Sleeveless turtleneck by Sophie S. All rights reserved Flickr Creative Commons

6 commandments to get kili-kili power

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Saturday, 24 May 2014 - Last Updated on July 22, 2014
Sleeveless turtleneck by Sophie S. All rights reserved Flickr Creative Commons
Sleeveless turtleneck by Sophie S. All rights reserved Flickr Creative Commons

Sleeveless turtleneck by Sophie S. All rights reserved Flickr Creative Commons

Do you have kili-kili confidence? If not, then it’s your time to switch things up with easy beauty remedies that can help you be more comfortable with your body—and proud too! Get to know the many causes of dark underarms, beat it with easy home remedies, and maintain fair pits with simple techniques that won’t even need more than a minute from your day.

  •  Switch to a deodorant-only product
  •  Use a beautifying oil before sleep
  • Purify your skin through micro-peeling or a lemon scrub
  • Wax instead of pluck
  • Maintain proper hygiene
  • Consult a dermatologist

Toss the antiperspirant and switch to deodorant-only products

Underarm darkening can be a sign of skin irritation. Some antiperspirants contain strong chemicals and even skin drying alcohol just to commit perspiration-free days! This however may be taken harshly by your system; thus the thickening of the underarm folds which eventually leads to rubbing and further friction. If your day doesn’t expect much sweat to break, stick to the most natural protection. For regular days, you can try a more gently formulated deodorant like Nivea Pure & Natural deodorant, a deodorant that respects the sensitivity of the armpit area.


Otherwise, skip your deodorant. Veering away chemically-laden products can also prevent you from having endocrinal imbalances caused by harmful chemicals common in deodorants such as parabens and triclosan.

If you sweat a little, wipe off with dry tissue. Are you always in an air-conditioned office? Then you have less to worry about!

When you do skip your antiperspirant or deodorant, substitute it with your choice of beautifying oil. Beuautifying oil helps moisturize your armpits, preventing chafing of the skin, while also working as a natural skin lightening agent.

A popular option would be the sunflower oil. Rich in Vitamins A and E,  it’s an anti-aging vitamin and antioxidant. Rather than defying your body’s natural process of flushing toxins out through sweat, give your armpits some tender loving care instead. Use Human Heart Nature’s 100% Natural Sunflower Beauty Oil to experience a multi-tasking beauty product that will additionally soften your skin, calm chickened skin due to plucking, heal ingrown scars, and prevent further pigmentation of the skin due to irritation.

Kumi's recommended products

Kumi’s recommended products

Micro-peel your way to smoother and whiter armpits

At least once a week, use a micro-peeling cream to encourage skin renewal. Recommended for this is GoNaturals Skin Peel Purificator for its papaya enriched formulation. Papaya is well-known for its whitening ingredient because of its natural enzyme papain, nature’s secret to skin renewal and cell turnover. Because our skin is composed of layers of cells, the more consistent, even, and faster your skin lifts off the dull dermis, the brighter, fairer, and softer  the revealed skin.

Too scared to try micro-peeling creams? Explore its do-it-yourself alternative. Cut a lemon, dalandan or calamansi in half and as if it were a sponge, dip it on salt or sugar, and scrub away. The citric acid from the fruit extracts works as a natural bleach for the skin. Leave the juice on for 2-5 minutes, then wash. Repeat this regimen every day before you take your evening shower for a boost in effect. Just make sure you don’t try this out with broken skin—that would hurt!

For the same reason, you might also want to switch to waxing instead of plucking. Not only does it take less time and hurt; waxing also helps, quite literally, lift off a thin layer of the skin as it pulls unwanted hair off the root. Doing so instantly reveals younger skin, thus a lighter effect. Likewise, if you’re the type who shaves, switching to a waxing regimen will give your armpits the time to heal from the micro-abrasion your razorblades cause.

Maintain proper hygiene

Another cause of underarm discoloration is poor hygiene. Because the armpit is a confined area, once moist, it becomes Disneyland for germs to breed in. When this happens, change to clean clothes if a shower is not easily accessible. Or powder up to prevent moisture from encouraging foul odor or skin infection due to bacteria.

With limitless options of whitening the armpits, it’s no longer impossible to have flawless armpits to flaunt. For an added kick in whitening, use underarm lightening creams that are compatible to your skin. Tried and tested choices are Gluta-C Intense Whitening and Bikini Gel, Kojie-San Intensive Whitening Underarm Cream, and Pharmaclinix Face Toner—yes, a face toner.

sleeveless white button down blouse by ejt77. Some rights reserved Flickr Creative Commons.

sleeveless white button down blouse by ejt77.
Some rights reserved Flickr Creative Commons.

If your choice of underarm whitening routine involves more store-bought products than at-home remedies or lifestyle changes, you can boost the effect of your choice of skincare by also using skin toner on you armpits. Similar to its effect on the face, when the armpit is toned, it allows a faster absorption of further skincare.

To make sure your selected routine works best, consult your dermatologist to check any possible inclination to adverse reaction to products or solutions, both homemade or store bought.

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