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The Philippine Online Chronicles (www.thepoc.net) is both a media network and news curator, a platform for alternative viewpoints and a synthesizer of ideas. Instead of the traditional journalistic practice of straightforward reportage, POC presents a multiplicity of perspectives in a single article. It reports facts of the news as well as viewpoints on the news. POC does not confine itself to mainstream news sources but actively cultivates less heard voices like blogs, student newspapers, and alternative publications.

New news

POC reports viewpoints on the news, along with facts of the news, by actively cultivating alternative sources of information. Content is internally linked to, and contextualized by, information from WikiPilipinas and the Vibal Foundation's other project websites: Filipiniana.net and E-Turo.org. Thus, readers are able to talk back to the news. Knowledge is shared and collaborated on in different levels, creating not just a knowledge space, but a cross-referential loop.

Our content is licensed under Creative Commons, and so may be shared or reposted as long as license conditions are met, unless otherwise stated in an article's footnotes.

Channels (Sections)

POC's content is distributed among the News Section and 14 Channels.

  1. News(Breaking Stories)
  2. Politi-Ko(Politics)
  3. Pera-Isipan(Finance)
  4. Sportacular(Sports)
  5. Sosyal!(Entertainment)
  6. Metakritiko, with Pinoy Pop (Arts and Culture, Pop Culture)
  7. Buhay Pinoy(Lifestyle: Local and Overseas)
  8. Kamundohan(World News and Foreign Affairs)
  9. Lintech!(Technology)
  10. What On Earth(Environment)
  11. Health and Wellness
  12. Beauty and Fashion
  13. Pinoy LGBT (LGBT Issues)


POC serves as a platform for personalities and advocates from different sectors of society who, through their uniquely inspirational stories, may serve as alternative icons for the Filipino.

These include:

Blog Watch

A bloggers' initiative aiming to cover underplayed stories (mainly politics and governance) that traditional media cannot cover due to limited resources and time. The views of Blog Watch bloggers may not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Philippine Online Chronicles or the Vibal Foundation.

Year in POCus

A review of the previous year's newsmakers. Year in POCus is the Philippine Online Chronicles' year-end offering, which first came out in 2009.

Parokya sa Web

Fr. Robert Reyes, the inimitable "Running Priest" writes Angelus reflections and shines a light at social causes and issues. Readers can leave a prayer request and learn more about his spiritual activism.


The National Schools Press Conference (NSPC), facilitated by the Department of Education, brings together young campus journalists from schools all over the country to compete for accolades in print and broadcast media. The NSPC Channel is part of POC's continuing initiative to introduce web journalism as a new and relevant platform for would-be journalists.

Other featured content:

Pinoy Romansa

Out-of-print romance novels, digitized chapter by chapter for your reading pleasure.

Tulaan sa Tren

With Tulaan sa Tren, the National Book Development Board (NBDB) hopes to invigorate the Filipinos’ appreciation for Philippine poetry and rekindle their interest in reading the country's best poets and authors.

Due to its cooperation with the NBDB in the Tulaan sa Tren project, the Vibal Foundation recently received a Presidential Citation in recognition of its contributions to Philippine education and its efforts to bring Philippine literature to the majority of Filipinos.





Noemi Lardizabal-Dado
Features Editor, Blog Watch Editor

Maureen A. Hermitanio

Associate Features Editor


Eva Callueng

Special Features Editor, Pinoy LGBT


Myrna Rodriguez Co
Special Features Editor, Buhay Pinoy


Alina Co
Special Features Editor, Beauty and Fashion


Reynadel Valera
Special Features Editor, Sosyal and Metakritiko


Vencer Crisostomo
Special Features Editor, Sosyal and POC Youth

Gaspar A. Vibal

Kristine E. Mandigma
Program Director

Rosalia E. Eugenio
Program Coordinator


Andrea L. Peterson
Copy Editor



Sabrina L. Oliveros
Multimedia Head

James C. Felizardo
Media Editor

Owen D. Berico
Multimedia Assistant


Anwar Lorenzo Sumawang
Technology Officer

Jofell Gallardo
Technology Consultant

Adrian Thomas Chin
Web Developer

Joseph Gabriel
Web Developer

Alexandrew Niño Diñoso
Systems Administrator


Baripov Guerrero
Design Coordinator

Graphic Artists
Elvis Butihen
Primadonna Cerzo
Anna Cecilia Morquicillo
Randy Pagatpatan


Dianne Peth Castillo
Events Coordinator

Jed Marinas
Sales Coordinator

Maria Mikhaela A. de Leon
Marketing/PR Assistant


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