All the President’s men want to be Digongs

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Friday, 15 July 2016 - Last Updated on November 20, 2016

cabinet By tradition or out of habit we bestow ‘terms of endearment’ on our officials, especially on our Presidents. Thus we pet heart patient and viagra name Ferdinand Marcos, Macoy; Corazon Aquino, Santita; Fidel Ramos, Tabako; Joseph Estrada, Erap; Gloria Macapagal, GMA; Benigno Aquino, PNoy. Rodrigo Duterte, the country’s new President, we tag Digong. As in strong, which his blustering rhetorics project him to be. For who but only Digong could cuss Francis, beloved Pope of the Filipinos, and get awayBarbour Online Uk with just  raised eyebrows and shaking heads? Who but Digong could threaten  to burn down Congress with not one of the ‘honorables’ calling his dare, all of them with their tails between their legs? Who but Digong could lace his levitra or viagra forum mouthings, foul as they are, with ‘putang ina’ and still find himself being hugged and smooched by the ‘mga ina’ he calls ‘mga puta?’ Digong, as in bongga. For who but only Digong could promise big to cleanse the country of criminals within six months? And, to show he means business, muster a nationwide posse to hunt down all tsinelas-wearing poppy-eyed adiks and blow their brains out? Who but only Digong could call Uncle Sam terror exporter? Flushed with tough ‘change’ pep talk, all the President’s men now want to be Digong or  bluster like him. “Bato,’ no intro needed on who he is, echoed the Digong’s promise, call it brag if you say so, to wipe out the country’s crime scourge in six months’ time (or both of them will pack their bags and go home.) And so the ‘killing spree,’ as some alarmed quarters say it is, along trash-filled barbour uk online shop sale esteros, under bridges, in dark, musty alleys, and would you believe, even right inside the viagra and cancer ‘teritorio’ of the gendarmes. The ‘Rock,’ who looks it, also challenged ‘rotten’ cops to surrender within 48 hours or he will change their birth dates to November 2. No takers though, but of course! At the sidelines a battle is brewing between the CHR et al saying the gun is shooting one too many and the OSG vowing to defend the hand pulling the trigger. Not to be out media-played, a newbie ‘honorable’ is proposing the building of crematories in every district, siyempre, to be named Batocabe Crematories. Meanwhile, the AgriSec tasked to bring back the fun in planting rice told the NIA officials who questioned, even deemed ‘impossible’ his free irrigation for farmers program that there is a big garbage can fronting his office where the nay-sayers can throw in their resignation letters. Which is a mild version of a Digong reply to opposers. The new TranSec sees in his dreams, OK, envisions cable cars, double decker buses, bus canadian pharmacy uloric rapid transit programs and modernized railway systems during his tenure. The horrendous Metro Manila traffic gridlocks and snarls he says he will solve in two years (100 days in the latest pronouncement) otherwise he is a ‘failure… useless’ and should be booted out of office. A joke obviously but not as hilarious as the Aquino/Abaya version that if they are unable to deliver their railway modernization promise on time they will let themselves be ran over, oh, so crunchingly slow by their beloved slow trains. Digong rode to victory on the twin campaign promise to eradicate criminality and change the present form of  government to Federalism. viagra shelf life Sixteen million souls believe he can – and will – do away with the scalawags. The same sixteen million may not know what the heck is Federalism or may just have an inkling that the exercise would chop the nation into several ‘imperials’ to be ruled by clan dynasties and warlords. Still, the President’s men are scrambling to make it happen. Simply because Digong wants it. The new AFP Chief says he will ‘launch non-stop, 24/7 operations’ against the Abu Sayaf which he says is the only way to defeat them. Problem is Digong is also saying that the kidnap-for-ransom gang are not bandits. Nor are the NPAs for that matter. Now don’t be surprised if one of these days the VP as ‘housing czarina’ makes the vow that in two years time there will no more Filipinos snoring under the stars or getting drenched revolution dogs canadian pharmacy by the rains or burned by the sun, or else. Or else, what? Though the BudSec says 24/7 infra constructions are to viagraonline-edstore be implemented, he cautioned that ‘things will get worse before they get better… that things will not get better right away… but all the major roads will be fixed.’ Finally, sober, reasonable, refreshing pronouncements amid the braggadocios.   Photo credits:

Manuel Garcia Calleja (27 Posts)

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