have both heart and mind do a little workout. If you’re not up for a sit-down, take a trip to theme or recreational parks. A day filled with rides and snacks can spice up any date! For those who want a challenge, try out real-life puzzles, like Escape Hunt or Mystery Manila for a different kind of excitement.

What to wear: For a full day of fun, it’s best to wear something comfortable. Rompers are always a good balance between style and comfort.Game Night

Not only does a one-piece outfit instantly look pulled together, it’s less of a hassle to have to pair your bottoms with your top. If you’re feeling extra playful, try a funky print. Matching it with neutral oxfords or white sneakers not only puts you in style, it allows you to be on-the-go for adventure. Don’t forget to bring along an oversized cardigan in case the night drops the temperature.

Beach Bums       

If the city is not your scene, a day at the beach will do the trick. There are a number of beaches near the metro that’ll require not just some vitamin-sea but an exciting road trip. Why not ante up the trip by making it a double or triple date? Pack lunch and have a picnic by the beach while jamming to your favorite tunes in the car.Beach Bums

What to wear: Once at the beach, you won’t be swimming the entire stay. To achieve a stylish cover, opting for denim shorts and a beach kimono always works. For a more put-together look, pull a color from your kimono to match your bikini. Opt for a roomy tote bag, as you’ll be bringing extra clothes and a towel along. And if you find flip-fops too casual, thin strapped sandals are the way to go.

Brunch Date       

While many think a romantic date involves candle lights and dinner, it can also mean brunch dates. Brunch dates are all about looking fresh and comfy. Swing by Unit 27 Apartment Bar + Café or Apartment 1B. A brunch date with the comfiest surroundings can bring about the most intimate conversations.Brunch Date

What to wear: If you still want to look dressed up despite the more casual set up, try sporting a midi skirt and top instead of a dress. It seems like a dressy Sunday but not necessarily an outfit that screams romantic date. Switch out the stilettos for wedge sandals, by wearing wedges your feet instantly becomes more comfortable without comprising the added height. Opt for bright colors and floral prints especially if it is a brunch date. For makeup, opt for a natural look and a dewy and healthy glow. (For other brunch date outfit ideas, READ:  Outfits for a brunch date)

Hike Adventure

There’s nothing that screams adventure more than a hike, but it is also one of the most physically challenging activities you could do with your partner. Not exactly what’s recommended for a first date, but definitely an activity for those who are up for challenges. Hikes are a good way to experience the outdoors, without being stuck in front of your smartphones. But before planning a day hike (or longer), make sure you have someone who is already experienced. Hikes require a lot of research and preparation, so before booking a day of adventure, make sure you’re prepared with all basic necessities!

What to wear: What you wear ultimately depends on your itinerary. Trekking, hiking and spelunking require different gears. It would be best to ask your guide or planner what best to bring, but for safety, a plain shirt, rash guard and windbreakers should be good options for your top.

Hike Adventure

Don’t forgot a sports-bra for extra support! While jogging pants are advised for bottoms, sometimes there are treks that can be doable with shorts. But generally hiking pants are advisable. Hiking or trekking shoes are a must, it will influence your experience a lot. The wrong shoes can give you a hard time, so make sure the fit and the durability of your hiking shoes will fit the hike. If you have the extra cash, invest in a good hiking bag, especially if you plan to do more hikes. Throw in a cap, water bottle and a headlamp (if you plan to go in caves), and you you’re good to go.

Date Night

For those who do want to go the traditional route and enjoy a romantic candle-lit dinner, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Whether it be fancy restaurants or dining at a hotel, it’s always a must to a dressed up ensemble.Date Night

What to wear: The little black dress has made waves for a reason; it is a no fail option. To give the dress a more demure but interesting touch, try a flowy dress instead of a bodycon dress. Opting for a dress with interesting geometric straps are always eye-catching. To keep the attention on the details of the dress, go for nude pump heels, a pointed toe elongates the legs and gives the illusion of more height. Instead of the usual curled and untied do, why not opt for a low bun? Tug out a few strands and do a soft wave for a romantic look. Add sass to the look by going for a dark red lip. A dark lip eliminates the need for a smokey eye or heavy eye makeup. A simple contour, falsies and a red lip already looks put together and thought out.

Photos: Collaged and downloaded from Polyvore; Styled by Loren Dimaano.

The Number 60

5 local brands you should support

Sunday, 14 February 2016 | Written by
The Number 60

There is something about purchasing a branded item that every fashionista craves for, whether it is as a status symbol or a sense of achievement. But when one patronizes a local brand, the sense of gratification is different, more fulfilling. This means we can be fashionistas, while supporting our very own local talents. And the Philippines have a lot of them!

So what are the local brands you should support? Here’s our list.

  1. Agos LifestyleAgos Lifestyle

If you’re going to hit up the beach, our 7,107 islands offer some of the best beaches around the world. And Agos Lifestyle is all about the beach bum life. Since 2009, Agos Lifestyle has been making beach and surf wear. They also design duffle bags which they call the Barabag. These locally made items are overseen by owners Mica and Andrea, from processing to final output. With their active line of swimwear, there will only be more colors and designs to watch out for this year.

For more information visit

  1. The Number 60 The Number 60

The Number 60 started out as a business thesis project of fashion-lover Nikki Tuason. But it was in 2012 that the project became a full-blown business, All items such as leather goods, shirts and canvases are made locally. But aside from this, The Number 60 also carries a line of vintage items. All the products in the line don’t require a heavy scrape on the bank account, as price ranges from P90-900. They’ve recently collaborated with local, young and up-coming artist, Lee Caces, to produce a specific line of pouches paired with customized logos.

For more information visit

  1. Cordes and TotesCordes and Totes

It started out less than two years ago, but Cordes and Totes continues to produce a line of unique drawstrings, tote bags and pouches. Think of the most Tumblr print on a tote bag! Their items range from brightly printed totes to unisex drawstring bags. Their leather, gold and white collection or drawstring bags are perfect for the monochromatic trend, creating a statement on its own without looking too dressy.

For more information, visit

  1. Filthy ProjectThe Filthy Project

For the cap enthusiasts, The Filthy Project is a haven for head accessories. Their creative designs of caps allow an array of choices for different outfits. From floral prints to much simpler designs, their caps retail at P480. They have also opened a line of artistic hoodies, ideal for the cozier seasons. But another of their most notable collection would be their Sinulog line of shirts, which are personally handcrafted, retailing only at P250.

For more information visit

  1. Istorya Creations

istoryaSometimes the most loved accessories aren’t necessarily bold pieces but dainty sentimental ones. Istorya Creations crafts customized pendants and jewelry from copper, gold plated to silver plated pendants, which can be worn both as charms for necklaces or bracelets. They’ve also expanded to clips, bag tags, and key chains. Every order of their beloved accessories come with its own set of instructions to specially clean and care for the intricate pieces. Definitely the perfect gift for all occasions!

For more information visit

Disclaimer: All photos belong to respective brands featured.

The portrait of a photographer

Behind the lens: the story of fashion photographer Ronan Capili

Sunday, 17 January 2016 | Written by
The portrait of a photographer

The first fashion shoot I’ve ever attended as an editorial assistant was quite memorable, because despite the high on soaking the whole process in, I was able encounter driven people that brush against time and fatigue to create the most satisfying editorial content they could achieve. It was at this very shoot I first met Ronan Capili. Looking back, what struck me the most was not simply his upbeat and dedicated persona: it was his ability to be able to interact, communicate and work well with everyone on the set.

Ronan’s relationship with photography was never one that he purposely sought in the beginning, it was more of a habit he never noticed he had. You’d come to know it’s true talent, because it was his friends that pointed out he had a knack and eye for photography.

PDI Ronan Shoot

Ronan’s shoot for Philippine Daily Inquirer

Even in the days he worked for the corporate industry, his leisure time was consumed with taking pictures, never leaving the home without a camera. He’d soon come to know that his creative zest would find home in the lights and glitter of the fashion world. But when he shifted his career towards his passion, it wasn’t as simple as riding along the current.

Ronan Capili 2

The portrait of a photographer

“In my first year, I kept on doing test shoots. Looked at numerous magazines and books. The following years, I did every shoot that came my way. I didn’t deviate during these shoots. I absorbed what experience I can get. I reserved that kind of experimenting for my own test shoots that I continued for my practice”, he said. It was long hours he’d spend with his camera, mastering and calculating angles, lighting and techniques to create his desired output, but it was a process he felt was a must if he wanted to see himself improve. “You don’t sharpen your knives during battle, you do them before,” he added.

In a span of a few years he’s hopped from his own test shoots of trial and error to producing shoots for magazines and newspapers like Chalk, Garage, Soul BGC, Philippine Daily Inquirer and brands such as Skechers and Monde Nissin to name a few. As big names filled up his folder, it became a workout to grab all opportunities, but he’s thankful that it’s become a positive challenge.

“The only challenge I find would be scheduling. I hate saying no to clients because of schedule conflict. The work in itself is a fulfillment”. But to be continuously sought after also requires a presence of mind. And any rookie and aspiring fashion photographer could lend an ear or two to hear out the lessons Ronan’s experienced firsthand. His success never blinded him from his humility, and it became the key to his growth. He explains that to be a fashion photographer is a never-ending cycle of improvement, and creativity is a life in itself that must always be fedGarage Magazine Ronan Shoot

Skechers Ronan ShootIn the field of arts, there’s no denying that is difficult to juggle compromising the weight of content with the direction of a client. Ronan’s take on the matter? “Always remember whose shoot it is. I always remind myself of the magazine’s aesthetic so I stay within the boundaries. Being creative also means that you work with what you can and cannot do in a project. Know that the project is for a client, not for you.” With his years working with these clients, he’s come to understand that respect for the client whether in time or direction is a discipline that must be persistent.

Ronan Capili

Ronan Capili

So even in the industry of glitz and glamour, Ronan always knows his place and centers his attention to doing his work right. It’s definitely a doozy to stretch a successful career in fashion, whether as an editor, stylist, model or photographer, but it should never consume fear; instead, it should exhilarate excitement.

Ronan’s shift from the corporate world to the field of photography could seem like a steep move for many; reality striking when a supposed two hour shoot stretches to five, props flying, editors pacing all corners of the studio to ensure the shoot’s smooth flow and output that just don’t cut it can take a toll on anybody.

But it just proves that your own determination should never be defined by anyone else because any industry comes with its own set of ugly truths. He shares, “come in with your heart ready to love this job, with your head smart enough to keep yourself safe from its own traps, with your body ready for anything. Because this industry will take you for a ride that will test you in all aspects of your personality, apart from skill. Because talent can only take you so far, the rest is all about how you deal with its demands.”

You may check Ronan’s work at

Disclaimer: All photos were taken by Ronan Capili for the respective client or magazine

HongKOng coat i like

Fashion travel inspiration: Hong Kong

Wednesday, 30 December 2015 | Written by
HongKOng coat i like
Hello, Hong Kong!

Hello, Hong Kong!

Every time I visit a country, one of the things that I take notice of aside from their culture, food and unique tourist spots is the fashion of the locals. Besides weather and cost of living, the culture really influences the society’s way of dressing overall. So personally, travelling is more than just experiencing a country but also a source of fashion inspiration. On my recent trip to Hong Kong, my keen eye and handy camera took notice of a few fashion trends in the country as of the holiday season this 2015.

  1. Coats and JacketsHongKOng coat i like

While we stayed in Hong Kong, the weather was dropping almost each day. It was fairly cold, somewhere between 23 to 19 degrees Celsius. Kind of like a night in Tagaytay or a fair day in Baguio. Many of the locals travel via MTR (Metro Railways) and commuting, even in a colder country, can still cause you to sweat. Jackets, parkas, coats and trench coats are more of a fashion staple than a necessity.HK Coat

Unless you’ll roaming through Disneyland or admiring the city view from The Peak, a heavy coat is not necessary. Lightweight coats are more advisable, but the locals sure know how to pull off the fall vibe. Many women in Hong Kong love the structured trench coat look, a lot of them pull it off without looking too formal yet maintaining the chic exterior of which the coat gives. There are some that pull it off classically with a pair of fitted jeans and heels (yes they commute with heels), while others match a skirt and stockings.Hongkong

  1. The Collar Peek

This is not exactly a new trend when it comes to fashion, but it’s something the local women in Hong Kong love. For some who choose not to leave their homes with heavy coats, they layer a fairly thick and knitted sweater over a collared shirt instead. I noticed that a lot of the sweaters are well structured, so the overall look doesn’t seem sloppy.

  1. HK Collar PeekBoots, boots, boots

It doesn’t snow in Hong Kong, but boots are all the rage. The locals love pairing boots with stockings, high socks or just wearing them on their own. A lot also choose to pair their choice of socks or tights with the same color as their boots. So Dr. Martens and knee high boots aren’t a new sight in Hong Kong.

  1. Structured BagsStructured Bag

Despite layer on layer action going on in their ensembles, the women in Hong Kong remain look well put-together. One of the main factors is the structured bag that a lot of them carry around. Be it shoulder, sling or backpacks, their purses are well structured and sleek. It gives a very clean aesthetic to the look and an advantage I noticed is that a simple well-structured bag doesn’t automatically look expensive, but it can be paired with almost anything.

  1. Sleek Simplicity

It doesn’t apply to every single person I came across but it definitely a noticeable trend during my stay in Hong Kong. A lot of the women and men choose simple outfits in a sense that bold prints and colors were rare to come across. Some men dressed up in the classic, blazer-white-tee-jeans outfit, but it looked polished on them. Even women went with either basic or earthly tones from mud green, blacks, whites to beige. They truly applied the fall colors to their outfit’s color wheel. Sleek Simplicity

It’s getting chilly in the Philippines as well, so a lot of the fashion pieces that are dominant in Hong Kong can just as well be applied here. I truly appreciated coming across fashionable women even during the commute. I was highly impressed by the women walking on heels while riding the trains too! Hong Kong surely holds some fashionable locals which gives more of a reason to hop on over to Hong Kong. Take the time to take notice of the locals’ way of dressing on your out of town trip this holiday season, you’ll never know what fashion style they could inspire you with.

Disclaimer: All photos were taken by author

no fail outfit

Fashionably late no more: basic hacks to avoid being late

Tuesday, 1 December 2015 | Written by
no fail outfit

I have to admit that I’m not one to talk about being on time. Far from being a fashion statement, being late has more downfalls than payoffs. Thus, it has been my goal to look for hacks and ways to be up for the clock. The key to avoid being late is being prepared beforehand. Aside from sleeping early and setting the alarm, here are a few hacks to get you off the bed, on your feet, and out the door!

The Ridiculous Wake Up Call

The first thing you’ll hate in the morning is the sound of the alarm. The snooze button is the secret evil: you’ll love it once you’re sleeping but dread later that you overslept. So to make mornings interesting and to force you to get out of bed, try ridiculous alarm apps! Snap Me Up is an alarm clock application that requires the user to take a selfie to set off the alaram. No cheating can be done because the app detects a moving space. Yes, this means you need to open your eyes wide to take an actual selfie for the alarm to go off. Another interesting app is the Shake-It alarm. You need to shake your phone to turn the alarm off. No doubt that will make your circulation up and running! But one of the most evil yet probably most effective alarm apps is the I Can’t Wake Up! Alarm Clock. It combines the two most hated things in the morning: waking up and math. To shut the alarm off, you will have to solve a series of equation, so good luck falling back to sleep after those alarm sends you flying off!Alarm Clock

System Upgrade

A big help is to have a system before going out the door, so preparing the night before will ease a little tension in the morning. An outfit picked beforehand and hung on the cabinet is a sure way to fast-track the process. Everything else to complete your outfit, like your accessories or makeup can be lined along your dresser. That way, you won’t have to scavenge for your products in the morning. Also, prepare your bag the night before to save time in the fail outfit

No Fail S.O.S.

If you can’t think of an outfit because you’re in a rush, a monochromatic outfit spills no sign of hurry. Try a black romper or dress and pair it with nude flats, it’s a functional outfit that works for almost any occasion. Slap on those sunnies if the night before gave you a bit of an eyebag. For a full-proof makeup that needs a little time allowance, your basic necessities will be a little concealer, lip and cheek tint, mascara and powder. The lip and cheek tint saves time and puts color back to your face, while the mascara livens up your eyes. And if the rush has really called in a worst-case-scenario incident, dry shampoo is your savior.

Quick Bite

This is a practice you can do during the weekend, it need not even be the night before. If you have no time to grab a bite, why not try a healthy meal? Cut your favorite fruits, whatever they may be, into small chunks and pieces. Put them in five different zip lock bags, and assort the fruits per bag. Keep them in your cooler so you can grab and go whenever you’re running late. Not only is it a quick snack you can have on the way to school or work, it’s also healthy!

Last Minute DetailsKey Holder

A cute way to help you reassure you’ve covered everything is arranging a cute sign or reminder by the front door. It could get as creative as a cute and small chalkboard with a stencil of a checklist of the things you usual bring out. Also a key hook or tray for your keys saves minutes off a possibility of searching for it everywhere. Make sure to have them by the front door so it’s the last thing you see before heading out.

Being late isn’t a fashion statement that empowered women must accept. A prompt student or employee not only parallels a more productive day, but also a more disciplined exterior. It’s not just about respecting the time of others, but also about being responsible. So try these hacks out for your next day at school or at the office!

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hair trends this season collage

{STYLE UPDATE} Two hot trending hair colors

Tuesday, 17 November 2015 | Written by
hair trends this season collage

It is but second nature for fashionistas to switch out hair colors every time the season changes. And hair-coloring methods and variations have certainly amped up the past decade. From the subtle trends of highlights and lowlights, we’ve switched out to the different forms of ombre, dip-dyes and the most out-of-this-world hair color. It seems that every color on the rainbow is getting their fair share on our strands, but this fall has whipped out two new sets of hair color that will give your hairdresser a brand new challenge.

Rose GoldRoe Gold

It’s the most subtle yet the most daring color yet. First we see it on our jewelry, then the iPhone6s and now on our strands. The rose gold hair color has been on the rise for fashionistas this fall.

Whether it’s a full head of the beautiful color or an ombre effect, it pulls off quite a unique look on the color charts. Playing a gradient from a soft shade of brown to bordering hints of pink, the hair color actually seems quite subdued. It can still pull off fine for many events and isn’t too in-your-face, but when the sun shines on your crowning glory, the rose hues take center stage. So for fashionistas in strict schools or tight offices, the boss won’t be able to put his finger on what shade your hair really is. Brunettes have the benefit of trying this hair color as an ombre because it still ties in with the brunette family, but for those daring enough, why not a full head of rose gold?

Oil Slick RainbowOil Slick

Blondes don’t necessarily have to have more fun with hair colors, because there’s a new hair strategy to give brunettes a reason to party. Termed as the “oil slick”, its main purpose is to bring to the strands the same spectrum of colors you’d find in an oil spill. This transcends from black, violet to aqua. The icing on the cake? Not only does it look good but it involves no major bleaching process.

The hair color is supposed to be a sheen and almost opaque look. But it’s a tricky process to achieve the right shade. Even with its black-based procedure, the pops of colors must be toned to the right shade. Because even as the pastel strands turns to deeper hues after a certain time, the colors will remain complementary on the head. So show your hairdresser this work of art from inspirations you can find online. I’m sure they’ll know the right process to amp up your crowning glory.

It certainly is the time to experiment with hair colors. And for those who still seek the latest trends, why not try the top two of the season? It will not only satisfy your fashionista self, but also serve as a great conversation starter. Plus, how great would it be to be the first few to have your locks locked on these fresh new fall hair color trends? Whisk away the hair dyes and pamper yourself before Christmas season keeps you busy.


Disclaimer: Photos from and

Number 7 Gucci

10 things we learned from the Fall Fashion Week 2015

Monday, 2 November 2015 | Written by
Number 7 Gucci

The fabulous fall collections of famous fashion designers have showed the fashion world trends to look out for this season.

Here, we don’t get to have a very seasonal closet, without winter-spring-summer-fall phase, yet there are still a few fall trends seen on the runway that we can pull off for our rainy season.

In the recent fashion week all around the fashion capitals of the globe, we see different household fashion names such as Tom Ford, Gucci, Burberry and the like have their masterpieces admired by buzzing crowds. While the designers would obviously have their own signature trademarks and unique aesthetics, we can’t help but see a few repetitive trends that assure that fall is bringing in the fashion must-haves. Strap on to your seats and wallets because these fall trends may have you running towards the nearest retail outlet.

  1. Knee-length pencil skirts are making a comebackNumber 1 Tom Ford

In the recent Tom Ford runway show at Los Angeles, there was a trail of jaw-dropping outfits that made the crowd gawk. But a frequent piece that popped up in his collection is very nostalgic of the trend during the early 2000s. Enter the skinny pencil skirts, may it be denim or patched fabric, a dominant piece that cultivated a statement in Tom Ford’s fall collection. He masters this piece with high cut boots and long-sleeved blouse. He adds touches of patterns and colors to give life to his sleek canvas of basic denim and black shades. It seems that the pencil skirt is coming back for another round in fashion trends.

  1. Florals are not just for summer

With a new creative director Alessandro Michele for Gucci, everyone was at the edge of their seats during the fashion show, but the collection did not disappoint. In fact, they bend the rules for what to expect for the fall season. Instead of darker and warmer hues, the Gucci fall collection had sheer floral pieces. Whether it be print or actual embellished accessories, floral was present all throughout the collection. It showed that summer is not the only seasons for flowers to bloom, layer it with a jacket or opt for a dress that lengths to the floor and of course the floral print, and you’ve got Gucci’s eye for fall.

Number 2 Gucci

  1. The Neo-Victorian era is resurrecting

There is something about blasting to the past that have these designers trimming and hemming these fall outfits, but aside from the pencil skirt comeback, the Neo-Victorian era was resurrected during the fall fashion week. Who better than Alexander McQueen to pull it off too? The high neckline and ruffles said it all, having tops and dresses designed with the trend. Whether it be long-sleeved for full coverage or short sleeved to play off a balance between conservative and playful, this trend isn’t far from hitting the wardrobes of fashionistas.

  1. Color should not die down this season

We all know that if there’s one thing Moschino knows, it’s working with color. Despite the typical notion that fall must equate to deeper colors, bright colors can work too. In fact, it’s easier to stand out being the sunshine of the group. Who said fall only welcomes burgundies and navys?

  1. Lightweight clothing can still work

It seems that the designers are bending rules and playing with norms when it comes to fall trends. Because aside from florals and pops of color, we can’t help but see a few light weight clothing in collections such as Gucci’s. The sheer fabric could leave you puzzled, but the garments going down the runway were proof that it could be pulled off. It’s a matter of weighing layers and length: if a piece is significantly sheer, layer on a jacket or wear an undergarment. Or if you decide to leave behind long dresses, match a shorter dress with thigh high boots. Scavenge through your wardrobe and experiment with pieces.

  1. Layering is a given

In a chilly weather, layering is obvious. Not only is it necessary, apparently it is very much trendy. So grab those vests and long sleeved blouses. We could still make use of dresses with tights or sleeveless tops with the right coat. To avoid feeling stuffy, try layering thinner fabrics. It’s a science that compared to one thick fabric wrapped around, you’ll actually be more insulated with multiple thin fabrics layered

  1. Andronogony has never been clearerNumber 7 Gucci

With gender bender rules and the era of freedom, even fashion has no dictation of which item should be worn by a specific sex. That is why androgony is such a craze. We see women being able to wear more masculine pieces (a.k.a. loose flannels, boyfriend jeans, sneakers over heels) and men pulling off their own accessories too (round brimmed hats, sling bags). It causes us to be more open to ideas in fashion and outfits. So the next time you step into a formal event, why not opt for a suit instead of a usual dress? Pair it off with the right accessories and it’ll be a show-stopper.

  1. Leather is a classic

Leather is such a skeptical fabric or piece of clothing to buy in the humid weather of the Philippines. But thankfully because of the “ber” months coming in, we’ve got a reason to pull out the classic piece. Leather is somehow like denim, it almost goes with everything. We can’t deny the fact that it has been somewhat persistent through the decades of fashion. And J.W. Anderson was clearly all over it on one of the collection’s pieces. A recommended leather piece for this season? The classic leather jacket, you can’t go wrong with it.

  1. Boots, boots, boots

We can keep our body insulated, but we shouldn’t forget the feet! And this season (may it be rainy locally and fall abroad) has given us the greatest excuse to walk in boots. Thankfully boots have varied heights and heels for every fashionista.

10.  Patterns over color

If you can’t pull off the Moschino color wheel, try patterns. Layered patterns are actual used by designers during their fashion shows, take Erdem for instance. Of course you’d have to contrast and compare how complimentary the pattern can be, but with this newfound experiment, there are actually patterned pieces that look well together. You could opt for a specific pattern to be more dominant to the rest so the eyes could be drawn to the specific piece. For those who are hesitant to play with patterns, try a monochrome pattern play. You could also layer over the same patterns (ex. a dress and blazer of the same pattern). It won’t look overboard but cohesive.


While Fashion Week and runway designs can stir some of the craziest and most daring of fashion, there are actually ideas and trends that we can translate to our style and use it everyday. They should be a source of inspiration and creativity in the first place. This year’s fashion week is not an exception for rule bending and outrageously creative ideas. It may be the rainy season in our country and fall in others, but you don’t have to be confined to seasonal fashion.

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the beauty experiment

The beauty experiment

Wednesday, 28 October 2015 | Written by
the beauty experiment

A beauty geek’s account on what happens when she sheds makeup one day at a time

If there is one thing about myself that I could learn to unlearn, it would be leaving the house without makeup. When I was younger, in my preteen stages, I had no clue about makeup. Eyeliners even terrified meloren's makeup kitBut when my family and I moved to Canada, seeing that makeup was a norm, I eventually tried it out and I have since experimented with makeup. Honestly it is a habit of mine that takes up majority of my time when getting ready, and one my parents don’t really like (they think I go overboard at times). Bear in mind I was 14 when I started experimenting with makeup and now that I’m 22, I find it so hard to leave the house without anything on. So when this experiment came into mind, I knew I would hate and love it at the same time. I decided to take away one or more makeup products from my daily makeup routine every day for five days, I just didn’t want to quit makeup cold turkey. And I must tell you, something so simple to others was a rollercoaster for me. But I faced this no makeup challenge head on.

Day 1shedding makeup day 1

Makeup used: Primer, foundation, concealer, cream eyeshadows, powder eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner, bronzer, highlighter, blush, eyebrow gel, eyebrow pencil, mascara, translucent powder, liquid lipstick.

Day 1 for me was full on-glam. I wanted to stuff my face with all the products I would use in a normal basis but a little bit more amped up. Writing it out and realizing I had to use 14 makeup products shocked me.

But honestly I liked the way I was prepped up. I felt confident, and I could ease through the day knowing I looked fine. I even got a compliment from a workmate about the dark lipcolor I had and we ended up having a conversation on good makeup products and stores. Small kind words like that would really make my day.

I felt more decently presented when facing personalities we had to shoot that day because something about a full face makeup made it seem like I really prepared for the day. At the end of the day, the work I put on my face was noticed and appreciated. I was happy.

Day 2shedding makeup day 2

Makeup used: Primer, foundation, concealer, cream eyeshadows, powder eyeshadow, liquid liner, mascara, blush, eyebrow gel, translucent powder, liquid lipstick (of a lighter shade)

Day 2 was my comfort zone: this is my daily makeup routine going out and going to work. I eliminated the bronzer, highlighter, eyebrow pencil (so that my eyebrows don’t look so lined), and opted for a more natural shade of liquid lipstick. Honestly there weren’t any comments about my look that day, I wasn’t surprised because this is my daily routine. I simply eased through the day, and ironically I still had quite a weight of makeup products on me.

Day 3

shedding makeup day 3

Makeup used: Primer, foundation, powder eyeshadow, liquid liner, eyebrow gel, mascara, translucent powder

A handful of makeup products left me feeling naked. Having no lipstick was actually not a fuss for me, but toning down the eyeshadow and taking out the concealer made me very insecure. I have always felt that my skin and eyes are probably my best features and I loved accentuating my eyes with eyeshadows.

So having no eyeshadow on or even a sheer smokey eye felt odd. Removing the concealer from my eyebags also added more insecurity, I felt like the fine lines and puffiness were just more highlighted. I’d often catch myself checking my face in the mirror, even though there isn’t anything much to check because I have minimal makeup on. I honestly didn’t like the day, and the insecurity did somewhat affect the flow of my day. Because I felt less confident, I was more irritable and had less patience with things. I had a very “let’s just get this over with” attitude. It seems quite shallow when I look back at it now, but at the same time I had to take precaution because something so minor to others took a big toll on me.

Day 4

shedding makeup day 4

Makeup used: Primer, foundation, eyebrow gel, translucent powder

I literally had no eye makeup on for Day 4, but ultimately I tried to approach the day in a different mindset compared to the day before.

Instead of feasting over the fact that my overall look just seemed incomplete and raw, I simply decided to try and push away any insecure thoughts. I started to notice throughout the day, it was the mindset that affected me more than the look. Gaby, my co-beauty writer, did mention that I looked a lot cleaner and fresher when she noticed I didn’t have heavy eye makeup on.

Don’t get me wrong, I was very well aware about how little makeup I had on. I practically just had foundation and my eyebrows done. But I felt more at ease because I approached situations in a much happier and lighter attitude. I can definitely say that I was calmer and more relaxed compared to the day before. But I have to admit that every once in a while, I’d glance at the mirror and be conscious of my lack of makeup.

Day 5

Makeup used: Foundation, translucent powder

shedding makeup day 5Something that stood out for Day 5 was my mom and boyfriend’s comments. My mom said I looked so much younger without makeup. My mom always encouraged me not to be dependent on makeup, and at the rare times we go out that she sees me without or little of it, she really lets me know how much she likes it.

It seems quite shallow to say but I realized one of the reasons I veer away from being makeup-free is because I feared people would find a feature to make fun of.

It was weird how I felt so uneasy in my own true skin, when ages ago, I was carefree without makeup. What really helped, though, was the fact that when it boils down to it, nobody made a nasty comment. In fact, I’m not sure anyone really did give a pressing importance to it.

There was no dramatic change in treatment of my peers and colleagues, just a change of treatment towards myself. When my boyfriend picked me up from work, he was very happy to see me without makeup. He doesn’t dislike me wearing makeup but he always reminds me that even without it, I looked beautiful to him. And as cheesy as that statement was, I believe a young lady needs that kind of appreciation every once in a while, whether it’s from a boyfriend or anybody else. And the most ironic thing is, I was so happy about people noticing and appreciating my look when I worked on a full glam makeup. But people can just as much appreciate and notice you, even with a bare face.

the beauty experiment

So, the results of my experiment?

Would I continue on wearing no makeup? Maybe not for now, I could opt for less and maybe eventually learn to embrace my own true skin.

It’s not an easy transition, having makeup on a regular basis is like a routine, you have to get used to a new one to maintain it with ease. But throughout the course of the five challenging days, I realized makeup isn’t necessarily bad, it’s only bad when you crave it for attention and approval. Makeup can be a form of expression and craft, it can be a mutual feature between a group of friends that they enjoy or something you do to appreciate yourself. But just as lightly and positively as I looked towards makeup, I also want to learn to incorporate that sporting a no makeup face isn’t bad either. We were born bare, and that feature is something we all have in common. I want to learn to get rid of my insecurities about having no makeup, to trust that sometimes the way we see things and the course of the day solely rely on our personal preference, opinion and outlook. The biggest person that can affect you will not be the people who will comment or compliment you, it is yourself.

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