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12 nuggets of wisdom from President Duterte’s speech (Part 2 of 2)

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Friday, 1 July 2016 - Last Updated on July 3, 2016
president duterte

Continued from Part 1: Twelve (12) nuggets of wisdom from President Duterte’s speech

president duterte

  1. “But the change, if it is to be permanent and significant, must start with us and in us.”

I have written this right after Mayor Duterte won as President (Read: The Eagle has landed ):

“But, a leader will only be as good as the pack it leads. Much as we all would like to see positive change in our country, we all should be the change we want to happen. We should be willing to change our ways, embrace discipline in our personal lives and at work whether in the public or private sector, and promote honesty and integrity in our dealings with one another, among other gazillion things we can do as responsible Filipinos.”

I would like to believe that we are more than our social media persona, that most of us are advocates of real change in the real world and that we are committed to do the best we can for our country. Change can happen because of the underlying principle of the next quote.

  1. “Love of country, subordination of personal interests to the common good, concern and care for the helpless and the impoverished – these are among the lost and faded values that we seek to recover and revitalize as we commence our journey towards a better Philippines. The ride will be rough. But come and join me just the same. Together, shoulder to shoulder, let us take the first wobbly steps in this quest.”

If we all can truly say in our hearts that we love our country “to the moon and back” as some usually say, then there’s no problem accepting the mandate of the new president who has not promised us a rose garden but a thorny ride to a better land of our birth. It’s our country which is at stake now so it is high time to set aside differences and immature tirades. Let the “Dutertards” and “Yellowtards” (is there a “Nognogtard” and an “AmGirltard” out there, by the way?) leave their retarded and chaotic comments and opinions behind and unite behind the colors of red, white, blue and yellow. And yes, let them tear themselves away from their gadgets and get some action going in the real world.

Photo via PCO. Some rights reserved.

Photo via PCOO. Some rights reserved.

  1. Quotes from the late US Presidents, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

For those who deem the President as anti-American or even leftist, they better think twice. Here is a president who may espouse leftist (though not extreme) views but one who also believes in his heart the principles of democracy just like the pillars of democracy do.

  1. “However, there are certain policies and specifics of which cannot wait for tomorrow to be announced. Changing the rules when the game is ongoing is wrong.

I abhor secrecy and instead advocate transparency in all government contracts, projects and business transactions. Do them and we will work together. Do not do them, we will part sooner than later.”

Government is notoriously known for red tape and corruption to speed up processing of papers. It is heartening to hear this directive from the president himself who recognizes the urgency of implementing policies. It may put pressure on government agencies but it surely tickles pink the ordinary Pinoys who have endured hours of waiting not to mention depleted resources just to have their papers processed. It would be a bit of heaven on earth to see the day when doing so does not even require one to treat a government employee to a Christmas present of Coaches or Crocs.

  1. “…the Republic of the Philippines will honor treaties and international obligations.…my administration is committed to implement all signed peace agreements in step with constitutional and legal reforms.”

Can I see a show of hands for those who felt relieved after hearing this? I bet you, you were scared the president will close, er, bang the door on America or Australia or even Mexico, weren’t you? Perhaps you were scared that you might not be able to take your cruises or trips to Europe or the US or even our neighboring ASEAN countries because our president will give the international community a cold shoulder. Let go of that passport then, my bourgeoisie countrymen, and stay. We’ve got a country to rebuild for the better.

  1. “I am elated by the expression of unity among our Moro brothers and leaders, and the response of everyone else to my call for peace.”

It is heartwarming to note that we have in our midst a president whose administration is inclusive of all Filipinos. Our country may be an archipelago but it does take a strong leader to unite everyone under one peaceful nation. Let’s hold on to this and pray it will continue to be so.

  1. “…I was elected to the presidency to serve the entire country. I have no friends to serve, I have no enemies to harm.”

This is a call for unity under the leadership of the new president. It will not do anyone any good if the mindset is partisan. Those who have already dismissed him as one who will not be able to deliver on his promises should perhaps give this man a chance to prove himself. After all, he has just started his journey which for a 71 year-old could be a long and arduous one.

The president has just announced he’s in Malacañang to start his work for the nation. Let him do his job then.

After 6 years, we can go back to these and see if the Davao Eagle has delivered.

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