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Bianca is a 21 year-old account executive for an advertising company. She loves to shop especially for bags & shoes. She recently started a small biz with her mom, selling authentic signature bags, watches & wallets. She is passionate about fashion and dreams of becoming one of the famous editors who work in Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, you name it. She's honing her craft by contributing to the Beauty & Fashion section of POC.

muriel perez

Beyond makeover: how an HMUA uses beauty for social change

Wednesday, 13 July 2016 | Written by
muriel perez

A career as a make up artist can be very exciting not only because you get to meet a lot of people but because it’s does not feel like “work”. First, it’s far from the 9-5 grind. Makeup work is never routine. And every project feels like passion project, since what’s more refreshing than making people look good and feel good?

Getting paid thinking about beauty trends and experimenting with new looks is what makes being a make up artist a dream job.

muriel perez

photos sent by Muriel Vega Perez

photographer: @raymondcaulian

styling by: @the_style_ave

Muriel Vega Perez, 29 years old, is one of the most well-known make up artists in the fashion industry today. It all started 5 years ago, when she did her relatives and friends a favor and styled them for fun. Through the word of mouth, he started getting recognized as a freelance make up artist.

Muriel equipped himself by getting training at the top schools for make up artistry. He finished his basic course in Make Up Forever Singapore and took Advance courses in TV, Bridal and Artistic Make Up in Puspita Martha International Beauty School in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Later on, he became a chief make up artist of Professional Artist Cosmetics Philippines and became an International Brand Ambassador too. This opened greener pastures for Muriel as celebrities, advertorials and editorial clients started kicking in.

But before Muriel took this path, he was on his way to a career in the medical field. Muriel studied nursing and became a registered nurse. It didn’t take long before he realized he had to find his true calling stat, and that’s when the beauty and fashion industry came calling.

Muriel said, My mom has been my number one supporter when I shifted from being a registered nurse/educator to a professional make up artist.” His mom always believed in him that he could make it. She inspired him every single step of the way as he reached his goal as a make up artist. It’s the people around him that believe in his talents that inspire him the most and that’s what makes him keep going despite the heavy competition in the industry.

Perhaps it is this inclination to care for people, combined with this passion for makeup artistry, that Muriel decided to create an organization that does charity work. Last year, Muriel set up a love sharing event called #LOVEprojectph, which eventually became #sharetheLOVEPROJECTphils.

As a director of this project, Muriel always makes it a point that all the planned projects will be rendered properly and executed wisely. Their beneficiaries are below poverty line students, families, people with special needs and mothers (pregnant, lactating and with kids below 10 years of age).

#SharetheLOVEPROJECTPhils provides school supplies for nutrition through giving formula milk and food for malnourished kids. They also organize medical and dental missions as well as livelihood.

“Help people in need even though they didn’t ask for help, you don’t have to be rich, if you have the capacity, do it wholeheartedly,says Muriel.


The cool way to wear Birkenstocks

Friday, 24 June 2016 | Written by

Birkenstocks, a ‘90s staple, are coming back in style. The first time I saw it, I didn’t know what to do with it – it’s chunky and it looks weird on the feet. Until my boyfriend gave me a pair during our anniversary last year. I was reluctant at first, but then, the more I used it, the more I realized how comfortable it felt on my feet. Now, I want to buy every Birkenstock I see in the store, no kidding!

Birkenstocks, a very masculine looking pair of sandals, actually go well with a lot of outfits. Here are some ideas for every Birkenstock wearer:

1. 1st

Wear any style of Birkenstocks with a flowy cardigan to show everyone that you love the shoe’s hippie past.


Want to wear something basic but still keeping the chic in you? Wear a white pair of Birks, white spaghetti top and a chic ripped off skirt.



This is pretty much the most basic way to wear a pair of Birkenstocks. Throw on some loose, cuffed jeans, a slouchy shirt, pony your hair and then you’re good to go. They say this style is a bit normcore but it also speaks “I’m so cool I make normcore look hot this way.”



A dress always make a good combination with cute summer sandals and doll shoes but have you every tried it pairing up with Birkenstocks? It brings down to a more casual level that’s a lot cooler.



Slouchy jeans are great with Birkenstocks but so are slim ones. The cropped length puts the focus on shoes, as it looks big. With a fitted shirt, it makes a preppy look even with just an oversized watch. Be sure to accessorize it as well with a bag and a cup of coffee!



Bad and dirty toenails are a disaster with Birkenstocks so be sure you always get your well deserved pedicure.



Wearing your Birkenstocks with a maxi dress is so effortlessly chic, don’t you think?



Since jumpers have been coming back to the fashion industry again just like Birkenstocks, why not try pairing it together? Add a black little crop top for a throwback style.


Break that masculine feels look of Birkenstocks by pairing it with something girly like an off shoulder top and lacey shorts. It makes a nice contrast.



If you’re someone like me who loves to wear laidback footwear but is in need of wearing something a little bit formal in the office, this combination will totally make your day. No matter how laidback it looks, it would still make you look smart.

References: Polyvore,,


Wear denim like a model

Tuesday, 7 June 2016 | Written by
Photo by Jica Lapena

Photo by Jica Lapena

“The blue denim look is the uniform of the world, the way we all want to look when we’re feeling easy, moving fast – a way of life,” observed Vogue in 1971.

Denim dates back to the 18th century, when it was created by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss. It has evolved from being a sailor’s uniform into becoming the fabric of our daily lives.

With denim, you can never go wrong and though it is a common wardrobe staple, it’s preferred by the fashion industry’s finest, including models. Models are always head-turners; but they kind of get tired of wearing elegant and attention-grabbing clothes,  preferring to go laidback outside of modeling work.  And because they’re models, they have keen fashion sense and manage to look sexy even in basic denim. Here’s what we can learn from them, for you to have a “model feels” look.

Denim wear 

Models have all types of denims. From harlem pants, skirts, ripped off jeans to rompers, you name it. For sure they also love collecting denim vests, and mix and match it with their cute dresses, skirts and other bottoms.

Basic colors

Models are more into basic colors (mainly because they want to have a break from wearing loud colors on the runways) so they would rather wear something simple and basic like black, grey and white. If there are hints of color, they usually pick solid colors like the ones red and baby blue denims.

Large handbags

And because denim calls for something very basic, you need to add boldness to your outfit by using a large, loud-colored handbag to tie things together. Match it as well with a pretty pair of Birkenstocks!    Collage denim3

White denim

If you haven’t scooped up a pair of white jeans, this is the time. You will be surprised how good it looks when paired with ankle sandals and denim semi off-shoulder top. Denim Collage2

Comfortable shoes

It is always a must to wear comfortable shoes. If you’re going for a laidback Saturday chill-out with your friends, then heels are out of the questions. Remember to go for something basic and plain like a pair of white sneakers.

Keep it polished

Avoid looking like you just threw on whatever you had lying around by making your denim outfit too boring. A cropped denim top matched with vertical printed skirt and gladiators is one of the stylish ways to wear denim on denim.

denim collageThings to avoid when buying jeans

1.    Designs on pocket.

2.    With heavy stitching or paint splatter.

3.    A low-rise waist that does not fit your natural waist.

With so many styles and brands of denim out there, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and buy the wrong stuff. Don’t get intimidated. Look for a top and well-known brand (after all, you will be wearing this for a long time) and remember, the more basic and simple denim is, the better. Once you have your look down pat, don’t be surprised if a talent agent approaches you in a mall and gives you his business card.

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collage 1

Going minimalist with maxi dresses

Friday, 20 May 2016 | Written by
collage 1

Maxi dresses are pretty much every girl’s dream: comfortable and classy at the same time. Summer days are definitely perfect for this kind of outfit especially when it’s floral, with summer feel-like colors like teal, yellow, neon green, you name it. But, little do girls know that they can wear it any season of the year. That’s how versatile maxi dresses are.

Maxi dresses have this special magic of making every girl look extra fabulous whether at the beach or night events. They’re literally one of the most flattering outfits a girl could ever have in her closet. They’re easy to add layers over, as well as hide layers under, making them a perfect transitional piece from summer to rainy season.

We can’t deny the comfort of maxi dress but be sure you know how to style it up with your accessories, bags and of course, your sandals. So to ensure you’re utilizing maxi dresses in the most flattering, stylish way possible, read on and take note.

Outfit # 1collage 1

My favorite time of the year to wear my classic minty dress is summer! It’s a perfect addition to a new Grendha Tribale IV sandals and a summer classic tote bag. Your maxi dress doesn’t have to be floor-length. Pamper your feet with beauty sandals like these to add glam.

Outfit # 2

Collage 2

Floral maxi dress, denim jacket, black slip on and a zip bucket bag – great for every day or perfect travel outfit. It’s not just comfortable, but of course it’s also classy – which we, girls want every single time. This would keep you warm enough for the day.

Outfit # 3

Collage 3Are you off to an event? Girl, you better show some skin! Even if it’s a maxi dress, you’re welcome to wear it with a plunging neckline and match it up with a pair of nude platforms. I’m pretty sure you’d be one of the stunners in that event!

Outfit # 4Collage 4

I’m pretty sure that there are days when you just want to wear a loose shirt but you’re not allowed in your office. Try wearing this kind of loose long dress if you’re aiming for a relaxed day at the office, pair it up with a semi-gladiators and an animal print oversized bag.

Outfit # 5

Collage 5

You have a meeting or a presentation but you still want to keep your fashionable soul? No problem! Maxi dresses look awesome with a little layering. Add a white (or cream will do) blazer and wear rose gold accessories for sparkle!

Outfit # 6

Collage 6

Who says it’s awkward to wear a maxi dress cover up? To those girls who haven’t been to beach yet this summer, be sure to shop for this kind of cover up because it’s really fashown as it is!

It’s always how you wear it, honey! Many girls associate long dresses for formal occasions but because of how the fashion industry emerges, it has become acceptable to wear a maxi dress without hurting your fashion repertoire. Yes, a long dress is and always will be elegant, comfy and chic. With the right accessories, you can go from sleek and classy to trendy and chic.

References: photos from Polyvore,


Mother, daughter and co.: when your mom is your business partner too

Friday, 6 May 2016 | Written by

PMothers and daughters share a unique bond. It’s close relationship that’s layered with unconditional love and even friendship. But how does the dynamic change when mothers and daughters also become partners in business?

“When running a business with your mom, there are lots of advantages and disadvantages,” says Michelle Pacubas, 30 years old, who runs an RTW and water refilling station business with her mom Linda Pacubas. They decided to start a business ten years ago and until today, the businesses are thriving, including a new business they put up recently—selling a slimming product called Sakura Skinny Coffee.

“Pag business partners kayo ng mom mo, well for me, wala kang lugi because you can always borrow money from her and she’ll support you no matter what,” says Michelle. In turn, she sees to it that every penny is properly accounted for.

Disagreements are inevitable, however. Because her mom is more traditional when it comes to approach in business, Michelle has a hard time convincing her of changes she wants to implement in the business plan. “But at the end of the day, we would realize that we got each other’s back whatever happens. That’s what I love about happy mom as a partner. She is not only looking out for the business, but for me as well.”2

Despite all arguments, Michelle always reminds herself to treat your mother as a business partner and an investor, make sure that you give back what you have borrowed and give her a part of the profit. There should be a mutual understanding that you are business partners too apart from being family.” 

*You may visit Michelle’s online shop if you happen to be interested*

INSTAGRAM: @artofcasualtee


The weightier relationship

Filipinos are fans of beauty products, especially anti-aging and whitening products. Chinese-Filipino Polly “Pao” Zepeda, 27 years old, banked on this market behavior and decided to open a business with her best friend, her mom Letty Zepeda.

Luckily, Pao was able to find a reliable distributor of Glutatione beauty products from the United States that she and mom felt comfortable in investing. Pao is a trusted seller not only because she has this magic of communicating well with her clients, but also because she had experience working in beauty clinics as a registered nurse.4

Pao’s secret to running a smooth-sailing business with her mom is simple. For her, it’s normal to have arguments, but she makes sure these doesn’t get in the way of their relationship as mom and daughter. Pao says, “I always tell myself my relationship with my mom is a lot important than this business so why would I let simple arguments destroy my good and strong relationship with her?”

Fathers and sons used to be the usual family tandem in business, but the empowerment of women and their acceptability as leaders paved the way for women-led businesses to be on the rise. The results are businesses that listens to its market, treats customers like friends, and daughters who look up to their mothers as their role models, and whose bond with them grows stronger.

*You can visit Pao’s Instagram and Facebook account too

INSTAGRAM: @thebeauty_trends

Reference: Photos from interviewees’ Instagram accounts

basics fashion

#Vacationstylegoals: pegs for vacation outfits

Wednesday, 20 April 2016 | Written by
basics fashion

Dreaming of halting the stress in the office and going to a strangely new and wonderful place? Or perhaps, you’ve reached your quota in vacations and what’s left is to reminisce on that fun one-week vacation that was over too soon, too bad?

The word vacation never fails to make our eyes glimmer and for millenials like me, the luxury of traveling (even on a budget) is the end goal, the reason why we work those long hours.

A vacation being a big event in our lives, we wouldn’t want to miss out by wearing boring clothes. Whatever your style is, whether you are a beach gal, a bohemian queen or a hottie hiker, it’s a must to never ever forget to style yourself up and let your fashion loving soul do its thing.

Peg # 1: Go boho at a culture or beach tripboho chic

You can never go wrong with coming boho-chic: Bohemian dress, gladiators and a very boho feels bag. The bohemian style originated from the 21st century, when refugees from Eastern Europe lived artistic, unconventional and nomadic lives in the States. This style perfectly encapsulates what a vacation should be about: so put on your gypsy hat and be a wanderer.

Peg # 2: Long drive hottieroad trip hottie

So you are off to a road trip with friends? No worries. This see-through rose quartz dress will beat the heat in style. Slip on a pair of colorful flats (bonus points if you find something with woven details). Don’t forget to add a summer hat and a cute specs to your #vacationstylegoals.

Peg # 3: Back to basicsbasics fashion

Back-to-basic outfit never goes out of style. This white tee with lashes on it is posh enough to be part of your outfit. Mix it up as well with a midi skirt that’s coming back on trend so your curves will be emphasized. A pair of Addidas Super Star, Navy Blue Longchamp Neo (visit The Posh Life on Facebook) and a cutie summer statement phone case would make you extra fashown too!

Peg # 4: Short and sweetshort and sweet1

One of my favorite things to do every time during summer vacation is spending the day checking out all the local boutiques for souvenirs. Knowing that it’s pretty hot, this teal lacy jumpsuit (shorts) and a pair of Birkenstocks will provide a comfortable ensemble for hours of shopping.short and sweet2

Glam up your summer night out this classy lace playsuit and a pair of Tilt Heel sandals. The beauty of any lace outfit is one of the easiest outfits to accessorize, you don’t actually have to spend a ton of money to look chic and elegant.

Peg # 5: Back to blackblack fashion

Lunch outs with relatives and friends always happen. Floral dress is the best idea for this, really! For the footwear, I barely recommend high heels but this pair of leather buckle sandals is comfy enough to bring with you. As you can see, I’ve put too much black accessories because it really puts glam on any outfit.

Now get your itineraries right and pack your bags for that well-deserved vacation!


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How to nail the beach babe look

Wednesday, 6 April 2016 | Written by

Have you always loved the beach culture but never quite managed to achieve the best look for it? Whether you were born and bred at the beach, wanting to up-the-ante on your beach babe look or changing your style completely, we’re giving you the low-down on how to the perfect belle of the beach.BeachBabe

Being a beach babe is not about being high-maintenance – it’s all about having a laid-back style and attitude while having fun at the same time.

So lather up some SPF this summer and primp up as if it’s no effort. It only takes a few key pieces, the right accessories and minimal makeup.

COVER-UP: If you’re heading to the beach, never forget bringing a light cover-up with you. Oh, a pretty cover-up at that. Cover your sexy swimsuit with a trendy cover-up also so it won’t spoil your outfit in any way. Remember to coordinate colors and patterns with your bathing suit if you can. I recommend you shop at Coco Cobana, they really have the best and most affordable summer collection!

HAIRSTYLE: Wear your loose bun or ponytail down and tousled. Beachy waves can add sexiness to your beach babe look for sure! If you have straight hair, keep your hair braded overnight and let it loose in the morning. However, if you have natural curly hair, let it loose or try tiny braids.3

TAKE IT EASY ON THE MAKE UP: Do not wear make up at all or just stick to a light lip-gloss or Chapstick. You can wear mascara but make sure it’s waterproof.

WEAR MINIMAL ACCESSORIES: Choose a cute pair of flip-flops to match with your sexy bikini. Do not bring a big bag, just a simple summer statement tote will do already. You may also opt for simple, beach inspired jewelry like this bracelet. Well, if you want to impress, bring a surfboard. It doesn’t matter if you can’t use it, just pretend the waves are too small!beach babe photos

PROTECT YOURSELF: Don’t get too excited you forget to come prepared. Especially since the sun is too cruel and unforgiving, exposing our pores too much means we end up having a stressful look, so don’t forget your sunblock. In fact, true beach beauty means fresh skin, sun-kissed cheeks and actually a good dose of SPF.

Beach babe

GET A TAN: You will naturally get a glowing tan by spending lots of time at the beach, but do it well by putting plenty of sunscreen and moisturizer before and after. Use a tinted lotion as well for an extra boost of bronze and shine. swimsuits

PICK THE BEST BIKINI: Neoprene bikini, crochet bikini, monokini, boho bikini, you name it, those summer bikinis are on trend and you can’t afford not to have one this summer. This is one of the most important decisions you’ll make to become the ultimate beach babe. Please, leave your Olympic training piece at home. To really beach it up, get skimpy. Try a Brazilian cut bikini or if you want to try something new, slip on a G-string. Come on, be blazing and fiercely hot this summer, beach babe!

References: Polyvore, Metropolist, Google and Pixabay; Primary Photo owned by  author

candy colored flats collage

Candy-colored flats for summer

Sunday, 13 March 2016 | Written by
candy colored flats collage

candy colored flats collage

It’s time to store those boots, oxfords, Doc Martens and heels for another season and look on the bright side. Because nothing beats the summer heat more than a pair of happy bright-colored footwear.

Whether you’re off to the beach this weekend, or travelling solo to a foreign tropical country, or simply wanting to take the summer heat in style, your feet deserves footwear that will make it breathe, let you have long walks and make you stand out from the crowd.

Summer-ify your summer outfits with these cute-colored, very Instagram-worthy flats.

Pretty and chicvalentine flats

Soak up the sun with a bright yellow Valentine-inspired sandals. This would be best if you’re someone who loves to wear a dark top and jeans because a classily designed pair of shoes can instantly brighten an outfit. This pair is a secret weapon for the ladies, really.

Lady long walks

1Melissa is known for the top-quality jelly flats and sandals. And they always have a variety of bright-colored summer flats too. A pair of Melissa not only goes a long way for your pocket, but also if you love long walks; this one won’t let you down.

Teal steal3

Is it just me or is everyone crazy in love over teal? Ballet shoes like these are the best if you like wearing dresses (which is great for summer, really).

Candy sport5

Who said that only girly flats could be cand- colored? If you’re not the girly type, then this candy colored New Balance 996 will totally rock your summer out!

Summer bloom

Floral might seem cliché for summer, but this awesome pair of floral flats is guaranteed to make you and your outfit bloom. This one’s a top recommendation to young moms and 30 and up ladies. Don a pair of these to make you feel and look younger.6

Speaking of flowers, I believe each girl should have a pair of Melissa floral sandals. Nothing screams summer more than this. It’s good for a city walk or a stroll at the beach, it’s that versatile.7

Just like a box of candy, footwear like these can make any summer lover smile a sweet grin. So squeeze in positive vibes this summer with sporting candy-colored flats. Don’t forger your pair of Bumblebee sunnies and you’re good to go.

References: Huffingtonpost Style, Polyvore,

Purse Bag

8 things only handbag lovers will understand

Thursday, 3 March 2016 | Written by
Purse Bag

Never underestimate the power of a handbag. Placed at the center of one’s outfit, consider it the fulcrum of one’s style that ties everything together. With a proper handbag, you have in your hand not only a functional object, but also a fashion statement. The truth is, most women consider their bags their second home (just take a look inside a girl’s handbag and you’ll know what I’m talking about).

Model shoes bag

Handbags vary in colors, shapes and sizes, but if you’re on a hunt for a quality handbag (or perhaps like me, you’re just in dire need of retail therapy), knowing the different kinds of handbags will help you narrow down your options and decide more easily.

CLUTCH This type of bag is perfect for your night-outs with your friends. Consider it the life of the party because it adds class to your outfit.manolo-blahnik-clutch

TOTE The tote is one of the most versatile and popular of all handbags. This is ideal if you’re someone who carries a lot of stuff, but hates to use its sling.5

HOBO This slouchy handbag is one of the most popular shapes. Known for its aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-tow crescent shape, hobo handbags are perfect for your oversized stuff like your wallet or your makeup kit.7

SATCHEL Satchel is usually used for offices because it’s made of leather/canvas like fabric. This is best if your outfit in the office is business attire.8

Quality, especially designer, handbags are definitely costly, but there are many reasons why fashionistas scrimp up their lunch allowance to save up on a new handbag. Here are 8 reasons girls go gaga over handbags.

1. Most wonderful part of fashion

I personally see handbags as the most wonderful part of fashion because they are clearly fit with anything you wear and rarely painful to use. Gain some weight? Handbag still fits. Lose some weight? Your handbag would still fit. Spend eight hours at work and your handbag wouldn’t bother you any second, really.

2. You don’t have to over-dress

Even if you’re only wearing a plain white tee and ripped off jeans, if your handbag is looking pretty chic, you are already good to go. At least, this will help you save up on spending so much money for clothes because there are lots of cheap yet looking good and classy bags online. Always keep in mind that carrying a nice bag automatically makes everything you’re wearing look more expensive. A bag is always a great diversion.

3. Good bags require proper care

Even if you’re not super careful with your bags, you know that they should always, yes ALWAYS be kept in their dust bags in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight. But then if you’re someone who’s extra careful, you stuff these bags with tissue or crumpled magazine to maintain their shapes when not in use.Purse Bag

4. Once you’ve invested in a fancy leather, you can’t go back

Once you all know your options, it’s hard to back to enjoying things that are merely average. It’s okay to have some luxury in life because you deserve it, pretty woman!

5. Same bag but different colors wouldn’t matter.

Come on, girls will always be girls and no one can ever change that. Sometimes you like to use your favorite black Michael Kors. Other times, you want the same bag to be little pink or navy blue.

6. New bag + New outfit = Perfect day

Every single girl gets excited to go out with her friends or boyfriend especially when she has that new bag matching with her new outfit.

7. People actually treat you differently

“Oh my gosh, I love your bag!” A beautiful bag is always a nice conversation-starter when meeting new people, especially girls who are into fashion too. Also, whether we admit it or not, a designer bag is actually a status symbol. Everyone digests little social cues about status and they do it every day. Even someone who’s not really into fashion can actually tell when someone’s attire feels expensive and sophisticated — this is the reason why a bag speaks for itself, it just stands out.

8. The experience of the bag is not as important as the bag itself

Every girl’s statement is “Shopping makes everything better” when in fact, for handbag lovers, it’s not really shopping that makes them so much happy, rather, it’s the bag itself that gives them that genuine happiness.

Photos from Polyvore and Pixabay


What to wear to a brunch date

Sunday, 14 February 2016 | Written by

For most people, a dinner date is the most romantic set-up for a new couple or even, for two people just starting to see each other. But these days, with the boom of the restaurant scene in Manila, we’ve seen how breakfast or brunch has become a food craze on its own.

A brunch date means an outdoors set-up and lots of sun! For brunch, it’s all about looking fresh and chic!rusticmornings

Don’t wear jeans.

While you don’t have to dig out your best clothes, jeans are too casual. Always put this in mind ladies, brunch should be about looking casual yet chic, so jeans and shirt just aren’t right.

Mind your hairLook1

Since brunch dates can be a little too hot especially here in the Philippines, it’s safe to look fresh by wearing a bun or a quick and easy ponytail. Well, if your hair is pretty short for a bun, find a few minutes to let your hair down and find some chic hair accessories to make you extra cute.      

The small details matter

Never ever forget to find time to make sure that your nails look good. There is nothing worst than looking great with your outfit and realizing that you have a chipped off nail polish that looka terrible. Get friendly with your nail file and a manicure kit and you’ll feel so much better about yourself for sure!

Footwear check

Nothing spells brunch more than a garden set-up. Think Rustic Mornings! This means heels are a no-no, reserve that for dinner Wear flats or sandals for this sunny occasionBrunch date shoes

Jewel it up

I personally love selecting what jewelry to use for different types of events and dressing for brunch requires some careful selection. You can’t use your loud and big bangles and chokers like the ones you use during your night out with friends. Instead, look for something cute but simple. A gold chain with simple pendant necklace is perfect. Just remember that it’s a brunch date not an evening out! 7

Girly look

It is important to keep in mind that it’s a brunch date and we are going for a chic look. Chiffon and ruffles style looks amazing and remember that it needs to be calf length and not too revealing. Embrace the chic feeling and you’ll surely look a million dollars without flashing any flesh! White is definite hit for brunch but can be unforgiving and is very easy to stain. Look for pale and pastel colors and make sure it fits in with the colors of your jewelry and shoes.Brunch date dresses

No dress, no problem!

If you’re someone who’s not fond of wearing dresses, then wear some light linen trousers, and a breezy top that matches.Brunch date last look

While it might seem like there are lots of rules, pick every item of your outfit separately and make sure it fits the color scheme and overall look of the outfit. But then again, the most important thing is to enjoy your self. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Sources: Polyvore, Google, Marie Claire; Collage through; Photo of Rustic Mornings used with permission

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