Promposal for Ms. Universe

Of high school proms and promposals

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Saturday, 5 March 2016 - Last Updated on March 5, 2016
Promposal for Ms. Universe
Lovi Poe goes to prom

Lovi Poe goes to prom

Dream prom come true

Kapuso actress Lovi Poe was giving a talk in her high school alma mater, Colegio de San Agustin when she decided to make a young man’s prom dream come true.

The lovely actress posted a video on her Instagram account last February 9, 2016 with the caption …

“So months ago, this guy named Kurt asked me to the prom in front of his classmates and I said I would think about it… now he asked me again in front of his batch mates….. And I said Yes.???? I guess I’m going to the prom once again!!?? See you, Kurt!!! You better show me a good time!”

True to her word, Poe went to the prom with CSA student Kurt. She posted a photo of herself wearing a burgundy Tony Evan gown on her Instagram account. She wrote, “The night I was high school again.” Her young date wore a black suit with a burgundy tie to match her gown.

The Kapuso star held out her arm so that her dashing prom date could put on the corsage. Although Poe is obviously taller than her date, they still look cute together. The gorgeous actress shared another photo of them with the caption …

“With my prom prince @kurteous5 . He is Indeed a true gentleman.”

Promposal for Ms. Universe

Promposal for Ms. Universe

Promposal for Ms. Universe

It seems like Kurt is not the only teenager who wants the best prom date possible. Jerel Labra, a Fil-Am teen from Texas posted a video clip on Twitter asking Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach if she would be willing to go to the prom with him. He said on the video …

“Hi Ms. Universe. My name is Jerel Labra. I’m a 17 year old Filipino and I live here in Texas. First of all I want to say congratulations on your win. You really did make all of us Filipinos very proud.”

He continues …

“I may not be as handsome as James Franco, or as funny as Seth Rogen, or maybe as ripped as Channing Tatum, but I can say this, I’m a runner up. This is my question for you…”

Labra pauses to catch a bouquet of roses thrown by someone from the background and says, “Pia, will you go to prom with me on April 23?”

The reigning beauty queen got the teen’s attention. Wurtzbach replied with a short video saying, “Hi Jerel. I got your promposal. I’ve never had a proposal like that before so that’s definitely a first. I would love to go if my schedule permits, so we’ll see. I can’t promise anything yet right now but your message was really sweet.”

The ecstatic teen replied on Twitter, “@PiaWurtzbach @MissUniverse Thank you for your reply Pia! I hope you can make it, but please please make time for it. Excited nako!”

As of this posting, Labra’s promposal video has generated 1,824 likes and retweeted 849 times.

Rise of promposals

Soccer field promposal

Soccer field promposal

In today’s modern world dominated by high speed Internet and all sorts of gadgets, it seems that teens are more gutsy and determined.

Gone are the days when moms arrange for their teen to go to the prom with their amiga’s fellow teen. Most young individuals today are capable of getting their own dates.

Asking someone to the prom is not anymore as simple as asking, “Will you be my prom date?”

More young guys (and girls) are going out of their comfort zone to arrange unique and memorable ways to ask their prospect date to go to the prom with them. Perhaps, girls nowadays are secretly hoping to get more than the usual phone call, SMS, Facebook message, or getting asked along the school corridor.

Promposals are becoming more of a public ceremony. Some teens seem to take a flair for the dramatic to ensure a more favorable response.

With all the effort put into grandiose promposals, young ladies (and even lads) are likely put on the spot and pressured to accept even if they don’t actually like the guy (or girl) or have another prom partner in mind. It may seem too much of a risk to appear cold-hearted when you decline someone in front of a crowd especially when the moment is being documented for social media sharing. Most promposals are orchestrated to be Instagram-worthy (and other social media sites).

Teens are investing time, effort and money into their promposals. I could only imagine the pressure that kids face during prom season. Boys (and girls) are compelled to be creative in order to get a coveted yes.

Take for instance this video of a blindfolded girl being ushered by her friends to the football field. A guy walks along holding wireless speakers to provide background music while another captures the moment with his mobile phone. The person from behind documents the whole scene on video.

A group of guys holding placards wait at the end of the field. From afar, they form the name A-L-E-X. When the blindfold is removed, the girl sees the large letters that spell out her name. The boys turn the cards around to spell P-R-O-M while the main young man uses his megaphone to pop the question.

The girl walks towards the soccer ball positioned strategically in front of the soccer net with a large sign that says “Yes.” When she kicks the ball towards the goal, everyone jumps for joy. The ecstatic guy embraces his prom date and gives her a Ferrero Rocher chocolate bouquet.

In this next video, a student named Michael is seen creating a heart made from rose petals on the floor. A few paces away, the letters P-R-O-M-? have already been formed.

The prom date prospect, Kathleen walks in blindfolded. She is assisted by a classmate who leads her to the center of the heart.

Kathleen’s blindfold is removed and Michael walks towards her with a bouquet of flowers. He kneels before her and asks, “Kathleen, will you go to the prom with me?”

When Kathleen says yes, the rest of the class cheers and shouts, “Kiss! Kiss!” The couple embraces and the young gentleman plants a kiss on the girl’s forehead.

In this day and age, a young lady doesn’t have to sit and wait to get a prom proposal. It’s perfectly acceptable to do the asking herself just like in the next video.

CK creates placards in her room. She asks a bunch of friends to dance during her promposal.

Wilmer, the prom date prospect walks unsuspectingly to the grounds wearing his jersey and shorts. On cue, the couples make a curtsy and begin to slow dance while Wilmer looks on.

After the dance, one of the couples accompanies Wilmer towards the rest of the group and they circle around him. They later form a line with Wilmer at the front. Meanwhile, a group of girls reveal placards with the letters P-R-O-M and another one that says “Look Back.” They all turn around including Wilmer. CK makes her way to them and asks, “Wilmer, will you go to the prom with me?” The lad gives his consent and embraces the lovely lady in blue.

Photos: “Lovi Poe goes to prom” screencap from Lovi Poe Instagram account; “Promposal for Ms. Universe” screencap from Jerel Labra Twitter account; “Soccer field promposal” screencap from YouTube.

Videos c/o YouTube.
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