5 Tips to Protect your Business from Fires

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Thursday, 10 March 2016 - Last Updated on June 6, 2016
Firefighter being celebrated as the Fire Prevention Month, March has more fires recorded than any other month of the year. Heralding the start of the Summer or dry months, March is often characterized by a certain dryness in the air and this lack of moisture often lead to dry plants and fields, making areas more susceptible to fires. Having been used to the cooler climates of the previous months, temperature altering appliances such as electric fans and air-conditioning units are used a little longer than usual. These practices and the uncharacteristically dry and hot environment often cause electric wires and appliances to overheat.

Whatever the cause, these fires do not only damage homes but businesses as well. What’s worse, save for the loss of lives, homes can be rebuilt but most small business who suffer a fire do not survive since most are not prepared to survive such calamities.

It is therefore essential for business owners to protect their business from such calamities. Here are 5 tips to protect your business:

  1. Make sure that everything is up to Code. When building or renovating your area of business, making sure that all requirements in the Fire and Building code are met and all necessary clearances and permits are secured. The time you invest in securing these permits will ensure that you won’t be hassled with repairs down the road as well as ensure that, in case of fire, your insurance claims would not be forfeited because of negligence.
  2. Check electrical and gas lines regularly. Making sure your building is up to code is not enough, you must also make sure that regular wear and tear do not degrade your electrical and gas lines, which can cause fires. Making sure that your business space is always in tiptop shape may be labor intensive and may cost you a few more pesos but foregoing periodic checks would be risk since a faulty electrical wiring could cost us everything.
  3. Purchase the right fire extinguishers. Having a fire extinguisher is not enough. We must make sure that it is the appropriate type since different fire extinguishers are needed to put out different types of flames. While there are some that can be used for electrical, chemical or conventional type of fire, there are those that can only be used in one type of flame, so make sure you get the appropriate fire extinguisher for your business. After getting the right kind, make sure to place the fire extinguisher in areas that it can be easily accessed, out of reach of children and away from heat sources since prolonged exposure to heat will render it ineffective. Most all, always have them checked and serviced regularly.
  4. Invest in fireproof cabinets and safe. Important files are often the casualty of even the smallest blaze. Investing in fireproof cabinets and safes would ensure the safety of important files, records and mementos. While everything else may be purchased, these valuable documents are often irreplaceable. It may be an unnecessary expense in the beginning but, it will be worth it when the time comes.
  5. Get Insurance. There are things that are beyond our control. Accidents happen even to the most cautious. These misfortunes can happen to anyone and it is better to be prepared than sorry. As they say, it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. If the worst happens, The payout would help you get back on your feet.

Keeping a business afloat is hard enough without having to worry about fires and other calamities. Being prepare is the only way we can survived these calamities. When we prepare for the worst, bad things won’t be as bad.


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