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Easy-to-do hairstyles

Thursday, 14 July 2016 | Written by

Vacation is over for college students. For the working population, every workday feels very Darwinian. It’s about surviving the battle of the fittest and making it viagra online without prescription in school or the office on time, and in one piece.

This means leaving small room to primp up in the morning. But have no fear, there are easy-to-do looks for modern warriors like you. Whether you’re an expert in buns and braids or not, these different hair dos will help you budget your time, and at pharmacy rx the same time make you look fresh and preppy.

  1. Modern Messy BunIMG_4343

We are all oriented on how to make buns out of our long or short hair. This messy bun fad that is currently hyped in Instagram and Pinterest which makes it easy for us to look good in class and at work. According to Nicole Catanese, the off duty messy ballerina ballerina look makes us look polished without a sweat.IMG_4352

  1. Twist and Pinned Hair

If letting down your hair makes you feel uncomfortable then go for the twist and pin hairstyle. You can just lift and section the right or left side of your hair and twist it inwards then pin and secure it at the side. It gives you a very neat and conservative look.

  1. IMG_4356Relaxed Half Moon

If you don’t like to show too much of your face but still wants to keep a cialis cost in india portion of your hair down then you can choose to lift half of your hair and leave a few strands to frame your face. Once you’ve sectioned some fringes at the sides, tie half of your hair at the cialis for sale back. Make sure that it isn’t too tight. Pull the tied part of your hair and make a hole and insert the lower part of your hair to end up with a minimal twist.

  1. Twisted pigtails

You will have to practice the skill of light teasing. You can check Youtube tutorials for more information. After teasing, use a hairspray to hold it in place. Split your hair in two. Then twist it and secure it with elastics at each rxonlinepharmacy-avoided end. If your planning to make loose twists, put some generic forms of cialis hair spray to hold the style. cialis 10mg online australia

  1. Headband tuck

Comb your hair and put the headband on. Section your hair by setting some hair outside the head band. Fix it neatly and get the hair outside the headband and twist it around the headband and once the right and left side reached its end, secure it with an elastic to hold it in place. You’ll be a stunning office/school girl in less than 5 minutes.

  1. Beautiful Ribbon style hairIMG_4353

Another way to put up your hair neatly is to style it like a bow. So what you have to do is to pull your hair up on top of your hair then fold it in half to form a bubble. Separate it in the middle to form the right and left side of the ribbon. To finish off the ribbon, grab the ends of the hair and wrap it in the middle part which completes the ribbon hairstyle. Use some pins to secure the style and avoid the appearance of the spiky ends of the hair. This unique and sweet hairstyle might not be for everyone but it would brighten up your casual girly look in class or on your area of assignment.

Preparing for school and work doesn’t have to be boring or difficult. You can accomplish a neat and smart look in just a few minutes. Practice doing these simple hairstyles by looking at tutorials on Pinterest and eventually, your well groomed look will empower you in class or at work.

alone time 1

The wonderful bliss of being alone

Monday, 4 July 2016 | Written by
alone time 1

In this busy world, there comes a time that we need a break and disconnect from what we’ve been immersed in for a long period of time. Balancing work, personal and social life is indeed challenging and one of the most important aspects of our lives is our personal life. At a certain point in our life, we need to spend time alone.

Solitude is not automatically equated to loneliness. Actually, there are some benefits of spending some of your time alone. According to Sherry Bourg Carter of Psychology Today, our brain needs rest to reboot and replenish itself out of all the activities and routines that we have been doing for some time. Aside from that, you will need to reflect and discover more about yourself and spending some time alone could help you concentrate and make realizations. Treat yourself with the following dates to be able to spend and enjoy quality time with your self.

alone time 1

  1. Travel date (somewhere new)- Traveling alone gives you the freedom to go where you want to. This way, you can spend all the time you want to discover the place and its people.
  2. Shopping date- We all know that shopping is a stress reliever but doing it alone will allow you to choose which pair of shoes looks best on you. Taking your time to fit all the dresses that you want without any rush is free from hassle, pressure and compromise.
  3. Spa date- We all want a massage to calm our muscles and release all the tension. Listening to relaxing music while having long hours of massage and rejuvenating treatments, not to mention its ambiance which is conducive for mediation. Don’t you think it’s an ideal alone date?
  4. Salon date- A makeover would be a good way to spend your time alone. Go to your favorite beauty parlor and get you hair and nails done. Choose a haircut that you’ve been wanting to try and have your nails colored. Looking and feeling good about yourself helps attract positive vibes.
  5. Hike date- Explore nature on your own for you to appreciate nature’s priceless gifts. Stop and enjoy the early morning scent of the flowers or you can listen to the river as it flows. Breathtaking sceneries relax the mind and take you away from anxiety and from other things that has been on your mind for days.
  6. Dinner Date- Go to a restaurant that you want to try. Enjoy and savor every flavor in the dishes that you ordered. You can bring a good book with you. Isn’t that just perfect? Good food and a good book to accompany you?
  7. Kitchen date- Challenge yourself to learn how to make a special dish or better yet make your own original recipe. Don’t worry about disappointing anyone. You are on your own and you are spared from blunt judgments. If anything goes wrong, then you can improve it your own way until you achieve your goal. It doesn’t only taste good but it also feels good to finish a recipe on your own.
  8. Creative Project date- Have you been planning to accomplish DIY projects like redecorating the interiors of your room, DIY chandelier or repairing some clothes? Your alone time would be the right time to accomplish those projects. It’s fulfilling and rewarding to see the end results of your own creativity and resourcefulness.
  9. Netflix date- Choose a movie that you’ve never watched. You can freely cry, laugh or react without annoying or disturbing anyone. Enjoy the art of watching the show on your own. You’ll appreciate it for sure.
  10. Karaoke date- You always have a choice if you want to do it in public or get a private room. Singing your heart out like you’re in your very own concert should be in your list of dates that you should do alone. Go ahead and sing your favorite songs out loud. Anyway, no one will react violently if you won’t hit the notes right. Rest assured, you will have a good time.
  11. Hot bath date- Warm long soaks in your tub is a piece of heaven. Make your bath special this time. Set up a soothing music, get aroma candles and some petals for you to feel that it isn’t an ordinary bath but to take some long relaxing soak by yourself. Don’t forget your wine. It’s refreshing and energizing. Oh what a sweet life that you have.alone time 2

Unplugging from your connections (including social media) once in a while is healthy for you. It gives you enough time to appreciate things and get all the rest your brain needs from the stresses of our daily lives. It teaches us to slow down and enjoy the moment. Last but not the least, to be less dependent on others.

We will eventually discover that through solitude, we will find solace and wisdom. Always remember that the most important relationship that we have is with ourselves and from there, we can make everything else work. If you think you need some time for yourself, then make your own date checklist so you can plan ahead and set it on the next scheduled long weekend.

Photos from Flickr Creative Commons



Why stylish nerds are taking over

Sunday, 26 June 2016 | Written by

Nerds are stereotyped as wiz kids with large specs wearing fuzzy clothes or four- eyed over achievers who have sartorial choices that wouldn’t fit in the current trend. Depicted as losers in fashion who need a makeover especially in chick flicks, nerds often became victims of bullying. Thankfully, that has changed the last few years. Geek chic is now considered cool and trendy.

As they say, the only thing that is constant is change and it applies in nerdy fashion as well. The 21st century nerds are already embracing their weirdness, making them more attractive. Styling tips on how you can pull off a stylish look together with your graded specs could help you look presentable and help you exude confidence. IMG_4199


There are different kinds of specs you could choose from. The next time you visit your optometrist, look for the perfect frame that suits your face shape. Cat eye and other stylish eyeglasses are hot like pancakes lately. According to Tameika Lawrence of Style Blazer, Rx glasses adds a little poise and irony to a look so this means having big eyeglasses doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish anymore.


According to Lawrence, brace face is already a fashion statement. Asians have been using fake braces to belong to a certain status symbol. Be creative and enjoy the color choices that your dentist offers. Make sure it would look good with your nice specs.


Don’t throw those plain skirts and high-waisted baggy pants just yet. You can combine these with your graphic tops, like DC or Marvel Comics. Remember, fashion is all about enjoying your individuality.IMG_4200

Normcore – According to Amy Ferrel of, it is defined as bland / anti-style. It usually breaks fashion rules. For example, pair tailored pantsuits with trainers or sneakers. The normcore low-key fashion is an all around lookbook and blog. A lot of stylish people are buying it and a lot of brands have been selling normcore pieces.

Layering – The fusion of the different cuts and colors of pieces being combined in one outfit is not as bad as you think. Don’t be afraid to play with colors and prints. It would be fun and stylish at the same time. IMG_4202

Socks – Knee length bobby socks could change your whole outfit. Use it with brogues or your over-used converse sneakers and match it with your plaid or pleated mini skirt.

Oxfords- They’re the favorite footwear of geeks. You can use it with tailored clothes or just your daily off duty outfit.

Collar- Your favorite button down plain or printed shirt would be easy to sport with trousers or skirt. Collared shirts gives a neat finish to your whole outfit and nerds would always have collared shirts in their closets because it’s just practical to have one.

Plaids and blazers – You can always play with different materials. Plaid blazer and skirts would make a good retro back to school look.


Nerds are not into high fashion and transformed makeup looks. They’d rather go for fresh face makeup. To achieve the stylish nerd look, opt for nude shades and a bold lippie with groomed eyebrows. Another tip that could help you pull off the nerd girl style is to use eyeliner. According to if you’re weating thicker frames, use thick eyeliner and vice versa. Last but not the least, never forget your pink blush.

Who ever thought of nerds winning in fashion? This time, not caring about fashion is already a fashion statement of its own.

Photos from Flickr Creative Commons


Twinning fashion

Sunday, 5 June 2016 | Written by

IMG_4150 Twinning is a millennial fashion concept where you dress identically regardless of gender. Not so long ago, twinning was a way of dressing limited to twins. But that has changed as friends, mother-daughters and couples now enjoy this concept too. This idea in fashion is the new favorite of celebrities, fashionistas, models and bloggers. Nowadays they find twinning a stop canadian pharmacy junk mail very peculiar but charming concept in photo shoots which inspires a lot of moms and stylists. Here are tips in copping the millennial style of twinning.

  1. Wearing exact the same thing would eventually let them know that the concept of your shoot is twinning. But be warned, in our online culture, some people think your twinning photo is a case of “who wore it better.” So be straight to the point, be clear that you are twinning.
  1. You have to decide how you’re going to match outfits with your friends. Wearing ensembles that match would be fine like same bomber jackets with different prints or same dunks with does generic viagra work different colors. On the contrary, you don’t need to copy everything just to say that the concept is twinning. Talk to your friend or partner on how you would like your look to be coordinated. You can shop together to talk about fashionable pieces that you think would work for the both of you.
  1. Share a theme or motif. It should look the same but different. Confusing right? But yes, that’s how you do the twinning concept. There are various themes to choose from like summer, punk, retro, preppy, sporty etc. Even if you wear different styles, make sure that you coordinate your clothes in a manner that the viewers would notice the connection of the outfit. It might be in color or in prints. It’s all about complementing each other’s style and not just having the same fashionable items that look good on you.
  1. Twinning would be easily achieved if you find someone with almost the same body build. Having a twinning concept with someone way bigger than you might drive them away from the idea and think of it as a normal photo shoot especially if you aren’t wearing exactly the same outfit except for couples and mother daughter twinning.
  1. Personalize your look. Own the outfit and plavix with cialis integrate it with your personality. Eventually, compare prices cialis people will generic viagra online appreciate a very realistic fashion where they can feel the difference and similarity of you and your mate’s style. Remember, it will always depend on the way you both make it work. IMG_4140
  1. Don’t forget to match your make up too. From nudes to summer fresh and glowing makeup. Come up with the same beauty cialis online paypal trend concept then it would make a realistic concept of twinning.
  1. Styling is key. To nail the twinning concept, you should style your look well. Make it fun and artistic. Pay attention to the details of the pieces that you’re going to wear. You can choose the same color but with different style or check the fabric or material and the accessories

Remember the days when you had the same bracelet with your best friend? At puberty stage, you reached the point where you have an annoying friend copying your whole outfit really, which makes you feel irritated. Now, you can see fashion icons twinning in Fashion Week. This fashion concept is not all about the same outfits and designs. It’s allowing yourself to be recognized, while having identical choices in fashion — may it be your friend, mom or fiancé. If you’re planning a fun, exciting and challenging concept shoot with your friend, family or your lifetime partner, then the twinning concept is just perfect to celebrate your friendship or anniversary. Photos by author


He proposed and you said yes: now what’s next?

Saturday, 28 May 2016 | Written by

While it is one of the most important moments in a girl’s life, we all know how stressful planning a wedding is. Money, time and decision-making play a very large role in the planning.

As future brides, you have to be prepared to be able to manage the stress in planning. Last May 20- 23, the Highland Weddings Bridal Fair was held in SM Baguio, where plenty of wedding suppliers met with couples starting their wedding preparations. There are a lot of aspects to plan, but for most brides, the top 3 are hair and makeup, wedding gown and photography. Read on to get expert tips from wedding suppliers at the Highland Weddings to make wedding-planning easier for you.

1. Photography

Memories are important and are best saved through photos. Don’t forget to set an appointment one year before the wedding. Especially if you’re booking someone famous, it’s always in a “first come, first served” basis. Future brides should choose the best photographer to capture the sweetest moments of their engagement and priceless emotions during the wedding day.IMG_4127

Ron Garcia, one of the participants at the bridal fair and an award winning photographer that has been in the photography business for several years now, specializes in engagement shoots and wedding day photos. He never fails to leave his clients and followers in awe. Mr. Garcia has mentioned the common concepts of engagement shoots which are bohemian and rustic.

This year, the trend would be artistic lifestyle. Now that you have an idea, you can discuss this with your fiancé to create your very own concept. Ron shared his experiences like difficulties encountered during shoots, usually weather-related.

Ron Garcia's work

Ron Garcia’s work

When it comes to the concept, he suggested to avoid themes like The Walking Dead, or Hunger Games, because an engagement is best captured when it’s naturally heartfelt and romantic. Without any doubt, brides would like to be the perfect leading lady in a romantic movie in engagement shoots. Aside from that, a dramatic shoot worthy portrait of the bride should be on your list.

If you are looking forward to classic and flawless engagement and bridal photos, then you should take a look at his work (see his FB page here) and feel free to talk about your concept on your engagement photos especially the special moments on your wedding day. Rest assured, you’ll never regret it.

2. Makeup Artist

Your wedding preparation wouldn’t be complete without consulting a makeup artist that would make you look naturally beautiful on your engagement shoot and the wedding day.

Brides are aware that they should be the most beautiful woman on that day so make sure that you choose someone that you  trust and  comfortable with. IMG_5871

Makeup artist Loreto Dacoron, together with hair stylist Dianne Alcantara, is one of the well-known beauty tandems for weddings in Baguio. Most of the time, brides have a hard time sleeping the night before the wedding day (who wouldn’t?). Loreto mentioned that enough sleep is the key to maximize the beauty of the bride on her wedding day. Hydration is important in the elasticity and overall health of the skin so he emphasized the importance of drinking a lot of water.

Usually, the common bridal make up trend is the sweet and fresh face look. Skin make up is still hot these days, but usually, the eyes are well defined even for the groom. Dacoron mentioned that he makes sure that the bride has a fresh and glowing face on the special day. Another important aspect in the bridal make-up would be choosing between airbrush or traditional make-up. Discuss this with your trusted make up artist and choose which option is the best for you.  (Factors to consider in choosing between traditional and airbrush makeup: READ HERE)

3. Choosing the best bridal gown

There are a lot of designers to choose from. Always look for a gown that you would make you feel like you’re prince William’s Dutchess of Cambridge. It sounds surreal but not impossible.IMG_4129

As they say, the early bird catches the worm so you better start early. Anna Pancho, a fashion designer, said that you should set an appointment with your designer of choice at least three to four months before the wedding. This season, minimalist is in! You can check Anna’s minimalist designs. IMG_4128

Joey Sadsad, on the other hand, designs simple and detailed gowns. He recommends lace and chiffon for a beautiful wedding gown.

Flowy earthy tones are so in this season. Nicole Rodriguez, a graduate of Fashion Institute and Technology, uses tulle, French lace and chiffon to create this look. If you’re into sexy silhouettes, fashion designer Rowena Gomez specializes in simple yet classy gowns that flaunts the natural curves of a bride. There are a lot of talented designers to choose from. It’s just about finding someone who will share your vision and who will take care of you up until your wedding day. It’s like looking for shoes; find the perfect fit.

Getting married is exciting but stressful as the same time. To lessen the wedding stress, you can always hire a trusted wedding planner, but that won’t save you from making countless decisions. Informing yourself early will save you from the hassle. Now that you are enriched with facts about planning for your special day, make sure that you choose quality artists on your wedding day. It only happens once in your lifetime so make the most of it.

Event photos by author

makeup lipsticks

Makeup starter kit for the newbies

Tuesday, 24 May 2016 | Written by
makeup lipsticks

While keeping a bare natural face is refreshing, there’s no denying that makeup accentuates our features even more. At its most basic, makeup makes us look better. For those who like experimenting, makeup becomes an artistic way to express one’s self.

But for beginners like you, it’s best to start at the newbie level with a makeup starter kit. When you drop by a department store to do your shopping, the choices are endless. Have this list in hand so you know what to look for.

BB Cream BBcream and brush

Consider the BB Cream one of the greatest inventions in the beauty industry. Besides providing a very light coverage, giving you the feeling of wearing makeup foundation, it also functions as a moisturizer, primer and concealer all in one.

A lot of brands are offering different kinds of BB creams. You can choose according to what type of skin you have. If you have dry skin, choose something that has moisturizer in it. For oily skin, opt for a matte finish BB cream. I recommend L’Oreal’s True Match BB cream, which gives a light smooth coverage, blends with your skin tone very well using a sponge or a brush, and moisturizes it too.


You will need something to set your make up. Choose a shade that matches your skin tone. Try L’Oreal BB Magique. It provides a light silky smooth and matte finish, perfect for a beginner. Another option would be Cover Girl’s setting powder so your makeup will last longer.


For a livelier skin, choose a blush that would suit your skin best. How to know the right blush for you? Find out the color of your cheeks are after exercising. Is it peach or pink? Choose a color that would depict the natural blush in your cheeks. For a youthful look, apply the brush on the apples of your cheeks. There are two options: blush cream or powder. Cream is good for dry skin, powder for oily skin.makeup1


Make your eyes pop by applying eyeliner. There are various selections when it comes to eyeliner. You have gel liners, pencil and liquid. You can start practicing using an eyeliner pencil. If you are a fast learner, then you can shift to liquid eyeliners because it’s long lasting and not as smudgy as gel liners. Winged tips are best achieved using Rimmel Scandaleyes for the liquid liner and Maybelline Pencil eyeliner.


A well-defined eye sums up a good make up. Neutral shades would be a good start for you. You can fill your lids with lighter colors and darker shades to the crease area. Almost all brands offer neutral shades of eyeshadows that would fit in your kit. Choose the set that would flaunt your peepers.

Brow Liner/Pomade

Bold and defined brows gives a big impact on your look whether you want a laidback or chic glam look. Keep in mind that you will need to learn how to fill in your brows neatly, but before anything else, make sure that it is groomed (plucked or shaved). Practice makes perfect, so before going out to show off your new look, familiarize yourself with the makeup first. Do several tries and take photos until you perfect it. Remember: brows are the make or break part of any makeup.

Lip Balm/Gloss

This is probably the first makeup you ever had as a teenager. Its sole purpose is to moisturize your lips before you apply lipstick. Try the NIVEA Lip Balm, especially the fruity variant.


One of the most important aspects in applying make up is choosing your lip color because it flatters your over-all look. For starters, get something neutral and lipsticks

The right tools

According to Diana Mazzone of Teen Vogue, using the right tools make a big difference in your look, so add these in your shopping list.

  1. Foundation Brush / Stippling brush – Application of BB cream or liquid foundation. It gives you a well-blended finish.
  2. Blush Brush – Applicator of blush

If you’re on a tight budget, you can try ELF Cosmetics for these tools. If you have a big budget, by all means, invest on Real Techniques brushes by Sam Chapman.

Adding makeup in your repertoire will definitely require you to devote at least 15 to 20 minutes of your time every morning. This doesn’t include retouches of course. But I promise you, once you start wearing makeup, there’s no going back. Most girls swear by the powerful benefits of being all made-up. Soon, you’d find yourself with a larger makeup kit.

Photos by author


Reinventing ugly clothes

Thursday, 12 May 2016 | Written by

It’s easy to judge something as ugly, period. Whether you’re sifting through racks of clothes in an ukay store, or even receiving a hand-me-down from your mom or lola, most of the time we just take one look and say “I don’t like it.”

Take a second look. Look at the fabric, the unique print, the dated look and for sure, you’ll see the potential in the ugliness.

Give it a chance and you just might be surprised with the outcome. Wearing it becomes your unique story too, a way of reliving the time the old dress was worn and modernizing its tale. Sounds fun? Here’s what you can do to reinvent that heirloom dress.

Sewing 101

Altering a dress? No problem! Especially if you know how to sew or better yet, use a sewing machine. If you choose to do it manually, you have to learn back-stitch and hemline stitch properly to end up with a good end product.

Materials Needed:

Needle – regular sized

Thread- matches the color of your clothes

Scissors – sharp enough to cut thick clothes

Tailor’s chalk – for marks on where to start cutting

Ruler or tape measure – to make sure designs are even

Pin – to keep linen in place

The Cut-out

If you don’t like the neckline area of the garment (you find it boring and too clothed, for example), then you can try making a cut out top or dress.

Usually old dresses have lengthy sleeves with a closed neckline or with an odd collar size. One of the most famous trends that are easy to make are cut-out designs. If you wanted to expose your chest area then cut a shape in the chest/neckline area. You can retain the collar part that holds the garment in place and trace a triangular or heart-shaped pattern, then sew its sides slowly and properly.

Picture #1: Ribbon cutout mullet dress.IMG_4029

Showing a little skin would add oomph to a dress, so I tried to expose the chest area by cutting a ribbon shape and just sewed it around the edges using manual and machine sewing.

Minor Alterations: Converting to summer dress by cutting the length of the dress or removing a part of the garment.

We can always remove the part we hate most. For example, if you want the sleeves too long, you can cut it short or remove it altogether. Hey, it’s summer, so you can turn it into a sleeveless dress.

Tip: it would be easier to just follow the pattern of the part that you’re planning to remove. Cut it with a one-inch allowance and secure it with pins, then you can start sewing. For the hemline, it is important that all sides are even. Use any measuring tool to check the dress length and secure it with pins or place marks using tailor’s chalk and start sewing.

Picture #2 IMG_4030
This altered dress was too old school before. I removed the sleeves and adjusted the hemline to my desired length.

Picture #3IMG_4031Since I know deep inside I can’t pull off midi dresses because of my height, I decided to put a twist to my grand mother’s hand me down dress. I made a wide side slit to expose my legs. It turned into a classy and sexy dress, which I can match with high heels or flats. Exposing my legs made me look taller than I usually am.

Creating your own design out of the cloth

This is the most challenging type because you will invent your own design. This requires a creative mind and some knowledge on how to sew your design of choice. You can combine 2 clothes to construct a stylish dress.

Picture # 4 IMG_4033My grandma’s patch skirt doesn’t fit me and I can’t find a way to use it, so I decided to let it remain as it is but made it shorter. The skirt was cut in half then I attached the 1-inch garter to the waist area. I like the fairy type hem design and gladly, I was able to preserve the design.

Tip: Watch Youtube tutorials and match two different materials for a unique outcome.

Picture #5 IMG_4034The hand-sewn skirt was paired with a hand sewn off-shoulder top that I designed from an old skirt, which I haven’t used yet. Great combo right?

For sure, you never imagined in your entire life that you would wear that gaudy dress that your mom and lola asked you to keep in your closet but now, it is possible to make it your favorite piece or even a part of your clothing collection. Indeed there is beauty in ugliness. You just have to take a second look and let your creative juices flow.

Photos by author

fashionable medical professional

Fashion for medical professionals

Monday, 2 May 2016 | Written by
fashionable medical professional

Despite the stress, it’s not an excuse to look boring and haggard. In fact, when medical professionals look good, it provides a positive environment for patients to recover. Some hospitals are very strict when it comes to work wear, but there’s always a way to follow protocols and still end up looking presentable. In the healthcare workplace, comfort is key. Doctors, nurses and other hospital staff need something comfortable to be able to do their duties and responsibilities, especially during emergencies. Good news is, there are different brands who offer comfort with style. Scrubs Goodbye plain shirt type of scrubs. Check the newest scrubs that are comfortable and cool at the same time. If you are a fan of cartoons and some action figures, you should check Tooniforms. It provides quality pairs that wont fade over a short period of time. If you just want some extra style on your scrubs, you can also check Dickies which sells different nice quality printed scrubs. provides you various brands that you can choose from. It’s like a one-stop shop for healthcare professional’s work wear. Shoesfashionable medical pro4 Medical professionals do a lot of walking. No one wants to end up with sore feet from doing rounds with patients, so your shoe choice should be podiatrist-approved. Clogs are commonly used, like crocs. Open and slide clogs are also unique and colorful from Rubber shoes is another fashionable option. You can go to the nearest Nike store and check the white Nike Airmax90/Huarache, Adidas Stan Smiths or the very best canadian pharmacy familiar Reebok white sneakers. Lab/Nurse’s/Doctor’s Lab Coatfashionable medical professional When you think of lab coats, they’re usually plain, white and boring. The new era of work wear fashion has come. Rejoice and welcome slim fit lab coats for men and women. For nurses, you can find the cutest Korean designed nurse coats from They’re too cool and kikay, nurses would love to have one for sure. Fine quality stain and fluid repellent lab coats are found on In addition to that, more choices are available on Check their M3 fabric which is soil and fluid-repellent, has bacteriostatic technology and dispels odors in your long shifts. Medelita took the medical lab coat technology into a new level so go ahead and check their video on Hairstylefashionable medical pro2 Nurses are trained to tie their hair when on duty. For those with long hair, they usually tie their hair neatly into hair buns. You can use large shignons to add a different style to the usual bun that you use. Check Pinterest for more information. Accessories fashionable pro3 Good news for the fashionista doctors and nurses. Have you seen the latest blinged Bellascopes? Now customizing your tool is not limited to rubberized characters that you could connect to the pharmacycanada-rxedtop tube of your stethoscope, but there is a custom made embellished steth with different stone colors, diamonds and pearls, available on Hurry up and take a look at it. You muse or viagra can contact them for the detailed stones of your choice. For sure, you will fall in love once you get your hands on it. Your patients will be entertained while you auscultate their heartbeats too. You can generic viagra now enjoy your work wear in the hospital, even in the most toxic of shifts. Just know your personal style and brainstorm on what looks best on you. This only proves that you can get the best of both worlds. You’ll never compromise comfort over style ever again.

cosplay idea1

Easy and unique cosplay ideas

Saturday, 30 April 2016 | Written by
cosplay idea1

A lot of people are intimidated with cosplay or costume parties. That’s pretty understandable, considering the plethora of characters you can choose from, and the amount of effort to create a quality costume.cosplay idea1

Despite the hard work it will entail, it’s all worth it.

To start off, think of the top three characters you like. Then check their costumes and see which one you think you can carry best.

If you’re going to start preparing for your cosplay costume, you can choose from the following options:cosplay 3

  1. Online shopping

Make sure that the shop that you are checking out is safe and reliable. Go and check reviews and feedbacks. There are a few shops that offer unique finds for cosplayers. You can go check their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Check for imported and quality Spiderman and other marvel costumes, but you will definitely spend a lot of money. If you prefer to rent, check out Mame’s Cosplay Shop on Facebook, which offers different kinds of cosplay characters.

  1. Costume Rentals

For those who can afford costume rentals, you can research online or check the shops personally for you to be able to decide which one is worth your money. You will only use it for a day anyway, right? But this is not the right option for those who likes to showcase a unique and eye-popping get up. Someone might have used it before so you can think of another option just in case. Check Herbert Chavez D Super Dress shop on Facebook or join the Cosplay Market Group where you can ask Pinoy cosplayers help and give recommendations.

  1. Custom-made

Invest an amount of money for you to have a quality and unique costume. Famous cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao has been known to have her costumes be professionally built for her. If you’re interested in collecting costumes, then you might like to consider this option. Make sure to hire reputable costume designers known for beating deadlines and churning out quality work.

  1. Ready-to-wear shops

Malls and boutiques are offering some ready-to-wear costumes and hopefully you can find something that would fit you. Shopping for costumes takes some time, so make sure you start costume hunting in advance. One such shop is Comic Alley, known for carrying anime cosplay items. cosplay idea 4

  1. Make your own

There are various tutorials in making different costumes. You can go to Youtube and choose a tutorial that you think you can do in a small period of time. This is one of the most practical options, but you need to have enough time depending on your skills. The advantage of this is that you can personalize your costume the way you want it, but certain skills are required like basic sewing. Tip: you can also recycle materials to save up on money.

Here are some of the easy cosplay ideas that are easy to imitate:

  1. Joker – Just get your hair dyed green, paint your face according to any illustration of your choice over the net, get a suit and a shoe that goes well with it!
  2. Harley Quinn – The sexy yet crazy girl friend of Joker is easy to imitate. Get a white long sleeve top, have it printed with Daddy’s little monster. Fix your hair in pigtails and dye the bottom parts of your hair. Put on skimpy shorts, fishnet stockings and a pair of boots/high-cut shoes.
  3. Power Puff Girls- Choose the color that you like between the three girls, get a bodycon sleeveless dress, and a wig. Get a black waist band using a garter or sew a cloth that would fit your waist area. Put on white pantyhose and wear black shoes and you’re done!cosplay 5
  4. American Dream – Captain America’s female version, sew a circle skirt then get a brassiere and pattern it (watch how to do a bustier in Youtube.). Make 3-dimensional stars using old or used cardboard and use silver spray paint to make it realistic. Attach the stars to the bustier and skirt. Shield tutorial is available on Youtube using cardboard, glue and red, silver and blue spray paint. Get an old pair of boots and use red fabric spray paint.

Whether you like to stand out or just survive the costume party, what’s important is for you to enjoy the character that you are portraying. Choose something that is closest to your persona and you wouldn’t have a hard time presenting yourself in the party. Have fun!

Photo Credits:

Actual sample of the Spiderman costume from RPC studio Online shop in US owned by cosplayer Rodel Mamangon.

DIY American Dream costume designed by author

Powerpuff girls costume from marvelgirl10

Modernized Harley Quinn and Joker from Pinterest

Skin makeup

Dislike wearing too much makeup? Try the “skin” fresh face trend

Tuesday, 12 April 2016 | Written by
Skin makeup

Gone are the days that we have to invest on a lot of products just to achieve the latest make up trend. This season, we can all let our skin relax as the trend leans towards a more natural healthy skin makeup look.

In fact, natural beauty invaded the runways in the Spring/Summer looks of the New York Fashion Week 2016. According to Vogue UK, Giambatista Valli created a fresh natural complexion look with subtle sculpting and concealing on the face of their models. Christian Dior nailed the simple yet gorgeous execution of curled lashes, groomed brows and velvety skin. When it comes to lips, the designers have different takes on the choice of lip colors. Some used natural colors while some wanted to focus on bold lips.

Hollywood Celebrity make up artists emphasized how the new flawless skin makeup trend could be adapted to be more apt to one’s local setting.

Jean Freeman, a lead make up artist on, said that you can achieve the fresh face glowing make-up by investing in a good beauty oil and combining it with a good quality highlighter to present a radiant look. Apple Llamas, a lead make up artist/owner of All Eyes On You and a MAC guest artist, defined skin makeup as the fresh face no makeup look. When it comes to face preparation, she mentioned that a maximum of two pumps should only be used after the minimal application of skin care products and blending it with skin corrector products.Skin makeup 2

Quality foundation and skin correctors like moisturizers and cc creams are must haves. The blending of products would be effective with the proper handling of tools like stippling, foundation and oval brush. She emphasized the importance of putting a little amount of everything to allow the healthy skin to be noticed rather than the obvious appearance of the foundation. Note that some skills are required to achieve the skin make up trend. Conceal your imperfections well but only in small amounts to hide the problematic areas of the skin. Next is the art of strobing, Hayes, as well as Llamas, mentioned that strobing has an important role in making the skin look flawless and healthy at the same time.

Want to nail the skin makeup trend? Follow these tips:


For the cheeks, very minimal contouring could be done but in a more believable presentation, so it means the look must be in a less theatrical manner through the use of light bronzers. Blush should be applied, but make sure that you can control its minimal application according to the lighting.


Local and Hollywood make up artists suggest the use of lip balms and dewy lip products.

The eyes are also an important aspect in achieving the no make up look. Apple mentioned that there’s no need for too much work in the eye area but you can define it instead. The application of teal eyeliner, soft pastel eyeliners and mascaras would help in making it work.


If the brows are well-shaped, then the only thing you need to do is to brush it up. But if there is a need for minimal correction, then use a brow pencil shade that is close to your hair color and draw natural strokes to balance the shape of both brows. No need to darken it.Skin makeup

The skin make up look is easy to achieve. You don’t have to complicate the process of applying make up just as long as you have the basic skills of blending the products which is shown in different tutorials on Youtube. This fad would be quite challenging for those with facial skin damage or keloids because you’ll need to conceal it well and at the same time, make it look natural.

If you’re not into heavy make-up, then this S/S 2016 makeup trend is for you. With the guidance and tips of foreign and local make up artists, we should not forget the most basic step: take good care of your skin because  a healthy complexion is key in perfecting the skin trend.

Photos from Apple Llamas

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